Posted by: Editor | January 5, 2008

Sardar Umer Gorgej calls public gathering in Hazara Town

Quetta: Sardar Umer Gorgej, a Pakistan People’s Party nominated candidate for National Assembly constituency NA-260, addressed a public gathering at Shaukat Stop, New Hazara Town, Kirani Road on Friday.

While addressing the masses, he said that People’s Party is a national level moderate and liberal party, which serves the people regardless of their race, religion and ethnicity. PPP leaders had been sacrificing their lives for democracy and rights of deprived segment of the society, he added.

Sardar Umer Gorgej assured that he would serve the people of the area indiscriminately and would try his best to resolve all the problems of Hazara Town. He also talked about the sectarian terrorism and emphasized on sectarian harmony and peace among the tribes of Balochistan. Sardar expressed his feelings about Hazara nation as an enlightened nation and said that Hazaras have sacrificed and paid their part in development of Pakistan. He requested the people to cast their votes in his favor.

the other speakers included Dr. Zafarullah, Abdul Baqi and others.


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