Posted by: Editor | March 10, 2008

Jan Ali Joins People’s Party

Quetta: Jan Ali Changaze, the newly elected member of Balochistan Assembly, announced to join Pakistan People’s Party. In a press conference with the nominated Chief Minister by PPP, Nawab Aslam Raisani, he said that he is joining the party for the larger interest of the people of the area.


In my previous analysis right after the elections, I had predicted that PPP may form coalition government in Balochistan. That prediction seems to be coming true.




This time Pakistan Muslim League-Q has emerged as the single largest party in Balochistan with 18 seats. That, however, is now reduced to 16 after the death of Sarwar Khan Kakar and appointment of new Governor, Nawab Zulfiqar Magsi. Initially it was predicted that PML-Q would form government in Balochistan but later on, inter-party differences in PML-Q came out and spoiled the party’s hopes of forming a government.




BNP-Awami, former coalition partner of the PML-Q Government, has secured 6 seats in Balochistan. BNP-Awami also announced support for PPP, and more than six elected members of PML-Q, including the brother of caretaker Chief Minister, Sardar Saleh Bhutani, announced to support PPP.


Mutahida Majlis Amal secured seven seats. Awami National Party had already announced to support PPP.


Pakistan People’s Party is in a good position to form government, and it seems as though they would form a coalition government in Balochistan.

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