Posted by: Editor | May 23, 2008

Abey Mirza

She was imprisoned due to her melodic and touching voice breaching the centuries’ conservative social restraints.

Her name unpublicized at the initial was Gul Andam but reached the peak of fame across the far-flung villages of Hazaristan as Abey Mirza, reflecting the outlook of a religiously dominated society bound with the so-called culture and tradition shaped with religious prejudices, ignorance and male dominancy.

She not only existed but remained in the epoch of the minds of people during an era when male singers were intolerable and celebrity was infamous as something defaming that happened to someone licentious.

The slender scrawny woman with wrinkles on her face, kindly looking eyes with wiry eyebrows, high and wide forehead named Gul Andam but famed as Abey Mirza was born in Aandeh village of Malistan District Ghazni. Unfortunately her date/year of birth is not known accurately. She is passing through her despair days of 70s.

The Hazaragi version of Lata, Abey Mirza never sang once jailed for three years under the monarch of Zahir Shah. The only Hazara female singer throughout history and even yet today can be approached only through Audio Tapes.


  1. reeshsafeeds of the society has created a hell on earth for us, they are jealous of the beautiful youth the children have, the always abuse the youth by deploying luring and tempting mulla brotherhood to molest our innocent youth and future.however reality will win one day.
    I go to qaumi meeting sometimes and its hard for me to tolerating the animal like thought of our so-called Hajis and reeshsafeeds.

  2. Dearest Qauma

    I am so proud of your work on this legendary woman. I was so worried that she may not get the recognition that she deserves. I am in my 50s. I remember the sweet voice of this legend when we were going through our traumatic youth days in a society where every form of entertainment apart from crying was forbidden – as you said- even for males and specially if you were a Hazara.

    If she is still alive and may god give her many more years of staying alive to cast her blessing shadow on the society which is badly deprived of artistic creations, is it possible for you to establish a fund for her asking her fans or those who are interested to help, to contribute a small sum of money to show their gratitude to her.

    Best regards

  3. it was really something very interesting for me and i am sure it would have been for every one who read about “abey mirza”. i will be looking forward to see some more interesting stories from you and your team. wish you good luck

  4. Dear Abbass,
    Good on you for digging up another of those unmarked graves and reminding us of another one of the people who were subjugated to the worst possible treatment for being ahead of their times. It was people like Abey Mirza, who changed the face of tradition more than the rest of us combined and in return we subjected them to the treatment the “Awghos” had always reserved for us.
    Abey Mirza’s work is no less than that of Shireen and Co. Her downfall, arrest and subsequent death has more to do with the rather wicked, insane and barbaric attitude of the conservative ‘reesh-safeed(s)’ of her time than to the rulers in Kabul. It was the mullah brotherhood who would rather see Abey Mirza imprisoned and dead in Kabul than be offended by a female who had dared to sing. It was these very people who reported her ‘crimes’ to Kabul and arranged her arrest and transfer to Kabul. When that didn’t work as they had planned, they tried something new. They spread rumors that Abey Mirza was actually a man who could sing like women and that there was no way a WOMAN COULD SING but we all know, that, too; failed.

    She may be gone but modernity prevails over ignorance and her voice and legacy live on.

  5. We all the new generation of Hazaras are so proud of our great female singer Abey Mirza(Gul Andam Aghai). Abey Mirza will be left in our hearts forever as a legendary of Hazara people like our marhoom singer Shaheed Sarwar Sarkhosh.
    And thanks alot for giving us such a good information about our past history.
    With best regards,

  6. It is great to find out such a news about our people. I would be more interested to find out more about her legend. Thanks for the news

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