Posted by: Editor | January 6, 2008

Heavy Rain, Flour Shortage and Electricity, Gas Load shedding

Quetta: It has been raining heavily for three days constant in Quetta. The roads of the city are full of muddy water. In Hazara Town due to the unpaved roads and streets the mud has caused it disgusting and unpleasantish which has exposed the poor sanitation system with inundated roads and streets. There has been falling snow on the mountains of the city which has caused intense and chilly weather. The temperature is minus 11. On the other hand in such freezing weather the gas pressure is very low in most of the areas of the city like Hazara Town.

The flour shortage crisis has caused troublesome situation for middle class people. The prices of flour has been increased from 380 to 560 per sack within one month. There are very few governmental Fair Price Shops and Utility Stores for provision of subsidized rates of flour. Meanwhile 23 flour mills have set up static points at 30 places in the city including Alamdar Road, Mehrabad and Bolan Medical College Brewery Road (new Hazara Town)The flour provided in those place are of highly low quality which not only causes health problems but also it is waste of money and it is more proper to acquire quality flour on higher prices so it could be eatable. Government officials, Secretary Food says that sufficient stocj of wheat is available but the disruption in transportation and communication following the Benazir’s assasination interruped flour supply to markets. Besides, electricity load-shedding also blocked the grinding of wheat. he says stern actions would be taken against those involved in hoarding or selling the flour higher than the fixed official prices.

Some political parties say that flour and electricity crisis are invoked to stray public attention from Benazir’s murder. they say that the government is using the flour and power crisis as shields to prevent itself of the wrath of the masses.


Now a days Pakistan is facing the worst load shedding of its history due to power shortage. In all the metropolises of the country the load shedding is for more than 12 hours during 24 hours which has made the daily life of the people miserable. People have been protesting in different areas of Quetta city and say that there is no power outages in VIPs sectors where stalwarts and bigwigs reside. The Water and Power Development Authorities (WAPDA) and Quetta Electricity Supply Company (QESCO) officials refer to water shortage in reservoirs and Railway stoppage of fuel supply to power stations due to shutter down for Benzair’s assassination.


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