Posted by: Editor | January 18, 2008

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi masterminds break away

Quetta: Two top militants, Usman Saifullah and Shafiq-ur-Rehman, and two other militants broke away a high profile Anti-Terrorist Force Sub-jail here in Quetta on Thursday. They fled some time around midnight. The lock of their cell was found broken in the morning.

The people here fear about any untoward militant incident during Muharram procession after the break-away of these high profile militants. Security is on high alert in Quetta.

The two said militants were sentenced to death by court for the attacks on Ashura procession, Hazara Imam Baragah Kalan and Hazara Police Cadets in Quetta killing more than 150 people. The incident has taken place during the security high alert in the run up to the climax of Muharram processions.

Laskar-e-Jhangvi is a Sunni-Deobandi militant group which was formed in 1996 by a break away faction from another  militant group, Sipah-e-Sahaba. These organizations are both known to have been involved in sectarian attacks throughout Pakistan.


  1. salam to everyone i have some idea about this guy from lashkari-jangvi i think he is not a killer of most of hazara’s in every occasions or the target killings of hazara’ come they didn’t show his face the spy agency ISI making some drama to cool down hazara people because demonstrations of hazara people all over the world makes alote of pressure on govt of Pakistan so they decide to bring some guy on the news that he is responsible for killing of Hazara people.i think he is not the only killer there so many other hands behind the killing of hazar’s. thanks

  2. about target killing of syed talib agha the people of govt said that they know about the killer but they unabble to take action against them
    hazara should take an action about target killing if agha

  3. […] in Quetta Pakistan. The delegation told the senators that the Government has been failed to arrest the terorrists and officials behind the target […]

  4. salam every one abusing sipah-e-sahaba and lashker-e- jhangvi but no one think about it why they are doing?
    bcoz shia and qadiani abusing islam …qadiani abusing mohammad(peace b upon him)and shia’s are abusing quran,allah mohammad(peace be upon him)and sahaba and ael beat and ummatul momnin(mothers of ummah)but no one abusing shia’s for this action…i think some one abuse ur mother then u will say i kill him,,but no one in muslims to kill them who abusing wife of mohammad(sww)doughter of sahaba and family of mohammad(peace be upon him )and sipah-e-sahaba and lashker jhangviii doing that and i think its a perfect job(jihad)in islam…if any muslims accept the god quran mohammad(peace be upon him)they shuold fight against enemy of allah mohammad quran and sahaba karam..
    god bless you and rember shia’s are not muslims they are all bloddy kafir(non muslims)

  5. […] They were prosecuted and sentenced to death by court but, last year 2007 all the five terrorists broke away from a security high-alert jail in Quetta. They all were proved to carry the attacks on Hazaras since […]

  6. Now is the time that Hazaras kill WAHABIS. 1 Hazara = 10 Wahabis. There is no other way but to use this formula. Jews kill 100 Palestinians per 1 Jew killed. Killing a WAHABI is gone open the way to Paradise for us shias. Dont hesitate but do it. America is doing a good job around the world to clean the world from the people like WAHABIS. God bless America.

  7. The Government of Pakistan, especially the ISI is involved in heinous crimes like killing shias overal in Pakistan. Pakistan was made by shias and now is governed by WAHABIS, who grew up in madrasas with Saudi Arabian money. Their aim is to kill shias, Zia ul Haq (Laanat ullah alaih) sponsored and made those 29,000 madrassas to recruit killers and preach killings.

  8. Joblessness is killing Pakistan. President Asif Ali Zardari must provide job apportunities. It will solove all the problems. Taliban-like people have learnt to live on madrasa’s easy food. Pak governemnt must privide many jobs. Baloch people must realise that they as majority don’rt struggle hard. Hazaras are hard workers. Today they are peaceful. So please respect their peacefulness. LJ, if you know about religion so sure, be respectful towards peaceful nations. ı guarantee you tomorrow is not very good for you and your families. Don’t try to wake up the giants. And for the real Pakistanis, don’t forget that we are watching how our blood brothers are treated there. Give that small population good security before it’s toolate. Be honorable nation. Don’t be shameful.
    We don’t care about Sunnies, Shias, Christians, Hindus, jews. They are just labels.

  9. World map is going to be redesigned. Soon. Every one is trying to be God. But, no one know of Tomorrow. One one stupid man’s act can turn everything upside down. Find that stupid man.

  10. Dear Freinds
    They did not escape the jial nor they could do.They released by authority or bribary which is too common in Pakistan. How it can be possible.It proved again nor the federal,state or politicians are willing to punish those criminals who killed Shia and Hazara. It seems we Hazaras and Shias are not worthy of justice! Take the justice in your ouwn hands and ask the almighty Allah to help you to bring all of them under you Changizi Arm. It will happen one day when we copy from our forthfathers regardless of diffrences. Inshallah as the Taliban and Al-Qaeda smashed. It will happen also to them soon or late. Be brave,be smart and be afraid. Make your destiny and history by your own my dears.


  11. […] Baqir and Ashraf Zaidi. They highlighted the philosophy of Imam’s martyrdom and condemned the break-away of two Laskhar-e-Jhangvi militant masterminds from jail on Thursday night, demanding from the concerned quarters for their immediate re-arrest. […]

    Click here. Website about Hazaras.
    Have Fun.

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