Posted by: Editor | March 1, 2008

Chehlum observed in Quetta with reverence

Quetta: Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain was observed with fervour and solemnity here in Quetta on Thursday, 28 February 2008.

It was marked by mourning processions. A mourning procession was taken out from Alamdar Road and the other from Hazara Town. After passing through its traditional route, it terminated at Hazara Graveyard both of Hazara Town and Mehrabad. The procession consisted of more than 50 mourning contingents from various Imam Baragahs. Mourners were carrying Alam and Zuljanah. Ulema in their sermon said that tradegy of Karbala is the biggest incident in the history of the world in which Hazrat Imam Hussain and his companions sacrificed their lives for truth and rightness and set an example.

Sabeels were setup along the procession route. Strict measures were also adopted for the security of processions all along the route. Police and Frontier Corps personnel were deployed.



  1. Salamvalaykum !
    Salam to A.J & s.j well i proud of both of you my friends to give ur reply as shia muslim and even i proud myself that I am too the follower of YA ALI. Even I like to greet u YA ALI MAdad.
    And even thanks to give realy on this matter to this guys like syed and bamiyan r wahabis. So Mr. A.J and s.j just send ur email id in my email id so I can heartily thanks to u.

  2. salam to all my brothers and sisters in quetta.I am in Australia but miss my quetta very much .Thanks very much for uploading pictures about moharam and chehlum.I always read this site when ever i miss my alamdar road. No place can be like quetta.May God protect you all brothers from the stupid wahabis.Take care of your selves. and please regularly upload the latest news and pictures about hazaras and alamdar road. May God bless you all .khuda hafiz.

  3. here is a breif info about Azadari dear fellows:

    We are proud to be a shia Muslims because we are the mourners of family of HOLY PROPHET(PBUH). WE ARE THE LOVERS OF HOLY PROPHET(saw) and his decsendents, how a shia can even think of giving any harm to his beloved IMAM,we all mourn because killeres never mourn its the victims who mourn, and we display and prove by our azadari that we are still ready to sacrifice our lives for ISLAM, HOLY PROPHET(SAW) AND HIS FAMILY, AND THIS ZANJEERZANI IS THE BEAUTY OF AZADARI,

  4. This is for the fucking 2 guys who wrote some shits stuff about Azadari, they are : Syed and Bamiyan….
    wtf r you two on about? i know you r wahabi and thats what wahabis r like, they never understand the meaning of Azadari and yet they kill so many shias becasue of it, take 2004’s attack on Jolouses in quetta, that wass done by wahabis who never knew what azadari is. if you think by killing shias you will go to heaven, then forget bitch. you will go staight to hell. so my advice for you guys are to get to kjnow what Azadari means, and then come here and talk about it. dont just come here and start talking shit like you dont know nothing at all.

  5. salamvalaykum
    abey pakistani bamiyan tu sirf apna email id de agar tu mard ka baccha hai toh tujhe mu tod jawab mein tere email id pe bhejti hu saale tere pakistan mein ladkiyon se aise baat karte hai kya apna email id forward kar fir teri izzat mein kin shabdon mein utarti hoon tu sirf dekhta jaa aur ek baat hindi bolne aati nahin toh english mein lik ke bhej kyun hindi aur urdu ka satyanash karraha hai bewakuf.

  6. Sorry dear mukhtar hussain my name is also M H

  7. mohoseena …..
    Do u kiss the horse (zuljinnah) …..and is seegha valid and applied technology in indian shias …u know of seegha hindi main bolay tu mutah …
    baap kiya main shia ho saktha hai …kiya mangtha hai ,,shiaism ko enjoy karne ke wasthe …apan sab kare ga …ghode ko bhi chome ga …magar kiya …………apna bhi …apanko sharam aathi hai ….

  8. hey birars,

    who has stolen my id above, I have not written this ok, so be careful, dont use my id to attack on the others.

    take care

    M. Hussain

  9. apni zaban ko lagaam do hum apna matam karate hai ismein tum log ka kuch jata hai kya hum kya tumhara haath pakad kar leke jate hai k aao humare saath matam mein hissa lo hum tum sunni hone pe ungli nahi utthate to tum kyon hamari zad par jati ho arey musalman hoke doosri musalman zaad ka kyun naam kharab kar rahe ho apne kaam se kaam rakho. Matam karate karate imaam hasan, imaam hussain, hazarat ali ke naam pe shahid hone bahut kam log ko naseeb hota hai. ho sake toh mere baad par gaur karna. aur ho sake toh reply bhejna mere email id pe

  10. mohoseena has not read my comments

  11. i think sayed and bamiyan is belong to Lashkar-
    e-Jhangvi that”s why they are writing like that BOLL SHIT COMMENTS you people are Wahhabi you are related with Al qida nonsense

  12. salamvalaykum!
    My self mohoseena & I M from india I just want to say that regarding the comments that who’s this syed who have wrote the stupid comments on regarding matam I want to give him message that u just mind your own business if you do not like the picture of matam than shut down your computer & go to hell. Hey syed if you read my comments & if u want to answer than reply me on my email. id.

  13. thank u saeed

  14. it is crazy.beating your self can,t is is is not following imam hossein.

  15. kep it up may allah bless you

  16. take care of youe health my dear hazara

  17. hi im one of the M.F.P member in quetta im so glad that we have brothers like YOU .

  18. hey please you should upload more pics regarding cheelum and shab baidaris as u promised …..

  19. Abbas jan take good care of your health, We all Hazaras needs more journalists like you.
    Best of luck and regards by,

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