Posted by: Editor | April 7, 2008

Pictures of “A Broken Heart”

As promised, here are pictures of Batoor’s photography exhibition titled “A Broken Heart: Help a Wounded Country.” All images courtesy of Batoor. Click on pictures to enlarge and comment.


  1. i just saw these pictures n really great job keep it up man

  2. fantastic, outstanding, mind blowing . Really Mr.Batoor great job.Keep it up and all the very best.

  3. The pictures are just amazing i wasnt thinking that our hazaras could do such an a mazing exibition like this GOOD LUCK!!!!

  4. it was really nice seeing this website.
    i hope you keep making it more and more better.
    i wish i could have helped you from this far distance.

  5. Dear Barat Ali Batoor,

    I am really impressed by the pictures and i loved it

    keep up the good work and i will be looking for any new photos 🙂

  6. Dear Barat ali batoor i really impressed by u r nice photography and i appriciate it .
    welldone sir and keep it up. tata
    shahabdullah alamee

  7. it is ammazing

  8. sup bro FO….. fofofo … fufu g%d job see you soom

  9. […] “A Broken Heart” at Gen. Muhammad Musa Hazara Inter College Quetta, […]

  10. Hallo Barat Ali Batoor,
    I congrutulate and appriciate that you have done such a wonderful job. Well, I myself is not present in Quetta but my heart is still there. I m really proud that Hazara Nation is progressing day by day. I know that Hazara people are much hard worker but unfortunatly they do not have much facilities for themselves. But still they are trying there best and progressing. I wish you all the best and hope so more progression in Hazara Nation.

  11. Dear Barat Ali Batoor,

    I have the proviledge to congratulate you for a wonderful job. You have emerged a new standard of professionalism in the Hazara area. It is wonderful to show your great talent among thousand of other Hazara around the world.

    As Hazara educated man, I admire your strength of mind and spirit as an Artist. You are doing a fantastic ….febulous job.

    As I am concerned Hazara Nation needs great artists to express Hazara WorldWide through all kinds of Arts. So I strongly encourage you to do your job and involve Hazara culture through your profession.

    wish to see more of work………….in the future.
    So Bro keep it up and best of luck.
    Ataullah Naseri from Australia

  12. Firstly, I would like to appriciate and congratulates Sir. Batoor Ali for such a great job.

    Secondly a request from the photographer please, Take picture from near so that we could see the appearance or talent of Batoor’s snaps on the wall.

    I can see the people but not the exact pictures of the wall.

    I hope to see the snaps of the wall from near!


  13. باتور ہمارے قوم کا قیمتی سرمایہ ھے۔ ھم باتور پر فخر کرتے یعں۔ ھزارگی زندہ باد ۔۔

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