Posted by: Editor | April 8, 2008

Balochistan Assembly Inaugural Session: Jan Ali Changazi demands oath administration in Hazaragi

Quetta: The newly elected Hazara representative of the Provincial Assembly constituency PB-2 Quetta 2, Jan Ali Changazi, walked out from the inaugural session of Balochistan Assembly in protest, demanding his oath to be administered in Hazaragi, his mother tongue. Jan Ali Changazi is not the only Hazara member of the assembly; Mrs. Ruqia Hashmi is also a Hazara.

April 07  Newly elected Balochistan Assembly members, Jan Ali Changazi and Sardar Sanaullah Zehri, other behind, offering Fateha for the departed soul of Ms. Benazir Bhutto, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Nawabzada Balaach Marri during the oath taking Assembly

According to details, the inaugural session of Balochistan Assembly was summoned on Monday. In the first session 62 members of the Assembly were administered oath by the outgoing former Speaker of the Assembly, Jamal Shah Kakar.

When the session started, The Speaker started taking oath from the members in the official language, Urdu during which the members of Balochistan National Party-Awami (Baloch Nationalist Party) and Awami National Party (Pashtoon Nationalist Party) insisted the Speaker to administer oath from them in their mother tongue, Balochi and Pashtu as it is allowed under the constitution 1973. After all, the Speaker was compelled to administer oath in their mother tongues, Balochi and Pashtu on which the members of Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal (Jamiat Ulema Islam, a conservative Islamic Party) walked out from the house saying that the oath ceremony should only be administered in Urdu, National Language (May be mentioned that in first phase many of the members had already taken oath in Urdu). Later after the oath in mother tongues, Jan Ali Changazi also stood on his chair and demanded the Speaker to administer oath from him in Hazaragi (may be mentioned that once he had been administered in Urdu in the first phase) on which the Speaker said that constitutionally it was not allowed to sworn in twice. Jan Ali Changaze walked out from the Assembly on which the Speaker urged the to be Chief Minister, Nawab Aslam Raisani and the to be Speaker, Sardar Aslam Bhuttani to go and calm down Jan Ali Changaze bringing him back in the Assembly. Jan Ali Changazi— after being assured by the to be Chief Minister, that if he had not sworn in once in Urdu he would be able to be administered oath in Hazaragi—he came back in the Assembly and the session was continued.

Balochistan Assembly session:

Balochistan Assembly jointly approved four resolutions 1, Assassination of Benazir Bhutto should be investigated by United Nations 2, Assasination of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and Nawabzada Balaach Marri should be investigated by United Nations and judicial commission should be constituted. Their dead bodies should be given to their heirs. The displaced population supporting Nawab Bugti should be repatriated back on their ancestral lands. 3, Military operation and detainment of Sardar Akhtar Mengal should immediately be ended. All the disappeared political activists should be recovered (Hundreds of political workers and nationalists have been disappeared and nationalists blame they have been by intelligence agencies of the country such as ISI and MI (Inter Services Intelligence, Military Intelligence) and one of the reason the previous Chief Justice was deposed by General ® Pervez Musharraf was that Supreme Court had ordered the Government to recover all the disappeared political activists as some cases were proved that the disappeared workers are detained by the intelligence agencies 4, The Federal Government was asked to kick out the Danish envoy and boycott all the Danish products ending diplomatic and economic ties with Denmark to protest against the republication of blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Balochistan Issue:

The Assembly members offered Fateha for the departed soul of Benazir Bhutto, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti who and Nawabzada Balaach Marri. Nawab Bugti and Balaach Marri was killed during Musharraf regime declared as revolts against the country. It may be mentioned that Balochistan has been a Province hit by insurgency during different governments. Baloch nationalists say that Punjab Province is dominated over the Federation and looting the resources of Balochistan. They claim that Balochistan was of an independent status in 1947 and it was merged in Pakistan by force. Due to the same issue, in 1970s Bhutto government started a military operation in Balochistan and thousands of Balochs including tribal Nawab and warlords were compelled to mass migrate in Afghanistan. During Musharraf government the issue was again fueled when the Government started constructing military bases, Gwadar Deep Sea Port and other projects in the Province. Baloch nationalists were of the view that military bases are to suppress Balochs, Gwadar Deep Sea Port is to change the local Balochs into minority and loot the resources of Balochistan, such as natural gas, chromites and other minerals. Government is claiming that Gwadar Deep See Port constructed by China would revolutionize the economy of the Province and Pakistan. It is must for the development of Balochistan. Musharraf Government saying that he would eliminate the long deprivation of Balochistan started many mega projects under Balochistan Package but Baloch nationalists were of the same view that Gwadar Port is to change them into minority.

Baloch elite, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti left his fort and started a guerilla war against Pakistan Army in the mountains of Balochistan. Nawab along with 25 to 30 Pakistani soldiers and many Balochs were killed in a raid in March 2005. The death of Nawab Bugti fueled the rage and different Baloch separatist militant organizations such as Balochistan Liberation Army, Baloch Republic Army came in being. Blasts and target killings of military soldiers and other security forces had become a matter of daily routine in Balochistan. Later on the leader of Baloch Liberation Army, Nawabzada Balaach Marri was also killed.

Before the elections 2008, some Baloch nationalist parties were saying that parliament is not the solution of Baloch issue and destination for Baloch movement is autonomy and freedom. Sardar Akhtar Mengal of Balochistan National Party-Mengal is being detained in Karachi Jail for more than a year. He also raised voice against Gwadar Deep Sea Port, Punjabi population in Balochistan and other issues. Baloch nationalist parties such as Balochistan National Party of detained Sardar Mengal, Jamhuri Watan Party of late Nawab Bugti, National Party excluding Balochistan National Party-Awami boycotted the elections 2008.

The new Federal Government led by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) apologized from the people of Balochistan for long deprivations and assured that Balochistan would be under special consideration and all the concerns of Baloch nationalist parties would be eliminated.

Hazara In Current Scenario:

The Hazaras are of the view that Balochistan have long been deprived. It resources have been looted. The people of Balochistan have been neglected in all walks of life.

Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) and other Hazara politicians have been supporting the Baloch nationalists. HDP had taken out a rally in favor of the grand rally of Balochistan National Party on 5th April in Quetta against the detainment of Sardar Akhtar Mengal and other Baloch political activists. The Government should negotiate with all the Baloch nationalists and resolve the Balochistan issue and eliminate the deprivation.

Balochistan Government:

In Balochistan Assembly also PPP is to form a coalition government as I, in previous report “Jan Ali Joins PPP” long ago had predicted. Nawab Aslam Raisani, respected Baloch tribal elite, is nominated for the slot of Chief Minister. He has announced to end the military operations in Balochistan, free all the detained political leaders and workers and to negotiate with Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) and other separatists. It may be mentioned that BLA was banned and declared anti-state by previous government under General ® Pervez Musharraf.


It may be mentioned that Jan Ali Changazi has joined Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). All the members of Balochistan Assembly have announced to support the Government of PPP. This time there is no opposition party or members, just one member of the Assembly, Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind, due to tribal and clannish conflicts, is not supporting Nawab Aslam Raisani as Chief Minister. Sardar Rind would be the only opposition member in the Assembly.

In the later sessions of the Assembly the Chief Minister would be elected and then ministries and cabinet would be announced. As all the 62 members of the Assembly is supporting PPP, there would be largest cabinet during the history of Balochistan Assembly as PPP has to please all its supporters. In such situation, Jan Ali Changazi is hardly to receive any Ministry and after all if he receives it may be a simple ministry of like wildlife, sports, culture, or any other.


  1. Mr. Changizi

    You made true the dream of our National leader Hazara which should not recognise border and boundaries. God bless you neshan of our forthfather Changis Khan greatest emeprore ever lived.

    1. “Our only wish for our people is that being Hazara should no longer be a crime.”
    تنها خواست مابرای مردم ما اینست که دیگر هزاره بودن جرم نباشد.
    2. No society can survive without social justice, equality, tolerance, and brotherhood.
    هیچ جامعۀ نمی تواند بدون عدالت اجتماعی،،تحمل ،برادری و برابری باقی بماند.

  2. Salam Aghy Changizi Sahib

    You have done a great job. You made a historic point.No agrgument at all but in relation to acomment I send this one to your attention. I know it is not fully related to you but it relates to some extent how we think about Hazaragi language and litrature. I am not talking about ordanary daily communicatio.My dear brother, I am more interested to see from academic and historic point of veiw. I hope we will give our next generation a good and acceptable direction about their day to day live conversation that we call language. I also appreciat the strong feeling our brave,educated and smart Hazara of Quetta regardless of those who came on wednesday or next week friday!!!
    The most importntly keeping their national pride as Hazara living abroad away from the manin stream Hazara. I wish Iranian Hazara who lives in Mashhad they could do. Any way possibly they have very depressed or whatever reason. Because to me you were,you are and you will be Hazara. God bless all of you,

    Salam Qawmay Aziz & and whoever has roots and relation with great nation Hazara. On your first comment are we Azra or Hazra? My dears just be academic and well aware of your history and background. We say Aaw, Shaw,Khaw, gaw,Qawma…. all of them are local pronounciations. But how we write and more important what was the source or Maekhaz ماخذKelema? It is ،آزره یا هزاره ،آب ،شب،خواب،گاو،قومها…. Hazara is a word comes from Persian,Dari language and Azara Azra are local pronounce not more than that. This is just a name for our nation. Second question. Ok Hazara is a name to call or became known by that.what is our race,history,relatated ethnic and tribes,backgroound,our historic figures regardless of their religion,langauage,location,country or giving nationality.For example Hazaras are every where in the world and have different nationalities. What do you call them Eropean,Australian,German,America Hazaras or what? Offcourse we are living in defferent countries but we are proud Hazara. We should not be like Yateem and stolen generation for dump our history,background,ancestary and relations because of the giving nationality or being far from the main land of Hazrajat(Hazarestan).
    The languge we speak,read and writeFarsi,Dari with Hazaragi accent and Turk -Mongolian words. all of forthfathers Ghorids,Koshanis,Ghaznaivds,Baburis,all Turk Mongolian kings scholars and poets adopted and developed Dari Farsi like Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznavi who ordered and encourged Ferdowsi to write the Shahnama but sultan Mahmoud was a Turk speaking Dari,Farsi. Mawlana Jaladin Balkhi Rumi,Babur the founder of Moghol Dynesty and founder of Kabul ran all his affair in Farsi Dari but at the sametime wrote his Baburnama in his native languge Mongolian Turkish. We I brought them as an example? Because Hazara is the name of tribe and ethnic but in here I am talking more diverse about race and history(نژادو تاریخ) regardless of if they were Sunnis,Shia,Ismaeli,Budhist,Shamims like Changis Khan himself as historian say the his sons converted to Islam. Why our thoughts are so narrow and limited? Why Tajiks,Pashtons,Baloch,Uzbeks,Turkmen and in India and Pakistan all of them are proud of Ghaznavid,Ghorids,Buburi,Changezi and others. They are making massaels puting their names. But unfortunatly most our Hazara shia religion to some extend disassociated themself completly from their race,blood and history.As some mullahs and uneduacated people about our history try to make us Arabs,Aryans… Why should not search the history to find our roots and race. This is not the sin if it was the Allah would created us as many Qabayel and race. The Allah confirm and adore all of his creatures. Why being Hazara,Changizi, Turk Mongolian are crime. What Mazari said?
    1. “Our only wish for our people is that being Hazara should no longer be a crime.”
    تنها خواست مابرای مردم ما اینست که دیگر هزاره بودن جرم نباشد.

    When we started to learn Urdu,English and other languges not more than 100 year ago.Even now we are speaking Hazaragi in Dari,Farsi Chawkat grammer and rules. What was the languge of leaders from the begining till now Mazari,Keshtamand,General Mousa…..? Can you tell me from one to the the trillion one single number in Hazaragi in maths? What about the scientific and technical languge like medeciene,geography,litrature,astrology…… Yes my dear freind I know the Farsi Dari is not my native language nor the Urdu and English. What is the meaning of Urdu? Urdu means in turkish Fawj,Qoway Moslah,Army, Zaban Sepahyan Turk Mongolian who rulled the subcountenant like Mogol kings. Aaqa,Beg begum Khanum,Atta ya Aatay…Aapa Baji all of them are Turkish Mongolian words we survived some of them. Then what is the benefit if we pronouce and write the word Shaw,khaw,Azara ya Azra? What did you eat Gandum,Nan,Aab,Sher Mother… They are the basic words. We love to learn our Hazaragi language but I think it is too late and devide our nation to the extent when we have problem to communicate and understanding each others words! Hazara Unity and solidarity requires one single speaking,reading,writing even to bring more similarity accent is nessary.Learn from the English speakers.They live in defferent contenants but they survived their language,history,costoms and at the same time they broght changes and development not only to their societies even to the world. Not only to survive their language even encouraged and imposed upon other nations. I am one of them! Australia is far from England,US,Canada,South Africa New Zealand…. but what is the defference about their languages? Not much other than accents. How many years they are away from each other? How many years we have away from our main land Hazarestan? Unfortuantly now have alook to the defferences and feeling. It is a neglect our Hazaras are not able to read and write their native or and centuries adopted Dari,Farsi language! It is a big sham to me personally. How can we keep our nation Hazara united,nationally,linguastic,culturally… We need to think Pokhta. We can not make our history,language,unity,bringing social changes and justice by toop toop wa Khak bazi. It is not wise and healthy to stop them learning Dari,Farsi which is the main language of Afghanistan and Hazara people and teach them few local words. If you follow the Hazaragi language academiclly and historically then you have to chose Turkish,Mongolian or Central Asian languges because they are more pure and suitable rather then nemkela Urdu,Hindi farsi Hazaragi ! Therfore I am very respectfull to your feeling about your conserns about Hazaragi Academy.I appreciate and I am humble from Allah and my beloved nation Hazara.But it the same time I am not in favour Goly Mosaken Dadan! I rather chose to treat the disease and problem. We need to think vital and critical not emotional and temperary solutions.To we must discover our history,break the barrier of religion and limits as the made for us. Find out about our race,history,background,language and litratures. About the black and white histroy of Hazara as a race not only tribe and name. Why once we were majority then Abdul Rahaman along his collaborators killed our %62 of our Hazara nation in order to bring population ballace in favour of Pashtons! in cordination with British Indian Government.Why they massacared the Moghol Kings in India? Are we related to them or the related to us? Why it happense in very close time my dear Hazaras. Dari Farsi language was the official language of sub continant including Pak,Indai,Bangladish then why replaced with English? When Pashto was introduce in Afghanistan during Zahir Shah. Why Ahmad Shah Abdali,Abdul Rahman Ndir Ghadar who was killed by brave son of Faryad Hazara ran all their affairs in Dari Farsi? Why Baby Kal Mellat Zahir Shah was not able to fully speak in Pashto? Everybody had threw their arrows towards our Dari,Farsi wiht its beatiful Hazaragi accent that we love and adore. Now knowingly or unknowingly we should target ourselves interest in order to make enemies happy.Please never foget think deep,academic and historic. Our nation had enough Zulm wa setam in every aspects of their live. Allah bless all of you Zenda wa sarbeland bad moram Hazara wa neshan Hazara ha dar sarasar Aalam hemrahi baqi aqwam sharik.
    best wishes and great respect to all of you


  3. salam berabran khobin

  4. salam im asif raza hazara a member of HDP and im also as press scetry of HSF but im saying about these asmbly jan ali changazi is not good but he is not politices man and he is not a mmember of any politicy perty.

  5. I want to need what the MIR BAKHTIAR DOMKI take the oath of Provincial Assembly in the 1st session 2008

  6. HDP is not worth a single vote, other than that of its members. Their elitist members have taken double/tripple standards to new heights. To say the least, at least one of the candidates doesn’t have the support of his own dear near brother – ‘namofama ke chiz kaar moona’. Small groups remain low mainly due to their low slogans, low price, short sightedness and low politics – lack of absolutely any vision. Unfortunately we have been playing low politics for real long.
    Same old crappy politics and getting even crappier. Let’s at least get a ‘dushman e daana’ …
    ‘Hum to doobe, tum ko bhi le dhoobenge sanam’

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