Posted by: Editor | January 21, 2008

Ashura 2008 in Pictures

Pictures of Ashura 2008 in Quetta These are pictures from the Ashura procession and the ceremonies that were held in conjunction with it this year. Click on them to view larger versions.

Also, read our report about this year’s Ashura procession that dispersed peacefully, amid security fears. Strict security measures were in place, and around 6,000 security personnel, accompanied with Hazara volunteers, patrolled the streets and procession routes. Army helicopters hovered overhead, monitoring the situation.

We also have other previous coverage in our archives related to this year’s Ashura. Read the reports here.

All images copyright© Hazara News Pakistan. Please do not copy and use these images without prior permission from us.

ashura-2008-mattam.jpg ashura-2008-3.jpg ashura-2008-2.jpg
Pictures of Ashura 2008 in Quetta Pictures of Ashura 2008 in Quetta Pictures of Ashura 2008 in Quetta Pictures of Ashura 2008 in Quetta ashura-2008.jpgashura-2008-ulema.jpg


  1. […] ashura […]

  2. HI DEARS.
    i need some of your pics for my lecture about ashoura.
    would you please alow me to use some of them?
    thanking you in advance.

  3. The grief over Imam Hussain is too big to rationalize human behavior. Instead of looking at the ritual in a heartless emotionless manner; one should realize that it is nothing short of a miracle that a person decapacitated and mutilated on the plains of Kerbala lives in every heart in various forms and the opppressor do not find the supporters to have their names christened in their memory (except for Taliban and Al Qaeda; the neo Yazeedi thugs)

  4. Try to understand my real purpose of determination, while there is no value of your sorrow and nohagary. while you r crying day and night. those who forgot the Allah almighty and love me just for showing their attitude(Imam Hussain A.S)
    we should follow Islam not the tradition which we make by our self. like kardi. its ha-ram in Islam while we do this how we say that we are the follower of our imams. just ignorance all we do in ashura moharam pl z stop kardi.

  5. I didn’t like it at all. may be it happens in some places but it’s not the true story. what we learn out of Ashura ofcourse is not to injury ourselves or others, Islam is the region of peace, in Islamwe don’t believe in the contrast between the soul & this world, it’s the religion that helps us to live better, help others, make beauties & tells us that all of these beauties are required for a nice life, a different one in the other world, not to enjoy the injuries, the human pain, no, never…

    • we r not created for just enjoying we created for praying to our god this world is like dream it clear islam religion is peace religion

  6. salam 2 all hazara guys..may god bless them,,mola hussain salamt rakhe tamam ehle shiya ko,,,ameen

  7. i love this website very much. i request u to put some pictures of sportsman of hazara people who r playing for Pakistan i will be very thank full to all of u.

  8. matam hussaini huq asta every matam is the slap 4 enemy sur fida musha baraaye raahi hussaini j ho hazara community zindah baad keep continue any place around the world

  9. love all my hazara and god blees all my communati

  10. great hazara!

  11. great hazara

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