Posted by: Editor | January 28, 2008

Snow in Quetta Drives People to Picnic Spots

Quetta Snowfall

Quetta: (Monday, January 28) People were delighted with the hailstorm followed by snowfall that started on Sunday night and continued till wee hours of Monday.

Quetta wore a sheet of snow covering the entire city, which looked like a white fairy. Large numbers of people thronged to picnic points and parks, especially Hanna Lake and other plain areas, to enjoy the snowy weather.

However, day laborers and commuters, including cyclists and bike riders, faced great difficulties while moving towards their destination as the roads became slippery, causing a number of minor road accidents.

Minimum temperature was recorded to be negative nine, with slight reduction in chilly conditions expected. Local Meteorological Office has forecast cloudy weather with chances of light rain during the next 12 hours.

The cold weather, accompanied with electricity and gas outages, has made life difficult for the people. Read our related stories here:

Snow in Hanna Lake


  1. gull watan bulbul watan, Quetta. shakhe nai sunbul watan, Quetta

  2. mai b qta ki rehne wali hun maine jhud is saal yeh baraf baari miss krdi qk mai is waqt qta se bhahir hun . . . . . .

  3. i just miss this wether n those friends whom i use to go with for enjoyments.

  4. My Grand Father,and My Grand Mother was living in Railway Colony Quetta,I visit
    Quetta some times,reletives are are greedy,and selfish……………………………….

  5. qta hakikat ki yao shaista ao zinda dila shahar dai .har mosam har wakht ki qta yao khapala shaista walai lari….

  6. our homeland is beautiful for all place .. we all love our country …live long balochistan

  7. I love my all Balochistan and specially mastung and Quetta now days i am in faisalabad for the purpose of education and really i am so missing my home land and my city Quetta is the part of paradis……

  8. I love quetta now i am in lahore and i miss quetta very much its the paradise on earth its birth place of me and my forefathers

  9. My name is Malcolm Callaghan and I was born in Quetta. I studied at the St. Francis Grammar School and graduated with a Senior Cambridge Certificate. Father Joshua was the Principal then.
    I have the most fondest memories of Quetta between 1950 to 1968.I always think of the wonderful childhood I had in Quetta. It was a lovely little town and so clean. I will always love Quetta.

    • Hey Callaghan, what a surprise ,remember me.We studied in the same school the great st francis grammar school,and we were together from 1955 to 1968.I lived in the railway colony and your residence was not far from mine as i recall near Braganza villa.Will share more after your reply.You can find me on face book.TAKE CARE

  10. I feel very sad when i hear about target killing of hazara , and all mullas side efects on Hazara nation , i hope one day Hazara will know that all mullas are irani agent and they do the what Iran wants them to do . they are monafiq and all they care about their belly and sallery from Iran they are dogs who ever put bones on their mouth they serve that one .

    • bayshaki lalai kadi azi gabai to

  11. waaao nice.

  12. I LOOOOOOOOOVE QUETTA..its my birth place……..

  13. I really miss those days when we were passing our summer vacation in Hanna Lake.

  14. very very cold at quetta i wanna go to quetta
    next year wow going top have fun with snow

  15. One of the Beautiful weather in one of the Beautiful city Quetta.

    I miss Quetta and its summers. God bless all Hazaras.

    Regards Iftee.

    • aaaamin 🙂

  16. sallam ba hama Hazara

  17. v both wanted 2 visit queta bt unfortunately v cnt go there so v have visited it through net .v liked it very much nd now v r more attracted 4rm this place

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