Posted by: Editor | February 19, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Barkat Ali Thamaki of HDP Loses Election

Quetta (February 19, 2008): Barkat Ali Thamaki of Hazara Democratic Party, a candidate for NA 260, lost his bid for the National Assembly seat according to preliminary results.

Barkat Ali Thamaki, who received 350 votes, came in fourth, while Sardar Alhaj Muhammad Umer Goragaje of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians swept the election by receiving 41,036 votes. Sardar Fateh Mohammad Hassani of Pakistan Muslim League Quaid-e-Azam came in second with 27,645 votes. Malik Sikandar Khan of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal came in third, with 1,010 votes.

NA 260 covers parts of Quetta, Chaghi and Nushki.

The other Hazara candidates running for this seat, including Abdul Ali Hazara and Mohammad Abbas, failed to make any impact on the ballots. Earlier on, Hussain Ali Yousufi and Colonel Younus Changezi also lost their bids for Provincial Assembly seat of PB 6, Quetta 6.

The total number of registered voters for this constituency was 58,601, with a total number of 364 polling stations.

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    1. i am not surprised that Mr. Yousufi lost the ellection. it has happened before and will happen in the future if, the people of Hazara Town are not united. the time has come to rethink about what we are doing. Mr. Yousufi had the support of majority of voters in Hazara Town. but, we have other respected people who mislead the people for their own financial or political interest. while voters make leaders, then why can’t they make only one leader instead of three. Mr. changezi had rented too many suzuki cars and had spent alot of money in ellection compaign. why would someone spend his own money if they are committed to serve the people. ofcourse there had been financial gain in the past so he wouldn’t worry to spend millions of rupees to get to a position and use it for his own interest, the time has come that the people should know and select on who’s side they wanna be. we can not change the past but we would be able to change our future the future of our people by being united and selecting a person as a leader who is capable of it. my opinions are not offense to anyone. but it is the truth.

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