Posted by: Editor | February 5, 2008

Please Read! and COMMENT

“The Hazaras cherish education and hard work, but their Shiite Muslim faith and Asian features have long made them a target. Will they find a better life in the post-Taliban era?” This is the intro of the feature published on National Geographic’s February 2008 edition titled as “The Outsiders in Afghanistan”. The feature contents pictures and writers’ field notes.

Such features and articles on international print and electronic media reveals the tragic history of Hazaras, which is needed to come in front of international community and not to remain only till folks like Abdul Rehman’s era.

The feature on National Geographic contents sentences that the readers may want to discuss about and put their comments so PLEASE DO COMMENTS on sentences such as  ” Hazaras are the descendants of Genghis Khan’s Mongolian soldiers, who marched into central Afghanistan in the 13th century, built a garrison, and conquered the inhabitants”a varied mix of peoples not uncommon along the Silk Road. When the locals rose up and killed Genghis’s son, the conqueror retaliated by leveling Bamian and wiping out most of its residents. Those who survived intermarried with the Mongolian invaders and became the Hazarasa”a genetic collaboration evident in the diversity of facial features among the region’s people today”, “A Taliban saying about Afghanistan’s non-Pashtun ethnic groups went: “Tajiks to Tajikistan, Uzbeks to Uzbekistan, and Hazaras to goristan,”and Specially on the title “Outsiders”.

Click Here for the feature


  1. Well as Panjshiries I must say we are sorry for all crimes we commited against Hezareh ppl. It was our stupid leadership, Masoud and pakistanies and wahabbies

  2. Peace be with You:
    As a recient, self guided and hunting, student of
    your Middle Eastern and West Asian part of the
    world,( due to the tragic and misguided efforts of some of your extreamist countrymen); I find the commentries on the Hazaras and other Ethnics of that vast area, very interesting and enlighting.
    My latest inquiries have been to find some definiton(s) of the worldwide criminal adverseries: Al-Qaida ,and Taliban. and what their
    history, motivation and eventual goals really are.
    Perhaps you may help me. I will be attempting to
    lead our local Lutheran Church Adult Forum with this and other information I have been gathering.
    This will all be as back ground to our main focus
    – what we can do the help the Palisteian Arabs get a fair and equitable land settlement in their part of the world.
    I look forwars to your comments and input.

  3. My dear nation Hazara Academics

    Let start like this. What is formal language and what is informal? What is spoken language and what is reading and writing language? What is the alphabet of Hazaragi and is coming from Dari,Farsi or Urdu? How many words we borrowed from Arabic,Turkic and Mongolian and cetral asian? What is the meaning of Urdu and comes from what language and made by who and when? Urdu mean in Turkish mixed mongolian Arm<Sepah wa Lashkar. Even now in Afghanistan and Hazaristan we use Urduy Milliاردوی ملی یا فوای مسلح به زبان عربی But the old Dari and Persian version is Urdu the language of Army or Fawj which. Fawj means in Arabic Army. Urdu is the old Dari Hazaragi….

    Don’t worry how you pronouce.It is important what is the source and the main language it took from. Unfortunatly because of illitracy,second language and neglect everything changed the way it is now. Nemkela Dari Fari like worse Gulabi Urdu which you never heard. Dari and Farsi mix with Turkic , Mongolian and Arabic is the real and common language that we can call Hazaragi dialect but not the completly independent language or mostly independent. We we should exxlude our generation Hazaras from Dari,Farsi along their beatiful and historic Hazaragi Dialect. Beacuse in modern word Dari and Persian has the highest volue for many civilasation and Urdu comes from Dari,Farsi and Sansecret.
    Speaking,Reading and Writting is important not the minor dialect diffrences.Every languge has less or more few diffrences includingEnglish,German and Dutch,Frenchs are not all speaking same dialect nor do the Persian and Dari. Even English has many dialect and way of pronounciation and dialects like Walesh,Scotland,Irish,Canadian US…. and so on.
    And we are not special to be perfect in that linguestic regards and differences. Even Farsi Dari has many diffrent dialects in Iran,Afghanistan,Tajekestan and Pakistan.Even the time of Afghani Mogols and Turks who were more related to Hazaras and other minorities ruled the Sub_ Continant India had many famouse poet and scholars including Merza Abdul Qadir Bedel Dehlavi.Nasir Khesraw who spent time there and the most important the recent great poeter and philosopher Alama Iqbal Lahori and other great kings and Queens,Scholars and poet and singers. Lets look to the issue in a broad,historic,linguestic and academic manner rather than bassless bias and self created imaginations. Thanks for reading my comments.

    Khodawand Jahan pusht wa panah tan wa donya wa iqbal boland hamrahtan bashad


  5. mukhtar sahib kheli pooldar astha …wo wow it great to hear ur appreciation …i will keep it up ..
    dont bother

  6. wow again

    We have a lot of serious writers but missing desparately a good commedian and Labe Thada representative. I think Banyaan is a true representative of Thadda culture and brings us some laughter . Don’t discourage him please from writing.

    Thanks Mukhtaar

  7. but banyaan looks very nationalist, he thinks that he is the leader of hazara people in quetta, everyone should get advice from him, even choochey tawasuli or asadi, he is afraid of choochey brosli, what do u say about him,

    i war banyaans always but mostly in winter, when it gets dirt, i throw it in the dustbin, because banyaans are made for few days and then we through them in the dustbins, haha

    I hope that you will send me any nice model of banyaans , made of japan. ok

    take care

  8. to Mukhtar sahib

    I didn’t know Banyaan is eadible. I think u r different that is y i like u. People wear banyaan but u eat . lol

    keep it up Mukhtaar sahib

  9. ya you are right wow,

    I have eaten many times banyan from alis shop and I think such banyans are made by gandaris, very tasty, hahaha

    I hope that we will eat alot banyans,

    M. H

  10. wow

    Salam to Every one especially to Mr Banyaan and mukhtar Sahib

    You know what i am really being entertained by these two writers and I hope you both will become one of hazaras great commedy writers. lol

    Dont give it up Banyan and bring some smiles on our faces by your comments. I am with u

  11. salam
    i think hazara are etnic mongol tartar bloods. i have no doubt. the question is who lived here in hazarajat before mongol invaderes. ther were no hazara,s. aryen lived here in these places.hazara are not aryen. it is very clear. if hazara lived here before changez khan . why we don,t have independent language. wat we speak today it is hazaragi(more similar to dari of farsi)it is not independent language. some historian give example of bodha. i think they did,t have hazaragi face .today,s found bodha under ground they are more similar to greeks beeld. the bodha of bamian build the time of kashanian(after alexander the great)they ruled these area,s. sorry my english is weak. i hope understood. and u can go en search

  12. slam to everyone
    in the name of God
    it is very important topic(hazara)why we calld hazara wat is our past.did we belong to mongol turkisch aryen etc. it is very nice topic. wat is mijn opinion, hazara belong to
    mongol turkisch tartar. majority of hazara have mongols tartars face. we don,t have aryen is very clear that hazra are not aryen. so the question is how long hazara lived in these area,s. i mean hazarajat. did hazara lived before mongol invantion of hazarajat. if we (hazara)lived before mongol invantion , the important question is which language did we talkd. wat was the language. this is most important question?today we talk hazaragi. it is mostly close to dari of farsi. befor mongols invantion these area,s were papulated with aryan ras. i mean tajiks today,s pashtoon(maybe pashtoon lived like kochies)and others smal aryan groups. if we (hazara) lived before mongol invantion why we don,t have our own language. like tajiks they lived here for centuries . after mongol invantion atleast their language survive. some people gives example of bodha. that they have hazaragi face. because of we lived here(hazarajat)before mongol invantion. it is not true. if we are going study abt bodha(bamian)they created in the time of kashanian. after greecks invantion. they did,t have hazaragi face they had greecks . when discoverd bodha beeld under ground their face likd greeks not hazaragi. i think today,s hazara have mongols mixtured blood. at that time there(hazarajat )was not so papulated. when mongols captured here they killd majority of people maybe some remain after they mixed with mongols. and soon after they calld us hazara means 1000. because we attracte to farsi language today,s hazaragi. thnks
    mijn english is a little bit weak but i hope mostly readers understood

  13. Salaam Abbas,
    I have gone through the article sverel times, what a study the journalist had! amazing!! if i am not wrong for the first time i have seen somebody who has writen what exactly should be writen. Dear friends, i have seen the movie of KITE RUNNER, i appreciate if any dear arrenge for it to be realised in Afghanistan.

  14. Abbass,
    Good on you for including the info on your blog. As for the article, there is a certain level of controversy over the origins of Hazaras because only so little research has ever been done. As mentioned by Shuja, there is irrefutable genetic data linking at least 30% of our DNA back to Mongolia. However, it is more important to consider the remaining 70%, which is not so. Another question is whether the Mongol roots came to Afghanistan before Genghis Khan or with him – American Indians have Mongol roots, doesn’t mean they came with Genghis Khan. The ‘Pashis’ for example, claim direct lineage to Genghis Khan, those in Sheikh Ali claim Turkish roots while Hazaras of Southern Uruzgan don’t have Asiatic/ Monglian features at all – same is the case with Sunni Hazaras residing in and around Islamabad, for example. We are not a pure race, we are of mixed lineages and we have every reason to be contented and proud of that heritage.
    In a more figurative sense, the Hazaras have been termed as outsiders due to the fact that the mainstream Afghan face hasn’t traditionally been either partly or wholly Hazaragi, mainly because of our isolation high and dry in the mountains of Hazarajat and of course the long history of persecution.
    I am grateful to the works of Khalid Hosseini, Marc Foster, AlJazeera Channel and now National Geographic for their works and reports on highlighting the Hazara case and cause and attracting more attention which will someday lead to more research and findings.


  15. I think the point the author is trying to make about our ethnic lineage is not a very bad one. Even though his viewpoint is not set in stone, it has some veracity. After all, we all believe the Hazaras existed long before Genghis Khan came to the region, right? And we also believe that we have Mongol admixtures. (We can’t deny this; there’s an overwhelming genetic data to back this up.)

    So, when the writer says that the locals angered Genghis, who then razed them to the ground, and his soldiers married the survivors, he is not making a controversial point at all.

    In fact, this is almost exactly what a Hazara would want a journalist from Nat Geo to believe. These people have very, very strict fact-checking standards. They don’t just publish anything on their magazine. For them to publish this theory, which is without almost any evidence, is very pleasing–at least to me.

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