Posted by: Editor | January 13, 2008

Gas leakage causes blast, injures seven

img_8978.jpgQuetta (Sunday, January 13,2008): Here in Alamdar Road, Quetta, seven persons got serious injuries to members of a family as a result of a blast caused by leakage of natural gas. The matchstick the family ignited to turn their heater on early in the morning, caused a blast because of accumulated the gas overnight. Seven members of the family received burns on their faces and other parts of body. The victims included the mother, her son and four daughters, who were all moved to the nearby hospital for treatment.

The blast also caused cracks on the roof of the room, which was about to cave in.

Incidents such as these are, unfortunately, not very rare in the Hazara community and elsewhere in Quetta, where gas heaters are the primary source of heating. With unsafe plumbing, substandard heating appliances and a general disregard of safe practices among the people, a number of such incidents happen almost every winter, with the severity ranging from extreme–costing lives–to mild.

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  1. Sallam Dear Sir or mam,,, Im Mohammad Hadi From Norway,,, Pleas Pleas Pleas Its My Request From All Of My Hazara Nation,,, That Be Carefull Of This Kind Of Accident It May Finish Ur Life If Not So Surely It Can Distroy Ur Life Coz Of Burning Ur Face Or Hair,,, So Please Please Be Carefull,,,

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