Posted by: Editor | January 12, 2008

Pashi Tribe Announces Support for Colonel Younas Changaze

Quetta (January 11, 2008): The elders of Pashi tribe called on a corner meeting on January 11 to announce their support for Colonel Younas, former minister for sports and culture, currently running for Balochistan Provincial Assembly constituency PB-6 Quetta 6 here in Kirani Road, Hazara Town. The meeting was held at the residence of Haji Sarwer, an elite of the said tribe, near the Bolan Steel Mills.

The session started at 4:30 when Colonel arrived. Many tribesmen of the said tribe attended the occasion. Haji Qamber Ali and Haji Sarwer Ali announced full support of the Pashi tribe for Colonel. Other speakers included the elders of the supporting tribe, Colonel
Changaze and some other supporters.

The speakers that their tribe would cast their votes in favor of Colonel and would help him to a clean sweep victory. They said that Colonel has the ability and a the necessary work experience to represent the nation in the parliament.

At the end of the occasion Haji Qamber and Haji Sarwer administered a traditional turban wearing ceremony to Colonel Changaze.

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