Posted by: Editor | December 29, 2007

Haji Ghulam Abbas withdrew in favor of “Nation”

Hazara Town (Friday, December 27)–Haji Ghulam Abbas, an independent candidate for PB-6 has announced withdrawal of his nomination papers in favor of the masses.

While addressing a public gathering on Colonel Younas Road, he said that he is going to withdraw for the larger interests of the area and the nation. He said that his opponents are not Yousafi, Colonel Younus or Abbas Shah. He said that there are too many Hazara candidates contesting from the constituency, which makes it impossible for any one of them to be elected. To increase the chances of the nation to win, announced his withdrawal.

The representatives of other Hazara candidates contesting from the same constituency were also present on the occassion. All the speakers appreciated Haji Ghulam Abbas for his decision, and hoped the other candidates would also compromise on withdrawing in favor one final Hazara candidate. The occassion was concluded by a “Duwa” for Hazara unity and success by Maulana Wahdat.


  1. all the best for my Hazara people.
    god bless them all.

  2. i m happy that our ‘leaders’ are realising that it is best to be united. it is good that this one is sitting for the Nation.

    good work on the Side. it is giving us news n informaion. keep it up.


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