Posted by: Editor | June 29, 2008

Hazaristan Times

Kabul: Regards to all. Friends Hazaristan Times, another project similiar to Hazara News Pakistan has been launched. The address is

For further details click on the About Us page of Hazaristan Times.


  1. Mr hhh
    you could say SORRY if nothing else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. slam
    first of all i apratite mr abbas . he done very nice job. if some people are not agree with your work this is their opinion. you don,t take to serious. this is freedom of speech .basicly we hazara are from afgh. we have basic route their. we must not forget. if we can we should help them. the hazara people sufferd a lot in afgh. they are the people who needs ur help. any help like wat mr abbas doing .wat happend in behsood it can happen again. we sufferd honderd of years. and we sufferd again. how long past taliban almost 6 years. wat did taliban to us . the taliban massacrd people in the name of hazara and shia. i have a question to all of u people can we hazara live in afghanistan in brotherhood specialy with pashtoons. i think not we hazara should think abt one independent country like hazaristan of ghirjistan.thnks

  3. Dear responsible person for Hazaristan Times,

    We would like to appreciate your harword for the great nation Hazara.

    I hope if you have a columns on links of Qaumas blogs and websties it would be greater for a better communication.

    If there is one, I would request to add my blog address in that please.

    Be evergreen with your never tiring works.

  4. To: The Author of Hazaristan Times,

    I am one of the Advisors of Council of Afghan’s Cultural Association in Italy, (which is practically conducted by Hazaras) and on behalf of all the Hazaras in Italy, I would like to appreciate your hard work regarding the Launching of this weblog, and hope that volunteers in the site (I mean Afghansitan) and around the world would give you a hand for further betterment of this project, to finally promote it to a website news of Hazaristan.

    We would, as well, appreciate and if possible, assist any individual who puts a step forward to work for our people and such persons are truly counted as our Noor-e-Deeda.

    Thanks a lot for your Hard Work, and Thanks for anyone who works for the good of our loving nation (The Hazaras!)

  5. Mr. hhhh…
    if abbas is going wrong, then be ptacticle and come in the ground and work wid him.
    ppl like you(hhhh) just good for crit, i call you ppl good for no thing.
    If ppl like you stop, stupid comments i think ” mo 2 che 10 kharboza da dest kho gariftha maytni”.

  6. well dear mr ali you have replied a great sense but let me tell you again that first what you people said that “Mr. abbas dayyar must not give importance to such a rubbish and disgusting views.” <— this is what you said and b4 saying that did you even think of what i meant by saying thouse rubbish things i am not telling you but i am saying abt my words which i said that this is the problem cant handle one and going to an other one i meant to say please justtake care of this proprely then have the next project like in our language we say (da 1 dist 2 kharboza girefta na musha) diga fahmedi jan e kaka mah dil mah e na budh ki mah dil e kaas ra maida kanum magar inji mardom amotaar gaba zadh ki majboor shodum yag kamak qisa kadom alan agar bad tou amad diga mah h chiz gofta na maytanum

  7. br hhh
    u r may be right. but again keep in mind that by such an unknown name no body can guess and imagine that really u r a hazara even. Of course it is true that the people who work for others they are not the common people, because the common people even dont think out of their personal interests. This is a prophetic quality of the people who are still in the ground and work for our own hazara people like Tanzeem, HSF and some other perosnals. Dont v know that nobody ever blame those who just run after their own business and has no contact or they dont bother to think of a collective thought for the people.
    Dear hhh.
    U r again right this is true and v good to work for all the human being and fellow being. But again our people are dying everyday even in Hazaristan today in Behsood, the Kuchees have killed many hazaras v badly. Who is there to cry for us, among the united nation…….. NO Body. Neither V nor U are in a position to work for the whole shias or the whole human being. But v can do a little for own people. If I can do for my people like the people in Tanzeem and HSF it means I am doing for the human being. Because our people are also the citizen of this world and the same cosmos.
    dear hhh
    If u again true what u have said, well wishes of our people are with U. But keep in mind that first think again and again, put ur heart and sould pondering well and once u decide what to do. Than u will never be discouraged if people didnt respond u. If u do something and expect things from people, u soon be discouraged. Bcaz our people still dont know how to encourage, but they always try to put some words of discouragement, Again v must not be disappointed, We hope for the best, all the developed nations, have passed through such evolusions.

  8. well abbas well let me clearify you i know what s the difference between blog and website but my friend i never ment to heart you its you who got hurted i am not responsible for you i wrote that because i am far away from quetta i live in europe and i need news and photos abt quetta as on my own i am getting some news and i was so frurstruted when i login in and browsed to your blog and i found the some old news so i was angry and my friend again i am saying sorry if you mind it….and marzia and all specially marzia you said “who cant unfortunately volunteer to do something good in the society and nor lets other people do”<— do u know me are u sure i never worked for my society let me tell you i was in persian just for my religion and people i am out of country not to earn money i am running away from police <– this is some thing pvt but i have to say this do u remmeber ashora 2004 there i did what ever i can i answered to some of the anti shias and now who is helping me are u no where are those people for whom i was in jail for 2 years where are they and let me tell you when i was in jail none of you people came to see me once to say how are u i am not blaming any one but you said and its my answer for what you said and i am not afraid i will work and work and work for my people and i will go back to qta soon and again will be the same volunter and for you i have one answer this blog is really well b4 this blog was thought i had complet website which was runed by me in the name of AGHAZ (ibtida) the mono gram was a WHITE PIEGON coverd by BIRB WIRE and that wesbite was not only for hazara and but for every who needed help and another thing i was also in MEHDIYA BLOOD BANK who use to donate blood for free to needed people <— nothingh to say more and dont mind for what i said i cant tell my name and other stuff i am sorry for that tooo okey

  9. dear abbas!!!! i am proud that there are still people like you in todays generation and regret to see people like hhhh who cant unfortunately volunteer to do something good in the society and nor lets other people do their work. people like hhhhh shouldnt be even considered of any importance…. their negative and conservative minds are already a problem to face for them.

    God bless u hhhh and i am really impressed of ur name. never heard of it before amongst hazaras.

    weldone Abbas for ur great efforts and courageous work. u r a champ. keen to visit this web log.


  10. dear Yasin Ali Hazara,
    U R right. U say true that Mr. abbas dayyar must not give importance to such a rubbish and disgusting views.
    I personally like to hear the word “Hazara & Hazaristan” as much as my ears can bear. Why not to work on all these projects v v energetically. It seems that majority of our youths are living in their own nets. They should come out of their caves.
    Abbas Jan.
    Plz give more details of all the websites of our people if possible for u.
    have a nice time.
    May Allah bless u with success and happiness.
    urs MAChangazi.

  11. Hello Mr.Abbas and all other members of HNP!
    You are doing a great job. but u know that some people always like to act negatively because of having such a mind, such destructive thoughts… Don’t give importance to such comments like hhhh’s.
    keep continue your work.

  12. mr/ms hhhh is not even brave enough to write down a fake name for him ( i would say him, bcoz our hazara girls have much manner than some…..). lets not give them cheap publicity.

  13. Mr. Hhhh HNP is not a website it is a blog under individual efforts as mentioned in the About page.
    You are first needed to read the About page and then mind your language. News websites are being supervised or run under media organizations having human resourse, reporters and technicians while Hazara News Pak is a minor effort to play my personal responsibily towards the society. I did to the extent i could and now am doing (Haz-Times) what i can regarding the location, resources and time span.

  14. first manage this website well then launch another one this is your poblem cant manage one and going to launch another one i am to angry on you people idiots soprry to say this but you are

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