Posted by: Editor | January 23, 2008

Saadat Hazara greets Governor, CM, others on peace maintenance

Quetta: Balochistan Provincial caretaker Minister for Labor and Manpower, Sardar Saadat Ali Hazara praised and greeted the provincial government for foolproof security arrangements during Muharram, here in Quetta the other day in an official statement.

He thanked the acting Governor Balochistan, Mr. Justice Amanullah Yasinzai, Chief Minister Sardar Muhammad Saleh Bhuttani, Corps Commander, Inspector General Frontier Corps and FC personnel, Inspector General Police and police personnel, City and Town Nazimeen and Niab Nazimeen, Anjuman-e-Tajiraan, Itehad-e-Tajiraan-e-Balochistan (Hazara), Milo Shaheed Trust and the volunteers for maintaining peace and tranquility during Muharram in the province, especially provincial metropolis.

The Minister expressed his hope that all the said officials and organizations would keep up their efforts for creating mutual understanding, brotherhood and sectarian peace in the province.

Meanwhile, talking to different delegations that had called on him here the other day, he said that the provincial caretaker government would ensure peaceful, fair, free and transparent elections in the province. He said that the caretaker setup is not only continuing the development projects, but also trying its best to conduct impartial elections.

The Minister said regarding development projects that the construction of eight new classrooms in Sardar Ishaq Khan High School, Mehrabad, has been approved by the Provincial Government, and that the scheme of constructing a tennis court in the School is in process.


  1. A FORGOTTEN GREAT PATRIOT SERVICEMAN FROM BALOCHISTAN……………………..Air Marshal Changezi has a great record of service to Pakistan. I remember Sq.Ldr. Sharbat Ali Changezi when he was posted in Sargodha and he was a role model of the students of that time. He is a great person from Balochistan and authorities in Islamabad should consider to assign him any responsibility in these difficult days of Balochistan.( A newly created position of Deputy Governor could be an example.) I am sure he will be welcomed in this troubled province by all quarters of the population. I wish him a great success

  2. hi how r u

  3. Hazaras of Quetta will never forget their beloved leaders who served his whole life for better future of Hazaras of Quetta. We are so proud for having such a great leaders like Sardar Ishaq Khan Hazara, Sardar Eisa Khan Hazara, Sardar Asif Ali Hazara, Sardar Nisar Ali Hazara, Sardar Saadat Ali Hazara, Marhoom Retrd. Gen. Muhammed Musa Khan Hazara, Air Chief Marshal Mr. Sharbat Ali Changezi, Young Sardar Mehdi Hassan Musa Hazara, Professor Nazir Ali Hazara, Mejour Nadir Ali Hazara, Brave speaker Mr. Tahir Khan Hazara, and Shaheed Muhammad Ismail Mailo.

    Long lives Hazaras around the world. Once again thanks alot for sharing of daily news, I just appreciat on you and Good job Abbasdaiyar jan!!!

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