Posted by: Editor | January 28, 2008

Nine-day Islamic Seminar at Yazdan Khan High School

From Our Correspondent, Sadiqa Sultan

Quetta: Unless Muslims of the world gather around a strong center, they can never meet the challenges of the present time. The only remedy to our spiritual and material problems lies in converging Muslim ideology and faith with mutual understanding of common beliefs, stated Maulana Javad Naqvi, a teacher at Hauza-e-Ilmi-e-Qum, and a prominent Islamic scholar.

He was addressing a nine-day seminar, titled, “Markaziat: Falah Ka Wahid Rasta.” The seminar is being held at Government Yazdan Khan Modle High School, in collaboration with Hazara Imambaragah Nichari, from 22nd to 30th January.

While elaborating the need and importance of the basic principles of Islam, Maulana said that today Muslims are inevitably in need of integrity and unity, since anti-Islamic forces are engaged in using all methods and resources to jeopardize not only the Muslims, but Islamic Ideology too. We must create consensus and forget our differences so as to become a strong shield against conspiracies and guard our beliefs.

Maulana Javad mentioned that physical unity may not be fruitful. Rather, unity of thoughts is the core element leading to build a foundation for the Center. The Qura’n and hadith are the key references in this regard, he added.

A large number of people, particularly students, attended the seminar and took keen interest while asking questions.

Such seminars and majalis have been organized during Muharram by imambaragahs and other organizations, aiming to spread the message of Karbala and create a tendency towards understanding and resolving the core issues of the Islamic World.

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  1. Assalaamu;alaikum my Dear Moslems Brothers Hazara people, and all Moslems all over the world from whatever your tribe is …

    My name is Andi from Jakarta, Indonesia. I only knew a very bit about Hazara all this time, and did not pay attention too much, not until last week when I met some of Young Males Hazarans who got no choice but had to fled from their beloved hometown Quetta …
    i met them by coincidence when i was visiting my Mother who was doing Bones-Teraphy in Cimande West Java. And there I met some of your Hazarans fellows who also do Bone theraphy because of got hit by motorbikes in indonesia. I heard many stories about many people were being forced, or got no choice but to runaway from their beloved hometoewn and copuntry, being forced to be separated from their beloved family to find a better life abroad… Abasso, Talib, Hakeem, and their friends …What I met last week were some of young men, and to hear their stories, i could not help myself but cried ! i would never expected Hearing stories directly from them would crush my heart a lot … i mean I have read in the paper, often seeing news on TV, but I could not prepare myself to hear such sad and tragic stories from your fellows who had to leave their family behind , with very limited tools of communication ( lack of English proficiency), long and must-be tiring journey with hope to find a strangeland to find a better life. They said they could fight back home, but some of the parents forced them to leave because the parents could not see them living a tough life in their own homeland. To me, they remind me to my own 11 year old-son … !
    upon hearing their stories, i thought to God, Allah SWT the Almighty that we are Indonesians are so lucky to live in such peacefull country with no major war ( well, there is a conflicts sporadically in certain areas, but not as maasive as what has been happening in Middle east, Afghan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and other Moslems countries)… perhaps because of being confrontize each other by some politic hidden agenda, and foreign-countries involvement because they want to have control on your Country !
    I just can’t imagine to live such a life back like you Hazarans people… I don’t have a courage to even think about living the way you Hazarans people do …. or other Moslems brothers who are living in conflict area.
    Now, I try to dare myself to open my eyes about what has been happening in other part of the world, especially to all Moslems brothers and Sisters ….
    I try to understand more and more about Hazara, Quetta, and some other Moslems Brothers who has been living a tougher life ….
    Not much i can contribute to help, but with all my heart I will always pray to Allah Subhanahuwata’ala to give you strength and solid faith ( iman ) to face whatever life has to ever, even the hardest one ….
    We live in this world just a temporarily, but Inshaalaah Jannah is waiting for us after life …
    For those Hazarans that i met last week … Talib Hussain, Abasso, Hakeem, and the others ,,, may Allah always grants you with the faith and strength to find what you have been loooking for …. 🙂 I may know only a little about you guys, and i may not know what was the true reason that made you leave Quetta, but I know that your life is much togher than mine …
    I want you to know, I can not stop thinking about you guys since we met last week, how hard the obstacles you have been facing until you reached Indonesia … There may more of you here ….
    If there is anything I can do to help, For Allah’s sake, Inshallah I would try my best to help ….
    God bless you all, and our Moslems brothers who have been facing injustice in their life …. and being cheated by foreign-powers for the sake of politics !
    I pray that Moslems Leaders would immediately awaken from their blinded-side for not knowing Moslems had been fighting each -other, killing each others, and those Kufurs are laughing and taking advantages and come to take over your land …
    May Allah Be with you all the way … Inshaalah …
    Mo ‘afagh Bashed, Be salamaati …

    From your Brother in Indonesia,
    Wassalaamu’alaikum Wr Wb,
    Andi R Lamado

  2. i would be very grateful if you would invite me to the 9 days serminar

  3. salam my sisters n brothers i dont like to say anything about religion though everyday i try to be a good muslim.I just want to be a true well wisher to all the hazaras from all over the world.I condemn all the enemies and so called muslims, actually terrorists should not be labelled to any religion they are just n pure terrorists. They are the most foolish and ediots people who call themselves muslims and hurt their own people.

    May Allah be always kind and generous to all innocet muslims n may Parwardigar curse all the people who are hurtful to His good people.

    Live long true muslims n true people

    HOW CAN WE STOP THEM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THINK

    • W salam,
      i think u r mistaken sir, no one go to western countries for drugs, alcohal, n sex.
      there r many people who work for their families,
      what do u think tht how hazara got tht much money, comfortable life. just bcos of this young generation.
      u might have seen some of them, but im sorry tht u cant say tht all of our young generation.

  5. Salam,
    When we are not ready to agree with our selves then why we keep arguing on unity,peace.language and progress , Now my friends the world has changed, people are getting more practical, greedy and selffish. I have seen that people don’t trust thier leaders or mullas and even thier parents.
    Not only hazaras are losing their language, nation etc, some other nations are losing too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  6. Salam Qawmay Aziz & and whoever has roots and relation with great nation Hazara. On your first comment are we Azra or Hazra? My dears just be academic and well aware of your history and background. We say Aaw, Shaw,Khaw, gaw,Qawma…. all of them are local pronounciations. But how we write and more important what was the source or Maekhaz ماخذKelema? It is ،آزره یا هزاره ،آب ،شب،خواب،گاو،قومها…. Hazara is a word comes from Persian,Dari language and Azara Azra are local pronounce not more than that. This is just a name for our nation. Second question. Ok Hazara is a name to call or became known by that.what is our race,history,relatated ethnic and tribes,backgroound,our historic figures regardless of their religion,langauage,location,country or giving nationality.For example Hazaras are every where in the world and have different nationalities. What do you call them Eropean,Australian,German,America Hazaras or what? Offcourse we are living in defferent countries but we are proud Hazara. We should not be like Yateem and stolen generation for dump our history,background,ancestary and relations because of the giving nationality or being far from the main land of Hazrajat(Hazarestan).
    The languge we speak,read and writeFarsi,Dari with Hazaragi accent and Turk -Mongolian words. all of forthfathers Ghorids,Koshanis,Ghaznaivds,Baburis,all Turk Mongolian kings scholars and poets adopted and developed Dari Farsi like Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznavi who ordered and encourged Ferdowsi to write the Shahnama but sultan Mahmoud was a Turk speaking Dari,Farsi. Mawlana Jaladin Balkhi Rumi,Babur the founder of Moghol Dynesty and founder of Kabul ran all his affair in Farsi Dari but at the sametime wrote his Baburnama in his native languge Mongolian Turkish. We I brought them as an example? Because Hazara is the name of tribe and ethnic but in here I am talking more diverse about race and history(نژادو تاریخ) regardless of if they were Sunnis,Shia,Ismaeli,Budhist,Shamims like Changis Khan himself as historian say the his sons converted to Islam. Why our thoughts are so narrow and limited? Why Tajiks,Pashtons,Baloch,Uzbeks,Turkmen and in India and Pakistan all of them are proud of Ghaznavid,Ghorids,Buburi,Changezi and others. They are making massaels puting their names. But unfortunatly most our Hazara shia religion to some extend disassociated themself completly from their race,blood and history.As some mullahs and uneduacated people about our history try to make us Arabs,Aryans… Why should not search the history to find our roots and race. This is not the sin if it was the Allah would created us as many Qabayel and race. The Allah confirm and adore all of his creatures. Why being Hazara,Changizi, Turk Mongolian are crime. What Mazari said?
    1. “Our only wish for our people is that being Hazara should no longer be a crime.”
    تنها خواست مابرای مردم ما اینست که دیگر هزاره بودن جرم نباشد.

    When we started to learn Urdu,English and other languges not more than 100 year ago.Even now we are speaking Hazaragi in Dari,Farsi Chawkat grammer and rules. What was the languge of leaders from the begining till now Mazari,Keshtamand,General Mousa…..? Can you tell me from one to the the trillion one single number in Hazaragi in maths? What about the scientific and technical languge like medeciene,geography,litrature,astrology…… Yes my dear freind I know the Farsi Dari is not my native language nor the Urdu and English. What is the meaning of Urdu? Urdu means in turkish Fawj,Qoway Moslah,Army, Zaban Sepahyan Turk Mongolian who rulled the subcountenant like Mogol kings. Aaqa,Beg begum Khanum,Atta ya Aatay…Aapa Baji all of them are Turkish Mongolian words we survived some of them. Then what is the benefit if we pronouce and write the word Shaw,khaw,Azara ya Azra? What did you eat Gandum,Nan,Aab,Sher Mother… They are the basic words. We love to learn our Hazaragi language but I think it is too late and devide our nation to the extent when we have problem to communicate and understanding each others words! Hazara Unity and solidarity requires one single speaking,reading,writing even to bring more similarity accent is nessary.Learn from the English speakers.They live in defferent contenants but they survived their language,history,costoms and at the same time they broght changes and development not only to their societies even to the world. Not only to survive their language even encouraged and imposed upon other nations. I am one of them! Australia is far from England,US,Canada,South Africa New Zealand…. but what is the defference about their languages? Not much other than accents. How many years they are away from each other? How many years we have away from our main land Hazarestan? Unfortuantly now have alook to the defferences and feeling. It is a neglect our Hazaras are not able to read and write their native or and centuries adopted Dari,Farsi language! It is a big sham to me personally. How can we keep our nation Hazara united,nationally,linguastic,culturally… We need to think Pokhta. We can not make our history,language,unity,bringing social changes and justice by toop toop wa Khak bazi. It is not wise and healthy to stop them learning Dari,Farsi which is the main language of Afghanistan and Hazara people and teach them few local words. If you follow the Hazaragi language academiclly and historically then you have to chose Turkish,Mongolian or Central Asian languges because they are more pure and suitable rather then nemkela Urdu,Hindi farsi Hazaragi ! Therfore I am very respectfull to your feeling about your conserns about Hazaragi Academy.I appreciate and I am humble from Allah and my beloved nation Hazara.But it the same time I am not in favour Goly Mosaken Dadan! I rather chose to treat the disease and problem. We need to think vital and critical not emotional and temperary solutions.To we must discover our history,break the barrier of religion and limits as the made for us. Find out about our race,history,background,language and litratures. About the black and white histroy of Hazara as a race not only tribe and name. Why once we were majority then Abdul Rahaman along his collaborators killed our %62 of our Hazara nation in order to bring population ballace in favour of Pashtons! in cordination with British Indian Government.Why they massacared the Moghol Kings in India? Are we related to them or the related to us? Why it happense in very close time my dear Hazaras. Dari Farsi language was the official language of sub continant including Pak,Indai,Bangladish then why replaced with English? When Pashto was introduce in Afghanistan during Zahir Shah. Why Ahmad Shah Abdali,Abdul Rahman Ndir Ghadar who was killed by brave son of Faryad Hazara ran all their affairs in Dari Farsi? Why Baby Kal Mellat Zahir Shah was not able to fully speak in Pashto? Everybody had threw their arrows towards our Dari,Farsi wiht its beatiful Hazaragi accent that we love and adore. Now knowingly or unknowingly we should target ourselves interest in order to make enemies happy.Please never foget think deep,academic and historic. Our nation had enough Zulm wa setam in every aspects of their live. Allah bless all of you Zenda wa sarbeland bad moram Hazara wa neshan Hazara ha dar sarasar Aalam hemrahi baqi aqwam sharik.
    best wishes and great respect to all of you


  7. If islam was the solution why our situations are not getting better.
    Where was my dear Imam Zamana my Khan Hazara and your Agha freids when Abdul Rahman massacred %62 our nation Hazara and Shia religion? Why he that you and me beleive on him did not come to rescue us. When they sold you to none muslim especially India which Pakistan was part of that British Indian governmet where was his mojasa that you and me were waiting for? Afshar,chandawol,Bamiyan,mazar…..6th of July inside imambargahs and holy shrins in Iraq.Even they are not able to protect themselves. I still beleive in them like you. But these question never leave my mind and others people. Every year and century we beat to our heads and sina wiht kardi and sheld our blood. Which arabic islamic or arabs raised their voice?
    Bamiyan says you the face most people beleived the earth is on Shakh Gaw mahi. Imami apeared on the moon large as size of the whole moon.How a 2 or lease than two miter man can be seen by naked eye my dear three wise men!!!???

    Astronaunt go with the highest speed they only can get to their in 29.50 days. Look to the sky when a big plane goes high how small it looks my dears. Do you are we have proper logic? Thsese are just two example my follower of Arab sahrayee. What the arabs did for Palistain that we should expect from them? They are more than tweenty countries but not able to defend them selves. They smoke pipe,sex and using oil money to spent their luxuriouse lives. When they want to give Zakat or whatever then they send to the Taliban and Al-qaeda and extremist who are your brother deni. Just your religion has some diffrences but it remains the same in principle. You aghas also has roots with them. If we follow you like Gaw wa mal then it is OK. If we argue or use logic then we become Kufer as you say.

    I think being Kufer is better than stupid and blindfollowers who are killed every single day during the century. Communist,Emperialist,none beliver like Cuba,Vetname,China……. and all secular nations or hindus or whoever has a reputation,defence system,crises managemet,idealogy,gayrat,sence of patritis or nationalism but not you and people like you.
    How many times they killed and massacred you with humaliation and historic jokes.
    We Hazara and all muslim following this holy religion for many centuries. Why our situation are not getting better? Why you don’t convence your brother deni taliban, Al- Qaeda, lashkar Jahangavi,Sepah Sahaba,ISI,Soudi the source of Islam and tell seyah to stop killing you as none beleiver ,Rafezi and Shia Kafer?
    Go my dears you are claiming the whole tekadari of Islam conveince them to stop killing you and me. Actually the don’t care about you my jan brother. What is your statues and place in the whole Islamic world? What is your population? What names they are calling you? They say you are najis and Kafer then you come to us and Bamiyan and call him Kufer!!!!!!!!???????

    Mashallah to you and people like you who took everything from Hazara under the name of Islam. It was not only you guys from our own community and religion Abdul Rahman was Amer Muslemen. Rabbani Sayaf Masoud Gulbudin Rocketyar who recently issued Fetwa to call all of including your master Iran Kufer and Mar Asten….

    Taliban also massacred us under the name of Islam and racial issues. I am sure what they did or Mulla Omar called you. And governer of Mazar mulla Neyazi annouce Oh Hazara you did not learn from Abdul Raham who massacred %62 become a proper Sunni Muslim or pay Jazya!!!!

    Bamiyan is a single pordard Hazara who just try to give another way of thinking not officially force you like Arabs or Taliban to convert to Nationalism or having an intelectual or democratic window to see something diffrent. Have a look to the situation of poor Tori Shias in Peshawar. If the Nato were not supplied them another incedent would happened like dawre Abdul Rahman.

    My dear we beleive in Allah but not the bullshit Afsana mulla and people like you say. We followed these afsanas for centries wiht out getting anywhere. None muslim as you say Kufer can protect them better than you blind followers.

    Unfortuantly there never been an opportuniy to say and express ourselve. If we say like Galela Zamin is not on Shakh Gaw Mahi and it is round and Gird.Then you will call us kufer……
    Call us Kufer or whatever you can. We know what is wrong what is right for us. Do not leave your stupedity and stick firmly with that. But let me tell you this now we have got a brain which is our holy prophet and Allah send every one with his own prophet ( Brain and logic) no need to follow you and silly Afsanas you make and invite us to beleive. Have a great time with your brotheran deni taliban and laskar jahangavi!!!! I am just wondering why they are killing you because you are muslims and modafe mosolmanha. Why they are killing Kufers possibly you are also Kufer to them!!!! Any one said other than Islam do whatever you do then you become like your Deni suicieder brothers go straigh away to Behesht and let us(Kafer as you say) go to Jahamam!!!
    Which jahanam you are taliking about we are already in Jahanam including you. Masal marof Nakht ra begar qarz ra da bare she baz gap mezni. I mean you should give us protection and prosperity in this Dunya and leave Behesht wa Dozaq ra da dest Khoda. Yar shoma dega donyay shem da sar Gaw Maye neya shoma Dunyay shem da sar KHAR MAYE asta yar. Baz bogi his idealogy is Kefer. Oh kho yak dalel mayra to kho be dalel rawane Da Jada Islam. To Aga musolman asli asti chara the Soudi pesh brar deni kho wa Sahim Khana Khod Taqya kada dast basta mekhani ya da dega jay. In reality the idealogy you are defending has no place for you.Even the whole Shia che bersa da Hazara wa Khan Hazara wa rafeqay shi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????/ Just to all who are following blindly their Brodaran Deni Shan Taliban, L J Sepah Sahaba. Al-Gayeda! They also have many islamice conference how to kill you under the name of Rafezi Shia Kafar. Iran who gave selter to Gulbedin Rocketyar for many years had another press release to annouce you all Kufer………. Good luck our khoms wa Sahm Imam khor mullas with your blind followers who even have PHD degry master. MA BA jahil Karbalee…. Please don’t forget them invite them to kill you and all of us once. Please don’t Azab kosh this Sada wa Sadiq nation of Hazara.Wake guys and girls you don’t have your own brains?????????!!!!!!!
    How many Islamic jalsa jolose and conference they had in the past both side Shia , Sunni,Wahabbis…. Dewbandis Payraw Wolayat Faqeh who was looking imam at the moon surface.What they achieved in the past and present if nothing why you are waiting more for them guys!!!!????
    Do you wanna live all your life blind folded by this Haraf magicians???????
    Please don’t forget to go to the islamic conference.One is also held by Sepah Sahaba and Lashkar Jahangavi go their they will kill you in bad way they just shot you!!!!

  8. i just want to say about sadiqa sultan you have talent Gread mind you can do everything just try for your level best one day you become the queen of hazara people i m the student of the uk as your brother tell you. best wishes

  9. Yea people should be more and more religious so our syeds could benefit it the most by kissing their evil hands and giving them the bribe (khums) for heaven and their fifth daughter …to have 70 hoors in heaven

  10. slam
    i think the people should be educate.and we need able and sencere scholer.,s.who teach us the true islam.we should be prevent those who use bad woords during ashura.i think hatereat and bad salogan,s does,t bring different groups should be tolarence and patince.

  11. keep up the good work sadiqa jan…

  12. Im just glad for having such a taleted sisters in Qta. Sadiqa Sultan keep up your work, we all Hazaras will support you about anything. We need more journalists like you.
    i just like and wish to say Afareen 100 afareen for you nice work.


  13. Abbas Diyar jan plz contect me on this number +4798466184 i wish to talk to you about ur site. or just call me for a small moment then i can call you back.

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