Posted by: Editor | December 24, 2007

Col. Younas Calls First Election Public Gathering

Hazara Town (Monday, December 24)–Colonel Younas Changezi, an independent candidate for Provincial Assembly from the constituency PB-6 Quetta 6, Hazara Town, called his first public gathering in Colonel Younas Road, as part of his election campaign in Hazara Town. Colonel Younas is a Pakistan Muslim League (Q) nominated candidate from PB-2 (Mehrabad), but he is also contesting independently from PB-6 (Hazara Town).Click for larger view

The session was started by the verses of Qur’an. Mr. Zainullah, the Principal of Universal Model High School, compered the gathering. The first speaker was Master Ali Akbar, who announced support for Colonel on behalf of the Qandahari tribe. He said that Colonel has been serving the people of the area, including Pashtoon, Baloch, Punjabi, Brahui, Qandahari, Bangash and Tori, indiscriminately during his past tenure. He has been in Pakistan Army for more than 25 years and has long work experience in government departments; therefore, the people should cast their votes in his favor, Master Ali Akbar added.

The second speaker was Captian Ali Jan Bangash, who announced support for Colonel on behalf of Bangash and Tori tribes, who are living in both constituencies PB-2 and 6. He mentioned that he knows Colonel as an honest man who can represent Balochistan.

Ghulam Abbas, General Councilor and Principal of Kindergarten Model High School, while representing the supreme council of Behsood and Qoulkhaish Hazara tribes, urged all the candidates generally that some of them should withdraw their nomination papers for the Hazaras to win the seat of PB-6; otherwise, it would be impossible to gain this seat. He said that the said tribes have not announced any affiliation or support for any party and are hopeful for the unity of the candidates.

Sheikh Muhammad Mussa Wahidi, a religious cleric, also spoke and requested votes for Colonel.

Colonel Younas spoke at the end. He said that he doesn’t ask for votes, but advises the people to think things over and cast their votes in favor of whomever they feel appropriate. He also announced his manifesto, which included the provision of:

  1. Hygienic water
  2. Sewerage system
  3. Health facilities
  4. Twenty-five acres of land for the Hazara Town graveyard (there is no space remaining in Hazra Town graveyard as of now)
  5. Electricity, schools, sports grounds and complexes
  6. Adult literacy centers

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