Posted by: Editor | January 12, 2008

Scholars urge need for unity, sectarian harmony

Quetta (January 11, 2008): Speakers at a seminar on Friday called upon the Muslims to forge unity among themselves and establish an environment of peace and brotherhood during the holy month of Muharram-ul-Haram.

A one day seminar on “unity among Muslims and promotion of peace in Muharram” was organized by the NGO, Center for Peace and Development, here at Serena Hotel, Quetta.

Prominent religious scholars of different schools of thought expressed their opinions at the seminar.

In his introductory remarks, eminent Sunni scholar, Qari Abdul Rasheed, highlighted the philosophy of martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS). He said that sectarianism, terrorism and conflicts would disintegrate the Ummah. He called for steps to prevent such conspiracies against the Muslim Ummah.

Allama Juma Asadi, a prominent Hazara and Shi’ite scholar and the In charge of Jamia Imam Sadiq, urged the Muslims to realize their responsibilities to fight against sectarianism. In this regard each citizen should play his role in eliminating the curse of sectarianism from the society, he added.

Allama Mehdi Najafi, a Hazara scholar, said that Islam is the religion of peace which perpetuates good and discards evil in all forms.

All the scholars laid the emphasis that it was need of the hour to forget our differences and to keep vigil on those evil elements who sow the seeds of differences in the society. The rest of the speakers included Nasrullah Bareach, Abdul Mateen Akhunzada, Rahat Malik and Haji Amin-ud-din.

Meanwhile a moot was arranged by District Government regarding Muharram today (Saturday 12, January) in Quetta. It was presided by Major General Tariq Rahsid. The others who were present in the moot included, Maqbool Lehri, City Nazim Quetta, Manzoor kakar, City Niab Nazim, Hafiz Sher Ali, District Coordination Officer, Quetta, Colonel Younas, Alama Yaqoob Ali Tawasoli, a Hazara scholar, Ashraf Zedi, the president of Shia Conference, Mohsin Agha, Mirza Anwer Ahmed, Syed Ifthikhar Jaffary, Haji Qayum of Hazara Jirga and Ulema of Sunni sect, Qari Abdul Rahid, Maulana Abdullah Khilji, Maulana Anwarul Haq Haqani, Qari Abdul Munir.

The officials of Frontier Corps, law enforcement agencies and other Inteligence Agencies were also present in the moot.

The moot was called to check out the security situation for Muharram.


  1. Thank You Brother Azad.
    To Azad.
    it gave em joy to read your Post. God bless You.
    Please never stop writting, We hazaras are lackign People like You.

  2. Those who divide us call upon us for unity!
    People who live on, prey on and rise on our divided and shattered corpses call upon us for unity!
    Do these folks even and ever realize as to how stupid and ridiculous they are!? I think not!

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