Posted by: Editor | March 28, 2008

Batoor’s “A Broken Heart” Drives Throngs of Visitors

Quetta: “A Broken Hear: Help Heal a Wounded Country,” a photography exhibition of Hazarastan was held at General Mohammad Musa College Quetta on 25th and 26th March. Mr. Barat Ali Batoor, a talented professional photographer, organized the exhibition. Many of his photos from Hazatastan, particularly Bamian, were on display. Large numbers of people enjoyed the exhibition, highly praising Batoor’s talent.

Batoor has spent the past several years in Bamian, working and taking photos. The exhibition is a result of his endeavors there.

Batoor’s photography has previously been exhibited in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Australia. Many Pakistani, Afghan and international journals and media outlets have published his works.

Note: Photos of the exhibition to be uploaded soon.

Update: Visit to see samples of his work and record your thoughts by signing his guestbook.


  1. shabash hazaras ….. H.D.P zindabad HAZARA Qom paindabad

  2. may god bless u batoor keep it up

  3. that picture will reguard us our before live so we need to remind those thing which was our people spend. and best of luck barat batooe

  4. brilliant keep it up batur


  6. sir how can hear the noha

  7. The pictures on the wall were so far that I could not see how the snaps look like but again I really appriciate Barat Ali Bator for his great and outstanding job.

  8. Excellent Job.. Talent has no boundaries.

  9. Those pictures have made me laugh n cry at the same time. I really praise batoor for his work and his commitment. Keep it up!
    Best regards

  10. salams every one. i believe guys like batoor are a source of pride and admiration for our young generation. dispite all the diffeculties of live in Pakistan and Afghanistan, he has achived so much and internationaly acclaimed photographer. well done batoor and best of luck.

  11. In very simple expression–I’m proud of you Batoor!
    Plus lots of thanks to the HNP-Administrator who provides us such a fantastic reports!
    Looking forward to seeing more of success.
    Saleem Javed,
    Beijing, China.

  12. […] As promised, here are pictures of Batoor’s photography exhibition titled  “A Broken Heart: Help a Wounded Country,” courtesy of Batoor […]

  13. he is a great person and very dedicated to his work. All his works are well observed in
    Hazarajat’s geological environment and people. Above all his patience about what he does is admirable. Keep it up Batoor well done.

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