Posted by: Editor | January 21, 2008

Ashura 2008 in Pictures

Pictures of Ashura 2008 in Quetta These are pictures from the Ashura procession and the ceremonies that were held in conjunction with it this year. Click on them to view larger versions.

Also, read our report about this year’s Ashura procession that dispersed peacefully, amid security fears. Strict security measures were in place, and around 6,000 security personnel, accompanied with Hazara volunteers, patrolled the streets and procession routes. Army helicopters hovered overhead, monitoring the situation.

We also have other previous coverage in our archives related to this year’s Ashura. Read the reports here.

All images copyright© Hazara News Pakistan. Please do not copy and use these images without prior permission from us.

ashura-2008-mattam.jpg ashura-2008-3.jpg ashura-2008-2.jpg
Pictures of Ashura 2008 in Quetta Pictures of Ashura 2008 in Quetta Pictures of Ashura 2008 in Quetta Pictures of Ashura 2008 in Quetta ashura-2008.jpgashura-2008-ulema.jpg


  1. Zinda bad all of hazara in all of the world

  2. salam , ma tamam shomo ra az dil kho qadar shi munum char ma az on ji e mail ra munum ki ma ta enji belkul tanha yak hazara astom , qadri zuban qadri shumu mardum o qadri khana ra az dile azma porsan khno kash ma nazdeki pakistan mubudum kash yak dafe ma alamdar road ra sal kanum kash yak dafe ma baly kotal bal shunum o kash ma yak dafe matam kanum o kash ma kad madar(nany)kho melao shunum. har kas ki ami mail ma ra maykhana kalo kalo dwa kaneen marbani tamam shumu, az rahi kalooooo door liaquat ali

    • Sallam Liaquat Jan!
      Birar shomo da kuja asten ki e qadar Deeq shudain. mo ham az pakistan az khanay kho door asteh……….mumkin astah ki bugin??????
      H.Hazra az Chile

  3. I request the sponsor of this site to filter comments, since it creates bad image. Since majority of Hazara ppl are gd sighted & educated people we need some really effective contribution & comments from them which should be read by all & should be effective to implement & should be concrete & motivating.

    I am really sorry, but the comments i hv read is totally immature, so i request the sponsor of this site to delete all such comments.

  4. E dukhtaro ra chi kar azy kara borin da ashpaz khan masrof bashin ha ha ha

  5. salam da khiyal ma time shomo pas na mosha amozo khater jazbatee shoda falto beis moniny. bale campure shesh ta gab mogin da time shi famida mosha ke mard asta wa ke na mard.minde na kin jowna qader jazbad shomo ra monom
    mulla madad

  6. ooooooo mardum ami dukhthar zaath amithar astha khooo rrr jai ki bora problom creat muna khoooooo.. amzu fatima aaammm amithar muna asliath khu nishan midaaaaaa …. thamam shimo ignore kanid khoooooo zyad shud …..

  7. SALAM tamam shum; magar kam sharam ki yaar en ji shumo barai comments dado main ya barai jang kado offfffffffff kamal asta ok hazra astyn na da aar jai many khu jang kanin pizzzzzzzz yaar unity

  8. you r all stupids is this the place to fight argueong eacthother for no reason for bullshits.

  9. human u r so stupid u even dont know how to talk to others especially to the mengir shame on u.

  10. if u want to post comment, most welcom, dont have to suggest others to do what or not to do what…

  11. if u want to post comment, most welcom, dont have to suggest others to do what or not to do what… Its free press

  12. mengir U just stay out of it

  13. salam birara wa khwahara

    hey hey sorry to take ur names Human & Fatima. can i say that it is not the right place to fight cause everyone reads this site and by the comments of the people like you 2 reduces the reputation of our nation. I beg from both of you that plz! plz! plz! don’t fight in this site atleast.

    • No one has fight so chill pill

  14. by the way I respect any one and not concerned about his or her Ideas, I plead that you should be like me aswell to reflect a moral community.

    on the other hand I aint got the idea, why have you become so harsh to me?, can you suggest that?

    • hehe i should be like you..u got to be kidding… My brain cell is functioning correctly …you put some oil on urs so that it works proper…it’s not that i am only harsh on you…. you have said many things which were disappointing…

  15. yo yo miss! its free press and any one can suggest any thing to make his or her perspective known to any one, implying that everyone has got freedom of speech.

    no one can ever stop any one of him or her right of this kind, no one can deprive any one of human rights.

    so I urge you not to hurt others by perpetuation of your perpetration. I hope that you may put your braincells into function….

  16. Human you are a wonderful person, how have you these rights to abuse and insult thousands and thousand Hazara people by showing these kinds of photos? But Fatima does not have right to say something to you.

  17. what ever i was suggesting was all in general, it was not direct witty remarks towards someone, which u r very good at, ok.
    whats your problem? dont abuse me, have your say and get out , you aint suppossed to provoke me.

    • Was it hehe …was it just suggestion or more than that just get back to ur comments …well ppl dont always point out directly. Do they? Oh ya u reckon …

      My problem is nothing…i think u guys have problems to comments disgusting things and have no shame or anything…I have not abused u …. if you take it as then that’s not my problem….
      Yah i am doing the same thing ….but its good if you get lost coz i haven’t said anything wrong…
      No dear I dont Provoke anyone such as like you…..

      If you dont respect others … obviously others wont respect you either..

  18. Well what ever you understood Mr Human..ooh is it really… The person who says anything abt others… no one has the right to say anything abt himself haha..that’s funny isn’t it?
    If you dont like that anyone says anything abt you so better to shut ur mouth 1st…Dont worry Dear I am not like u…. 1st you watch ur mouth ok!! who do you think you are…

  19. next time watch your mouth and say something,

  20. what do you mean miss fatima? you dont have the right to say any thaing about me, ok

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