Posted by: Editor | February 24, 2008

Admin Update

Qauma e Gul,

It has been tough times at Hazara News Pakistan lately. Our main blogger and reporter, Mr. Abbas Daiyar, has had a mild accident that resulted in injuries to his hands. He was hospitalized and medically treated. He is now in stable condition, and can go by most of his daily activities. As a result of the injuries, however, he may not be able to update Hazara News Pakistan until full recuperation.

Furthermore, his only vehicle that carried him to work and college, his bicycle, was stolen from him at gunpoint on the night of the February 18 elections, as he was busy collecting news. He didn’t receive any harm during this confrontation, however.

Please join us in wishing this young, dynamic Hazara journalist a speedy recovery and best of luck in the future. Let us also recognize his efforts, determination and the troubles and travails he has to face in serving the nation and keeping all of us living abroad updated.

Sarbuland bashid!

–Hazara News Pakistan


  1. Hzaranewspakistan has been very helpful for all the quama outside the country, i on behalf of all hazaras in aus thank Mr.abbas for all his efforts he has put to serve the people and may he get well soon.

    wish u all the best and i really apreciate ur works.
    Good luck.

  2. Proudly I say my intimate regard to all creaters of this website
    Because i get all important things that happen for my people. I wish the great prosperety for all of you thanks.

  3. salam abbasdaiyar. umidwarom ki jor shuda bashi. wa bisyar bisyar ziyad tashkkur azi web site tu. i love this web site!!!!

  4. Thanks all I am fully recovered now and am back on the track to update the blog for you all. I once again express gratitude to all wishing me for early recovery. I would try my best to update the blog as regularly and fast as possible despite the cumbersome electricity situation and net speed.

  5. I Wish Him Good Health.
    Thanks To All of you who work on this site and update it.

  6. Salam,
    I’m visiting this webblog for the very first time. I’m really glad and thankful at the same time to Mr Abbas and all his fellows for creating this medium. My best wishes for all of you.
    May God help Mr Abbas recover soon.

  7. salam dear borther How are you now I wish you best of luck
    I think you are the first Hazara who is publishing news on the net about hazaras in quetta and els where. I know it is very hard job as a publisher and jurnalist. You are doing a wounderful job. Good luck and wishes with a bunch of flower from Austrlia Melbourne.

  8. Dear Abbas,
    May you be always protected from such evils and wish you a very quick recovery.

  9. Thanx for updating… God bless him

  10. Best of luck my freind.
    May god help you recover as quickly as possible.

  11. I wish him good luck for his future and just want to say thanks for the website you made, because i always visit your website to see whats happening in my hometown. and without this website i woudnt be able to know taht.
    so thank you so very much for the website and best of luck for your recovery.
    Khuda hafiz Qauma!

  12. May god bless him,
    i really am sorry to hear about his accinednt. I wish him best of luck for the future and ask him to update his website once inshallah he is well enough.
    Khooda hafiz dost!!!

  13. i wish him all the best for health and recovery.

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