Posted by: Editor | May 23, 2008

Scorching climatic condition doubles power shut off mess

QUETTA: Quettaties are experiencing almost the most burning and scorching climatic conditions of their age. Old people say they have never experienced such blistering weather in their memory. They say if the situation is such sweltering in May than how could be June and July. Though temperature is not of the warmth of Karachi or Lahore but as normal weather in Quetta is cold due to which slight climatic change due to global warming is causing such hullabaloo of the Quettaties.

Demand and supply of the cold drinks and fruit juices have been increased by many times as compared to last year. The rates of the cold drink products have also said to be increased due to the economic law of demand and supply ratio. The trouble reached cumbersome situation when the power crisis across the country got worsened due to which electricity load shedding duration has been increased. Here in Quetta is observed 10 to 12 hours load shedding in posh areas such as Jinnah Road and Cantonment. Residents of the suburban areas of the city such as Hazara Town are even faced up with longer power shut off than this. Power shut off in such burning climatic conditions really creates cumbersome situation for masses.

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