Posted by: Editor | December 23, 2007

Election campaign: Colonel Younas

Colonel Younas addressing campaign attendants As 8th January is getting nearer, the candidates are addressing different corner-meetings as part of their campaign. Eid day was used effectively for this purpose. The nominated candidates celebrated Eid in their election offices. On the first day of Eid, Colonel Younas stayed all day in his election office in Mehrabad, meeting different delegations and people. On the second day of Eid, he was in his Hazara Town election office as he is nominated from two Provinical constituencies PB-2 Quetta 2 Mehrabad and PB-6 Quetta 6 Hazara Town. From PB-2 he is contesting on Pakistan Muslim League (Q) ticket, while from PB-6 as an independent candidate.

Colonel had called a public gathering on the second day of Eid in his eleciton office in Hazara Town, where he addressed the people of the area. Some delegations also announced their support for him. While addressing the people, he said that he would develop Hazara Town as Mehrabad within 5 years of his assembly tenure if the people gave him the chance to represent the area. Sanitation, water, education and health are his prime concerns, he added. (Read more about his manifesto in this report)

A delegation from Killi Kirani, under the leadership of the former Baloch Nazim, announced their support for Colonel. Another delegation, from Hanna Valley, also announced its support for Colonel.

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