Posted by: Editor | January 5, 2008

Colonel Younas for eradication of all the problems in Hazara Town


Quetta: Yesterday (4th January, Friday) here in Hazra Town a public gathering was called by the supporters of Colonel Younas Changaze, an independent candidate for Balochistan Provincial Assembly constituency PB-6 Quetta 6. The public gathering was at Aliabad Road and was started with recitation of Holy Qura’an at 3:30.

The speakers included Muhammad Jan Bangash, Maulana Musa Wahidi, Maulana Ikhlaqi, Colonel himself and the others, announcing thier support for Colonel.

Maulana Musa and Maulana Ikhlaqi said that Colonel is the candidate who strives for the rights of the people indiscriminatedly. They requested the people to cast thier votes in favor of Colonel and praised his past performance.

Captian (Retd.) Muhammad Jan Bangash eulogized the military career of Colonel and said that Colonel has served Pak Army for more than 25 years and has work experience with different government departements. he once again announced his support on behalf of Bangash and Tori tribes, as he had done in previous public gathering of Colonel.

The other speakers talked about the problems of the area and requested the people to vote for Colonel and make him win on 18th February. Colonel himself talked about prime objectives of his manifesto. different Pashtoon delegations which had come from differnt part of the constituency, announced thier full support for Colonel. let me mention it that Colonel is the first Hazara candidate that has the support of Non-Hazara voters as he had completed different projects during past tenure of his portfolio as Provincial Minister for Sports and Forestry for which he is criticized the most among Hazaras that he did not do much for Hazara resident areas comparing to other parts of the province.

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