Posted by: Editor | December 21, 2007

Elections ’08: Hazara qaumi jirga in Kirani–Results

In the wake of the general elections on January 8, 2008, the Hazaras held an all-Hazara tribal jirga to decide on the suitable candidates–out of the multitude that are running–to represent them for the provincial assembly seat of PB-6, Quetta-6. For more details, read our previous report.

Given all the secrecy surrounding such meetings, our correspondent has been able to muster up the following information (Note: Since the information is based on third-party reporting, we don’t testify to its total accuracy).

The jirga was reportedly sponsored by Haji Ali Reza. Colonel Younus Changezi was represented by his right-hand man, Haji Munawar. Syed Abbas, supported by Major Nadir Ali, was not present at the meeting.

Hussain Ali Yousufi, a long-time politician, asserted his non-tribal position, “I won’t ask you to vote for me on tribal [taifa] basis.” He further touted his party’s achievement by saying, “HDP was the only party that stood against the Baloch group that had tried to usurp land belonging to the Hazaras.”

To this, Haji Ghulam Abbas, a member of Pakistan Muslim League (Q) but running independently, said, “Even a woman defends her home–by hitting the aggressors with a brush at the very least.”

After hours of intensive negotiations between the different candidates, their sponsors and representatives, this is the result they reached by mutual agreement: Nothing. They failed to form a consensus as to who, of the seven candidates running, should represent the Hazaras for the provincial assembly seat.

Such lack of political consensus among the Hazaras in Quetta is not a new thing. It has been observed to have been present (and taking its toll) since almost time immemorial.

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