Posted by: Editor | December 25, 2007

HDP Calls First Election Public Gathering

Hazara Town (Monday, December 24, 2007)–Hazara Democratic Party, a nationalist Hazara party, called its first public gathering in its campaign for the general elections of 2008. Mr. Hussain Ali Yousafi, candidate for Provincial Assembly from PB-6 and Barkat Ali Thamki, candidate for National Assembly from NA-260 Quetta-Chaghi, are the running HDP candidates.

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The session, which was held at Yousafi Marriage Hall, formally started by the recitation of verses from the Qur’an. Majid Haideri compered the garthering.

The speakers included Ibrahim Hazara, former President of HDP and current member of central committee. He emphasized on Hazara unity, and urged the people to elect HDP candidates. Mr. Ibrahim explained the current political situation of Pakistan and Balochistan, and pointed out the Hazara political position in the current situation. Hazara Democratic Party can represent the Hazara stance well, he added.

Mr. Abdul Khaliq Hazara, General Secretary of the Central Committee, criticized the performance of former Hazara Member of Provincial Assembly and said that the Hazras have been represented by former army men, who do not know the ups and downs of politics. Hazaras should be represented by professional politicians. Hazaras have to understand that a soldier can not politically represent the Hazaras, which is why it is strongly needed that we should elect nationalist politicians.

Mr. Burhani, representing the Uruzgani tribe, announced support for the HDP-nominated candidates and said that the Hazaras had received no service from the previous representatives. He praised the previous performance of Mr. Yousafi and said that he is an educated and experienced politician, whose life is full of sacrifices for Hazaras.

Mr. Yousafi, the candidate, while addressing the people, explained the current social evils of the Hazara soceity and said that our society is full of social evils which need to be eliminated. He commented that the political vision of Hazars is flawed because we have elected non-political leaders in the past. He announced his prime concerns and the policies he would pursue after being elected. He explained the manifesto of HDP. The main points of manifesto are the followings:

  • To eliminate religious extremism and promote sectarian harmony
  • To maintain Hazara/Mughul identity
  • To base the society on the formula of enlightened modernization
  • To work for improvement of Hazara resident areas
  • To launch development projects
  • To eliminate social problems



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