Posted by: Editor | March 2, 2008

Post-Election Games

Quetta: (2nd March) Election Commission has announced the official results of the winning candidates of the National and Provincial assemblies. The post-election game is on peak. Losing candidates are busy to blame rigging for their defeat while the successful candidates are being contacted by different political parties to gain their political support for the formation of the upcoming government. Hazara Democratic Party, in a Press conference blamed rigging and the support of establishment with its opponent candidates while the winning candidate from PB-2 Quetta 2 , Jan Ali Changaze is meeting the leaders of different political parties to see who will be able to form the coalition government in Balochistan so as to deal with it considering and prioritizing regional interests of the nation, Hazara, What Jan Ali himself say. In this regard the other day he met with the newly appointed Governor Balochistan, Nawab Zulfiqar Magsi, Caretaker Chief Minister, Sardar Saleh Muhammad Bhutani and the expected future Chief Minister, Sardar Aslam Raisani of Pakistan People’s Party. The elected Hazara representative for National Assembly, Syed Abbas Hazara is already a member of PPP.


The representatives being elected on their party tickets would be supporting their party while those representatives elected independently would have to announce support for any party for the formation of Government and later each member of the Assembly will vote for the election of the Senators where the independent candidates again would have the privilege to bargain on their priorities. Usually it has been the trend that most of the Hazara representatives have been elected independently and later on they have been joining or supporting any party and for this purpose (supporting any party for the formation of Government and Senators election) they demand any Ministry from the party making government.

This time, it seems as People’s Party would form government in Balochistan despite the fact that Pakistan Muslim League is the single largest winning party in the Province. PPP has emerged as the single largest party in Center and Sindh. So here they would have the influence to form a government in Balochistan. The first reason for the expectation is that PPP is the single largest party in the Federation and their privilege can easily influence the government formation in Balochistan secondly the independent candidates always have been playing vital role in the formation of the government in Balochistan and this time also their number is the second highest after PML-Q with total number of 14 independent candidates. The third reason that PPP may form government in Balochistan is that there are many inter-party differences and forward blocs in PML-Q Balochistan due to which yet its leaders are failed to announce the name of their parliamentary leader in Balochistan. The meeting of Maulana Fazalur Rehman, MMA Chief with Asif Ali Zardari, PPP Chief has made the analysis of PPP government in Balochistan more authenticate as MMA has some winning candidates in Balochistan and there can be a coalition government in the Province after MMA, PPP and some of the independent candidates come on the agenda to form government.




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