Posted by: Editor | March 18, 2008

Crazy Devotion to “Hazara Star”

Quetta: People here in Quetta are excited and devoted to the point of craze for Hameed Sakhizada, the Hazara Star contesting in an American Idol like singing competition on Tolo Television. Such broad level community mobilization without any organization was never observed before. Morning to night advertisement documentaries are being on aired from cable service provider TV channels. Entire day an announcing team moves around the city with a loud speaker on a Suzuki telling the people to vote. Walls are full of posters and banners appealing votes for Hameed. Different individuals and groups are collecting funds to buy Sim Cards. Businessmen community, political parties’ workers, school students and shopkeepers, Hazara mobile connection dealers in short all, “Peer wo Juwan” are funding and sms’ing for the final round.

It may be mentioned that when Shikeb Hamdar and Alam Hunardost, were contesting in previous competitions, such devotion and excitement was not observed among the people of Quetta but it is clear as broad daylight why Hameed is being supported to the point of craze and that is because he sings mostly Hazaragi songs. Second reason is that Hameed had been in Quetta for quite long time. He had concerts in here and is much popular among the people.

When I asked a campaigner “why do you support Sakhizada” he replied “Dawood sang live in the battle fields of Bamiyan and Hamid is the one-man army who is doing so in today’s media war and cultural imperialism”. Another fan of Hamid told “I vote and campaign for Hameed because he with his sweet voice sings in Hazaragi and that matters” and another non-nationalistic guy said “I do not support Hameed because of his ethnicity rather I prefer sweetness of his voice and professionalism maturity as compared to other singer contestants in the race”.

For the final round of the starship a documentary advertisement is being on aired on TV channels. The advertisement is sponsored by Hazaragi Drama Association.

In this advertisement best songs of Hameed is being played while many belonging to different walks of life, politics, acting and writing appeal vote for Hameed. Firstly the newly elected member of Provincial Assembly, Jan Ali Changaze comes and appeals vote for Hameed. He says “Artists are the envoy of a nation. They are precious asset for us and nations that support their artists are civilized. Please vote for Hameed because he represents you people”

Another prominent Pakistani drama actor, Abid Ali Nazish humorously appeals vote saying “Hameed is a talented guy of our nation and you all are needed to only send him One SMS”. Other requesting votes for Hameed in that TV advertisement are Najeebullah Hazara, a popular Hazaragi drama actor, Taqi Khan Azra prominent singer, Ramzan Farhad friend of Hameed (Both Hameed and Ramzan had released a joint album in Quetta by the name of “Gul Aghai Gul Andam”), Muhammad Ali Dana writer, Muahammad Bashir, a Pakistani Tabla Nawaz (He appeals in Urdu saying that he knows Hameed well and he is a talented professional singer “Please Vote”) and at the end a group of actors come and jointly appeal.


An educational institute has been arranging a concert show of Hameed’s old videos being played on a Multi Media Projector in a wide ground for two consecutive nights on Thursday.

Seeing the excitement and keen interest of the people there remains no chance of Hameed’s loss.

You can vote for him as follows

Write this text in you message “1 7011 1”

Send it to this number 00248988656


  1. I think people of afghanistan still has long way to recognize one singer’s talents and qualities beside his ethnicity and race to which he belongs. every one support the singer who belong to his or her nation. i think its absolutely nonesense!!! sorry if i hurt some one’s feeling.

  2. […] Rafe Nabzada was.  The announcement brought some disappointment to the people who had campaigned long and hard for […]

  3. salam hope all they Hazara people will be finn and healthy,as being Hazara so i prout of u that u have to make some thing for hazara people.and will be good singer in the fucher.yes\ i will vote u.

  4. This is very interesting but not at all surprising. The events of the last decade and ventures into both directions across the border have mobilized the youth and brought them together in an unprecedented manner. Sakhi lived in Quetta for a long time, released his first album there, in fact became a singer there and rightly so deserves the support of the locals and vice versa.
    Your description does indeed make it sound like a craze, to the envy of the political candidates. This may be unorganised but is the start of a long march ahead, provided we don’t act like politicians on individual bases. And as for my vote, my vote(s) is for the most deserving of the two. Yes, I, too, have been indoctrinated by those creepy, freaky campaigners.

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