Posted by: Editor | February 20, 2008

Post-Election Blame-Game: HDP Blames Rigging

QUETTA: There are rigging and other administrative complaints from Balochistan Provincial Assembly constituency PB-6 Quetta 6, stated two contesting candidates in two separate Press conferences here in Quetta Press Club, demanding from the Election Commission to stop the official result announcement and re-conduct the elections.

Hussail Ali Yousafi, Chairman Hazara Democratic Party and nominated candidate, said that the polling results have been announced on media before their polling agents were given a copy of the result. He said that there has been immense rigging in women’s polling stations, where the casting of bogus votes occured. Yousafi also claimed that he was the winner till 2 a.m. but was declared as runner up in the morning.

Abdul Khaliq Hazara, General Secretary HDP, demanded from the Election Commission not to announce the results of the said constituency officially, but rather to conduct the elections in PB-6 once again.



  1. Hi everyone, i know this is an old picture taken at Quetta Press Club but i just asking that the the man set on left hand side of Jousafi who is he? Isn’t he Kuda Bakhsh Takedaar. he looks like he is my father Khuda Bakhsh Councillor and i am his son Mohd Hussain living in Addelaide, Australia. Say my salam to him.

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