Posted by: Editor | December 30, 2007

Khaliq Hazara Withdraws “for Nation’s Sake”

Quetta (Monday, December 31, 2007)–Today here in Quetta, Abdul Khaliq Hazara, the Hazara Democratic Party-nominated candidate for National and Provincial Assembly, announced his withdrawal from the race for the larger interest of the nation.

khaliq.jpgKhaliq Hazara, who is also the General Secretary of HDP, while speaking at a corner meeting, said that he is announcing his withdrawal from the National Assembly race. However, he will still remain the HDP-nominated candidate for Provincial Assembly constituency PB-2 Quetta 2. He said that he withdrew “in favor of the nation.”

There were two Hazara candidates contesting for the National Assembly seat from the NA 259 constituency, covering the Alamdar Road and Mehrabad areas. Syed Abbas Hazara is now the only remaining Hazara candidate for NA-259 after the withdrawal of Abdul Khaliq Hazara.

Khaliq said that we need a single point unity to sweep the Hazara resident constituencies, which is only possible in case the candidates compromised and prioritized the national interests on their personal interests.

Khaliq Hazara rose to prominence when he was elected Naib Nazim of Zarghoon Town in 2003, right after the introduction of the “Local Bodies Election” system by President Musharraf. Khaliq is also the founder and former director of the Bamian English language academy, one of the first English language centers among the Hazaras to be established and run by Hazaras.

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