Posted by: Editor | January 17, 2008

Seventh Muharram Procession (Jaloos)

Click for larger viewQuetta (January 6, 2008): The Seventh Muharram procession marched off peacefully to its destination. The procession started out from Art School Road, passed through its traditional route of Archer Road-Liaqat Bazar-Prince Road-McCongy Road, and terminated at Hazara Imam Bargah Kalan. Mourners carried alam and Zuljanah while reciting Nauha. The Administration had made strict security arrangements. Police, Frontier Corps and Anti-Terrorist Force squads were deployed along the route of the procession. All the roads, streets and shops leading to, and along the route, had been sealed since yesterday.

It has been a trend to march a mourning procession on the 7th of Muharram along the main Quetta city roads for quite some time. This year, tough security measures were arranged by law enforcement agencies with the cooperation of volunteers frpm the “Jaloos Management” committee. Despite the freezing-cold weather–with -10 degrees centigrade–the number of jaloos participants was observed to be significantly large.

Related images (Click for larger view):
jaloos-of-7th-muharram.jpg matam-of-7th-muharram.jpg jaloos-of-7th-muharram-2.jpg



  2. can u put on some videos of ashura plz if u hve it

  3. Musakhan:
    your idea is great but for site we need organization, correspondents, technicians, writers and the most troubling Financial Support. Hazara News Pakistan has only two administrators one of whom is correspondent. Our limited resources are the biggest hurdle to buy a domain and run a site. hope you understand the difficulties.

    –Abbas Daiyar

  4. “Buzorg tarin aarzooyem iftekhaare nasl-e jadid bar Hazara budanesh ast” (Father of the Hazaras Baba Mazari r-a)

    I wish that Hazaras of Quetta will make their own site, i can give an idea about our new site for example:- or plz if you can so make site like these where we can read more about Hazaras of Queta and both Hazaras around the world for example:- Afghanistan, Europe, Australia, Usa etc…
    Best of luck…

  5. we should thanx ALLAH almighty that every thing went well n peacefully. after every thing going in this world n i feel so emotional touched after seeing the picture of muhammar in quetta where once i use to live GOD bless u all

  6. Click here.

  7. […] security-men marching alongside the Anti-Terrorist Force officers to provide security to the seventh Moharram procession. Tens of young men have voluntarily enlisted as armed security-men, and will be assisting the law […]

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