Posted by: Editor | March 21, 2008



It was incredible! All went in vain…

Here in Quetta, people had gathered at a football ground where they could enjoy Hameed Sakhizada’s performance in the final round, being broadcast live on Tolo at 9:30 p.m. on a multimedia projector screen. Everyone was counting the moments restlessly. Almost all believed Sakhizada would be the Afghan Star, but they wanted to hear it from Tolo. Shouting, whistles and excitement was at the peak but suddenly the situation got voiceless…and then…no words to explain. Sakhizada was not the Afghan Star.

Instead, Rafe Nabzada was.  The announcement brought some disappointment to the people who had campaigned long and hard for Sakhizada.

“I don’t think I have lost the competition,” Sakhizada said, “I think I am a very lucky man.”


  1. That is what happens if you cheat.

    hazaras in Quetta cheated by buying sim cards and unofficial acts. Thus Hamid lost.

    hehe haaha

  2. salaam Qowma,
    Please do not be disappointed. we have come so forward that the entire country recognizes us as second position holder in the competetion. Do not forget that some years in the past we were not accepted as an ethenic group in Afghanistan, but now large group of Afghanis clap for oss. woooow this makes me excited and muuuuch hopefull for the future.
    Qowma, just work hard and make yourself educated. The star of tomorrow is in our hand.

  3. I think people of afghanistan still has long way to recognize one singer’s talents and qualities beside his ethnicity and race to which he belongs. every one support the singer who belong to his or her nation. i think its absolutely nonesense!!! sorry if i heart some one’s feeling.

  4. It had to happen. I thought Sakhi was better than Rafi but perhaps most of the voters didn’t think the same way. As for the voting process, it was identical to that of the presidential election. It may have ended up in disappointment, may have been unexpected but it was a good competition and good show of talent. I must congratulate Rafi on his win and wish them both all the best

  5. AT last the best must win and thats what happend dont be disoppinted coz sakhizada was not the one

    long live hazara

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