Posted by: Editor | May 15, 2008

Provincial Literary Award

Mohsin Changaze recieving Literary Award

Prominent Urdu Poet, Mohsin Changaze receiving Provincial Literary Award from Minister Culture and Sports, Mir Shahnawaz Marri. It may be mentioned that Hazaragi books were also in the run for the awards.


  1. dear abbas dayyar,
    I visited ur site 4 the 1st time. It is really appreciating. I have visited the news of award published in Tanzeem’s website it is given in a very detail. They have written a very angry comments on an accident which had occurred during the distribution of that award ceremony. U should have given a bit detail for the readers that they may come 2 know that how and when it was held or what had happened.
    Mr. Raza has argues well that plz be in detail in future. There is a problem with all of us that we cant work together, we cant go on a journey together, we cant plane together, we are all happy to fly alone.
    U be not like that bcaz V live in the most advanced stage of history.
    urs well wisher

  2. i have surfed almost all the web pages about the hazaras, but i could not find any web pages, which could contain a list of the successful hazaras in academic life – to mention their achievement and awards. it would inspire others, i am sure of this.

  3. dear web master
    this news is given the least place in ur so nice web site.
    have a nice time. try to keep the readers well awared and cognizant of details.
    are u too busy????????
    hope to be in detail in future.

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