Posted by: Editor | January 30, 2008

Hazara Democratic Party Protests Price Hike, Load Shedding

HDP protest

Quetta: (January 29, 2008) Hazara Democratic Party held a protest demonstration against the current flour shortage, low gas pressure, electricity load-shedding and blockage of National Identity Cards of a number of people by NADRA. The protesters gathered in front of Party Secretariat on Alamdar Road. The rally moved on from Alamdar Road to Quetta Press Club, and the protesters chanted slogans and displayed placards against the concerned quarters.

Key HDP leaders addressed the rally.

Senior Vice President, Hussain Ali Yousafi, said that the people are badly suffering from the flour crisis, which has been caused by the failed policies of the former government. Some profiteers, being backed by government, are exporting the wheat to neighboring countries, which causes the sky-rocketing flour prices, extended electricity load shedding and low gas pressure.

General Secretary, Abdul Khaliq Hazara said that the complex system of registration for ID Cards has compelled the people to take to the streets against the concerned quarters. Inflation, lawlessness, insecurity and prices hike have deprived the people of their basic rights, and they are compelled to use other alternatives to gas, due to which the prices of wood and coal have increased.

Ahmed Ali Kohzad, Central Information Secretary, also addressed the rally.

The speakers condemned the break-away of high-profile terrorists and masterminds of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi from ATF jail, demanding the officials for the early arrest of the terrorists involved in attacks on Hazaras.

They demanded from the concerned quarters to immediately overcome the electricity crisis and maintain gas supply with full pressure.

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  1. Salam i really appriciate all the members of HDP,
    they work very well , i live in Norway and i am always redy to help this part for making hazara nation more and more Successful ,

  2. Salam to all Hazara Qowma!
    Salam Ba qahramanan HDP!
    Ma Mekhahiem Ke Payam Mr. Keshtmand Former Prime Minsitr of Afghanistan, Ba HDP Wa Famil Shahid Yosofi Be Ferstim. Ma yek email Add Be dehed.
    Muntazer Jawab shuma Hastam.

  3. sallam ma az kar konane H D P mutashakeram ma mardooom hazara town wa meriabad omid ba shoo ma darame

  4. Dear Sajjad and dostai aziz

    thank you all for your appreciations about this forum and I would like to thank abbas jan who has done a great job to give us this place to communicate with our people.

    Abassdayar jan said that we should not talk against the character of our leaders, but I want to say that , just look to the Pakistani media, Geo News, since they have been established, they telecast live criticisms about Paki leaders, thats why now paki people know what is going on in the country.

    I think we should also discuss about our present and past leaders, so that we will get any better leadership in the future.

    We I talk about Abdul Khaliq Hazara, I feel the need to talk about him, because I know him well from his childhood.

    I know who Ghulam Ali Haidri is and who Tawasuli is, They are the figures in our soceity. we should bring new leaders in our community so that new opinions and new ideas come to our youths.

    Abdul Khaliq Hazara is a very hardworking person, and most of his point of views are good, but I think he should reform himself, he should think about Hazara but not about his property or personal benefits, he just enforce his decisions upon the others but do not listen to others, he has two faces, like sheikh Rasheed, chaning his party and tactics everyday.

    Ghulam Ali Haidri is also one figure in our soceity who call himself the founder of Tanzeem, but internally has occupied the whole property of Tanzeem for many years, and it has become his personal assets. He arrange marriage parties in their halls or run school but the benefits all goes to his pocket and become a ruller like Hosene Mubarak of Egypt or Saddam who never leave their leadership or seats.

    such types of persons think just about their personal benefits and use our nation as their property, they get praise and prestige from our people and if anyone criticise them, they use jokes or legal sources to punish them. We should know such things, we should know who is better in our soceity and who is using us just for their personal benefits.

    I strongly appreciate our youths of Hazara to think open mindedly and analyse which party is beneficial for us and which one is using us, sometimes its in hands of tawasuli or Asadi whose characters you know better and sometimes in the hands of our nationalist parties who just make jokes of eachother and never accept eachother, we youths of hazara should play a mediator among these parties and know better about our future in Quetta so that we would live together with other communities in peace and harmony.

    Thanking you all

    Mukhtar Hussain

  5. Sallam Everyone, this is a very good forum and whoever is doing. You are doing an excellent job and they way the topics are addressed are more mature and logical then I have ever seen.
    These forum has always been used in the favour or against one or anther. Please keep it nautral like this hope in future we will be able to contribute as well.
    best of luck

  6. hi gaomai gul

    salam brai thamam shim shuna

    I specially comment on the role of Abdul Khaliq Hazara in HDP, HDP should consider his role, he is the General secretary of HDP but they dont know about him , his past , his character.

    just ask from his past muhalla wala , how khaliq was , about his past, i was also from his muhalla, and i know who he was, he was very famous for dokhtar bazi and chal puli, shaitanak, just see his chals and shaitani agenda.

    therefore i request HDP, plz plz cancel his membership and just look to him, due to him ur party is badnam and no one will give u vote next time unless u reject khaliq from ur party.


    mukhtar hussain

  7. Hazara Democratic Party is the only party in Pakistan who really fights for the rights of the Hazaras not only in Pakistan but also in different part of the entire world.

    I request from entire Hazaras to be proud of this party because this party is going to lead and represent the Hazaras through out world.

    Thank you very much. HDP Zindabad. (Ali Akbar)

  8. Yes Abdul Khaliq Hazara is right and we Hazaras have nothing commen with Karbala and with Imam Husain(a-s). He fought for many centuries years ago and now we can not fight like them as they used to do in the past. We have also to protect our nation and dont be so busy with Mullas and with their islamic propagandas. Its 2008 now but not 1400, i dont know one thing that why our people dont understand Mullas propaganda.


  10. SALAM

  11. thanks for this

  12. Mehmood!
    The admin will try to provide the voters static list on Hazara News Pakistan within some days.

  13. i just wanted to know is how many Voters we have this time excet list, could any one tell this one, its important to know, hope i will be reply…

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