Posted by: Editor | December 20, 2007

Havildar Shoukat Changaze Martyred in Wana

Colonel Shoukat ChangazeHavildar Shaukat Changaze has been martyred in an assault on a Pakistan Army convoy by the Taliban in Wana, Waziristan. His body was shifted from Wana to Quetta today (Thursday, December 20) in a coffin draped with the Pakistan flag. He was laid to rest in the Hazara Cemetery. His funeral procession was attended by his friends, relatives, acquaintances and the common people, who chanted slogans against terrorism and extremism.

The three-day mourning and funeral ceremonies are set to continue for two more days.

Havildar Changaze is the second Hazara soldier in the Pakistan Army who has lost his life in the troubled areas of FATA. Sepoy Abdul Ghafoor Changaze, a resident of Hazara Town, was the first to be martyred. Sepoy Changaze, who was inducted to the Army based on his boxing talents, is said to have just gotten out of training school and was on sentry duty when a terrorist attack martyred him. He was laid to rest in the Hazara Cemetery, Hazara Town in July.


May his soul rest in pace and his blood be testament to the countless sacrifices that our nation has had to give throughout history for Pakistan.


  1. Dear Qauma!!!!
    I salute all the soldiers of Pakistan Army who defends our country Pakistan. They change their lifes into Battel field. Their aim and the main mission is to bring Peace and prosperity ro the Pakistan And whole World.
    As we are Pakistani so we also have many great personnels in Pakistan Armed Forces.
    We Really have Jawan to General the General Muhammad Musa, Air Marsial Sharbat Ali Changazi, Air comodor Shaukat Haider Changazi, Brig. Kahdim Changazi and many more who are in services.
    Our Many Brave soldiers peacedkeepers has martyred. Our Flight lt. Samad Ali Changazi, Maj. Muhammad ALi, Capt. Zulfiqar Ali, Sepahi Ghulam Abbas, Sepahi Fida Hussain, Sepahi Abdul Ghafoor Changazi, SSG Lance nike Imdad Ali, Hav. Shoukat Ali.
    May Allah bless them.
    Dear Qauma!!!!
    Our Hazaras Have been serving in Pakistan Armed Forces and Will be keep continue, Inshallah!!!

    Pakistan Armed Forces Zindabad
    wa Pakistan Payindabad!!!!

  2. A Great Salute to the Heroes or Hazaras and Pakistan.
    Martyred Havildar Shoukat Changaze & Martyred Havildar Changaze.
    They are really the Martyred. They wanted to bring peace, save their Nations and Work againt Terrorism.
    May God Bless You both, forgive You both, and give You Special Place in His Kingdom.
    In the Name of Living God.

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