Posted by: Editor | February 3, 2008

Election campaigning gets momentum

Quetta: As 18th February is getting nearer the traditional hustle and bustle is being observed among the people here in Quetta. The election process had almost gone to the point of nil after the tragic death of late Pakistan People’s Party Chairperson, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto outraging infernal demonstration ragging the infrastructure of the country. Later on the election postponement decision of Election Commission dimmed the process followed by the month of Muharram and chilly climatic conditions.

Nowadays the elections campaigning are on its peak in the run to the climax of electoral process. Different political parties and independent nominees are calling upon corner meetings, rallying, bannering and knocking the doors of Sirchanda trying to convince them and win their support.

This time the queue of Hazara candidates from the two provincial constituencies in Hazara inhabiting areas, somewhat pretend that non of these candidates would win the election. Only from PB-6, where includes Hazara Town, there are more than seven Hazara candidates contesting excluding the non-Hazara candidates, who are seeking votes from the Hazara inhabitants and a number of people are supporting them on the basis of party affiliation and personal or financial influences.

Same is the situation in PB-2, Mehrabad. There also the contesting candidates are more than a half-dozen where Khaliq Hazara of Hazara Democratic Parties and Colonel Younas of Pakistan Muslim League-Q are said to be the strong candidates.

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