Posted by: Editor | March 18, 2008

National Assembly members sworn in

Quetta (18th March) about 325 members of National Assembly took oath on Monday and signed the roll at the inaugural session of the newly elected representatives for five years. The ever-first Hazara member of NA, Syed Abbas Hazara also took oath.


It is said to be a historic generally free, fair and transparent elections in the history of Pakistan. The new government would be facing the most challenging situation in country’s history. Suicide attacks, lawlessness, extremisms, price hike, inflation, political unrest, judicial crisis and many more are there welcoming the new government. lets see how it copes with all these.

As you all know that Pakistan People’s Party has emerged as the single largest party and it would lead a coalition government with Pakistan Muslim League-N (Nawaz), Awami National Party and Jamiat Ulema Islam. Regarding majority, the Prime Minister would be from PPP and yet after one month the elections have been passed PPP could not nominate its candidate for premiership on which Chief PML-Q, Chaudary Shujaat ridiculingly commented “if PPP does not have a candidate for premiership they may take oppostion’s candidate”. On the other hand MNAs (member of national assembly)are busy to acquire support of their party Chief’s to be included into Federal Cabinet of ministries.

Syed Abbas Hazara does not seem could be included in Federal Cabinet as already there are tribal elites and clannish big wigs from Balochistan in PPP, including Sardar Umer Gorgej—who was elected from NA-260, Hazara residing constituency— who have not been included in the Federal Cabinet.

Provincial assemblies have not been yet summoned. As in a previous news item we had said that Jan Ali joined PPP so there is chance of him to be included into Provincial cabinet but yet not sure as there is queue of MPAs (member of provincial assembly)for ministership.

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