Posted by: Editor | January 12, 2008

Strict Security chalked out for Muharram

dsc00010.jpgJanuary 10, 2007 (Islamabad): The Central Royeth e Hilal Committee (A government committee responsible for determining the sighting of moon for important Islamic occasions such as Eid and commencement of Islamic lunar months) announced that the month of Muharram ul Harram would start from Friday, January 11. The government has set the security on “high alert” in the whole country and has declared 35 districts “sensitive” during the months of Muharram.

Quetta Police officials have said that 6,000 policemen will be deployed on 9th Muharram and the eve of Ashura to ensure safe passage of the mourning processions . They said that a total of 52 checkpoints have been set up on routes of 62 imambaragahs ( there is a large number of imambaragahs, but only 62 are registered) to ensure the security of the faithful. The government has declared 5 imambaragahs “highly sensitive,” and have set up combined checkposts of the police and the Frontier Corps.

A police official, while talking to journalists here in Quetta Press Club, said that about 1,200 police personnel will be deployed from 1st to 5th Muharram, 3,000 personnel from 6th to 8th and 6,000 will be deployed on the eve of Ashura. The government will also deploy personnel of other law enforcement agencies at sensitive places in the city. They will also patrol to avert any untoward incident. Also, if needed, military will be deployed in some sensitive areas, the government has announced.

Meanwhile, the District Government Quetta has decided to impose ban on displaying of all sorts of arms during Muharram. It has decided that only personnel of law enforcement agencies would carry their official arms druing their duties. On the eve of Ashura, the main traditional route from Alamdar Road to Liaqat Bazaar, Prince Road and MecCongy Road will be protected by laying barbed wires so that no irrelivent person should enter the procession.

The bomb disposal squad will also remain vigilant from the 1st to 10th Muharram in the city.

These security measurs have been announced in the wake of the recent unrest in the country and the historic religious violence in Quetta during Moharram.

Sectarian violence reportedly started in Quetta in 1999, peaking in 2004 when more than 70 people were killed in an attack on the Ashura procession in Mezan Chowk. Another attack on the Imambagah e Kalaan in the same year killed 64 people.

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  1. Salam
    To everybody.
    I visited this site, I hav to say something that we are scatered.
    A wise man said ” the result of all war is altmitaly peace” so i have to say if the result is peace so why we are fighting? & producing the terror. In my point of view there is no one shai, sunni.etc.We all are muslims that is enough for us & we all are the followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) if you don’t have humanity then you are not human God has bestowd us by the name of Supreme Creature.Just ponder over it that wr are right or wrong? The one who spread sectors amoung us he is not perfect & altimatly the followers would not.
    My last words are for all humanity.
    always be possative.
    No one can dare to defeat you if you are right.
    with best regards

  2. My dear brother I respect your Aqida and the way you want to follow religion. I myself also born as shia and I am Hazara. But there are many questions in my mind. Are we following the way to show our religion to the other muslims and rest of the humanity or not?
    We hazara people sacrificed many generations for our Imams and their way of life. Do they really care about it or not? If they care why we are always persecuted by any one even for fun. If they had power or miracle why they were killed and could not stop suffering themselves or us? If only Shia goes to Behesht what about the 85 or 90 percent of majority Sunni? Abdul Rahman killed %62 of Hazara and Shia why our Imams never could help us.It happened in Chandawol,Afshar,Mazar,Bamyan,Yakawlong,herat,jaghori,Urozgan, dara Turkmen and allover Afghanistan. Did they came to rescue our people who we are their faithfull and blind followers? Wehn Imam Zaman will come to rescue us? When everybody was killed ten times with humaliation,jonocied,torture,rape,selling us as Barda and Kanez.There many religion saying lots of things but as we say Dorogh Goy dorogh Zad qeyas gar Qeyas kad. These are always questions in my mind and I am sure you asked the same as well sometimes.
    If they have no truth and reality. Then why we Hazara should sacrifice our many generations for them. How many Arabs did come to help you when Abdul Rahman killed our % 62 people?!!!!
    What about Afshar,Chandawol,Garb Kabul,Mazar,Bamyan………… which Arab nation or country did come to rescue or at least called on them to stop their atrocities. None of them.Even one single nation!!! Even Jamhori Islami Iran which is more interested in their national interest,Nejad (Aryan race )) rather than Shia or Hazara people. Remember how they helped Masoud,Rabani,Sayaf,Sayeed who are Qawmay Khamenayee. Unfortuantly these are the reality agaist our Hazara people. Please think alittle bit like other nations. Please do not live stuped all your lives. We did not born to be killed,humalitation,tortur,bardagi wa gholami.Please look to the history of your Turk Mongolian forthfather. How they lived? How they rulled all over the world. Out of your borden and prison as Shia,Shia. If you put away the religion side then you are connnected with each other as one race,people,history and even Islam religion.

    Babur,Ghaznawid,Ghorid,Ottaman,Koshanis who made the Bamyan Bodha,Safawids…. Scholars like Jalaludin M. Balkhi Rumi,NEzami,Bedel,Shams Tabrezi,Abo Ali Sinna all of them were Turk Mongolian speaking adapted (Akhteyari )Farsi,Dari language. We Hazaras also are part of this Great race,nation,history , kingdoms and empires and civilisation. Babur made Kabul as capital his mother was from qabele Changis Khan and his father was from Timur Jahan Kosha. None of them were Pashtons,Tajks or Aryan. Offcourse they spoke and wrote farsi,Dari,Hazaragi like me and you even some of them were not able to speak in Farsi Dari. What is the meaning of Urdu? Urdu means lashkar,Fawj,Sepah or Army.
    My dears we forgot our history,glory,race,origin. Lost our real identity and strenght becoming like a Yatem who was raised by far far neighbours who raised us as their own foster child.
    Arabs,Aryans,Taliban,Pashton monopoly and now they are forcing their Wahabbi religion as they did it before. Pleas think hostorically,wise,politcally and some times use your brain. Beleive me it works better than Arabs who are not able to defende Palistain.Yes if you want you can do it like black American who lived as slave. Just 143 years ago Ibraham Linkon abolished the slavary and after a long time Amanullah Khan also abolished Hazara slavary in Afghanistan. It was just some more 90 years ago. Now have a look to the black people in America Barak Hussain Obama is a US president. They accepted him regardless of muslim father and Indonesian step father. But unfortunatly still we hazara never look to our race,history,background and connection with Sunni and Ismaeli Hazaras. Not looking the connection with Uzbek,Turkmen,Aimaq,qezelbash…. and other. Just sacrifice ourselves for arabs who order to destroy Bamyan Bodha. Why prophet Mohammad did not destroy the Ahram Salasa Mesr (Egypt).
    Are Dewbandis,Wahabis cleaver and more wise than Prpphet Mohammad? These are the bitter reality why they target Hazara every day because we are from a different race,ethnic,religion.

    Hazaras were created by almighty Allah not by raciest and extremist so called Mullah Ullama! Infact having enemity against Hazara is not a tribal isssue. It is against the creature of Allah.
    If Hazaras were wrong why Allah created them? I have lots of thing to say. But tired and don’t want to hurt your religious or racial feeling. But when I get pain I have to write regardless of being labled whatever you want to call me. It is time to change our way of thinking not using useless feeling and emotion which will not bring any fortune that could not bring in the past…

    Zenda bad Ensanyat wa haqiqat

    Marg bar jahalat wa nadani che ba name mazhab basha wa ya de cheza
    Zenda bad Hazara hamray tama ensanha wa musulmanha.

  3. and also, u dont have a resoned argument about what u r saying, instead u r attacking the person, i.e. iranians, rather then provding a reasoned argument to explain ur view in an appropraite way. becasue by swearing on someone u cant prove ur point. for example, if somebody had a problem with u and they just swear on u rather then saying y u r wrong or right. and also, the language that u have used in itself shows that ur approach isnt mature. by those sort iof stataments u r doing nothing othern then showing your low and narrow level of thinking.

  4. i think this person called xxx has a biased view. becasue i completely disagree that we should first be hazara then shia. i really feel sorry for you that u have failed to recognise the signifincance of being shia and how lucky we are that we are born in a shia house otherwise we would have been one of those who without knwoing about shiaism/who without knowing about the grevious day of ashuura would protest against shias and may possibly think we are mad that we mourn on the day of ashoora becasue not everyone one has the ability to listen to both sides and show empathy. there is no point of being hazara if u r not shia. and where does in islam (shiaism) it says that we should 1st be of a particular culture then a muslim.
    if we were to be hazar first then we should be proud of changeez khan, which some of us are, unfortunately. may be those people are not aware of the goody goody deeds of cruel changez khan or they r no more then a fool. no matter who u r and where u r from, if u do so s/thing wrong then thats wrong for everyone.
    finally, a relegion is the factor that has the greatest influence on a person life, how v think, what v value. A good right teaching of islam can convert an animal a human whereas a wrong view about islam/relegion can convert a humaninto an animal, e.g. like some people say that if u kill 1 shia u will go to paradise, if 2 then ur parent and so on.

    CLick here

  6. click here.

  7. I think that we as Muslims should not put ourselves into such sectarian differences. As i think most of our people attend the Ashora not for “Azadari” but because they want to show themselves to the Sunnis that they are a great community. i want to tell our those Youngsters to join under the Flag of any pilitical Party to show your strenght or power. It will be more better. I alsoo want to say that we specially “HAZARAS” are becoming puppets of “PHUKING” Iran. These IRANIANS will one day put us into such a great difficulty because they are trying to destroy the future of our new youth. They opened a school in Kirani and after the boyz started going to universities they are closing the school. So that’s why make an Organization to help our people because We are First “HAZARAS” and later “SHIAS”

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