Posted by: Editor | June 30, 2008

Education main concern:HSF

Quetta: Hazara Students Federation had had a meeting presided over by its President Musa Koshani. Large number of unit members, office bearers and new commers attended the meeting held at Central Secretariate of HSF Quetta.President Musa Koshani, who has just recently come back from the visit of Hazaristan, said that their major aspect of concern is education and students of the nation. He emphasized merit system in all the educational institutions of Balochistan in order to encourage the talented students. He added that HSF strives for the educational rights of the students and that to work for mental maturity of the students regarding the political scenario. He said soon a woman wing of the Federation would be inaugurated.

Other speakers included Central General Secretary Abdul Khaliq Mehdi, Vice President Shaukat Changaze, Zakir Gulzari, President University Unit Ali Khan Hazara, President Hazara Town Unit Esmat Hazara and Kashif Qaulzad.


  1. Good Work … nice stuff

  2. Salam Dears! As you are having views about the only student party of Hazaras, will discuss later on but here i want to inform the dearest students that tomorrow i mean sunday 10 Aug 2008 at 10:00 am in Mashallah Marriage Hall we are going to have a Career Guidance Seminar for the students of Matric and F.SC. So please make sure to attend the Seminar.
    All the very best to you all.
    Ali Khan Hazara President HSF Balochistan Universtity Unit.

  3. Anwar Azeem!! Your creticize is detail and considerable, I want to discuss with you, please send me email on “rahrwan at”

  4. Iam expecting that HSF and Tanzeem should cooperate and raise the standard of Education among Hazaras. The system of Balcohistan Board of Education is not very satisfactory, which is introduced in almost all of our educational institutes except some schools that follow the Afghanistan’s federal system of education, which is much more pathetic. These are not only what I say but it is believed by many of our majorities.

    I think it is very possible to inrtroduce the British or American system of education among Hazras. This will give us a boost among our peers in Balochistan in the field of education.
    I have been through the British system of education and , I think, it is very diverse and creative.

    We should make the education as practical as we can and put the craming system aside which is a norm even in the Federal educational system of Pakistan.

    Moreover our educational institutes should take extra care while employing teachers. This , I think, forms the foundation of our educationl institutes.

  5. Dear Tanzeem and HSF, im writting from Vienna, Austria and I want to mention that Tanzeem and HSF helped many times our community in Quetta and in Afghanistan. They have name and they have value in our soceity. I was also a social worker and a member from Ummat and wrote some articles in the Ummat Magazine, The Shammah, which you know well. I participated many times in different events of HSF, in processions, demonstrations for the rights of Hazara people in Quetta. Specially I want to emphasize the fight against mullaism and extremism. but I want to mention that, there are some mishandlings and shortages commited by HSF in the past which made it weak that it could not do best to work. May be it was due to shortage of funds, weaknesses of the Leadership or whatever it may be, but the reality is that how we hazara people in Quetta helped these organizations. When the HSF cried to people for help in terms of money or what so ever no one helped them even our hajis and business community. In such a situation how can HSF which include the young students who dont have money to proceed their education run this organisation upto the standards of its people. even at Balochistan university no one knows about HSFs role to help the students and many students just searching some nationalist professors of pashtoons and balochs to help them for the admission there. I dont want to insult any organisation there but the truth is that we should all work for your people, if HSF is weak we should try to ask them why they are weak and what is the reason behind that, then we will know the truth, if tanzeem is publishing magazines and doing social activites for your students we should appreciat them, any person who is acting for the benefits of our people, we should encourage them, I live in europe and I know how these peole help eachother, we got many problems for our survival in Quetta, even it may be from baloch nationalist or from any other relegious extremists, but we have to fight with them, we dont have to criticise eachother, but criticism should be based on evidences and proofs. If these two organisations close their activities, then what will happen, nothing, then again mullahs come to us and send us to iran for tabligh. Due to secterian violence in Quetta, most of our people are getting close to relegious extremism, which is a big hurdle for our reletionship with other nations living in Quetta. I dont want to insult anyone there but I just want to say that let the people of hazara be united and have a common goal either in Quetta or in Afghanistan and help these organisations to achieve such goals.

    Thanking you all

  6. Oh I had forogotten the name of Murtaza Ali, which eroniously I mentioned as Muzaffar Ali.
    I want to make it correct that My comment was on “Murtaza Ali”‘s comment. who cannt differentiate between the agents of Iran and our own National Institutions.

  7. dear br. salam
    have a nice time I would like to comment on the notion of Mr Muzaffar Ali.
    Dear Muzaffar,
    I have remained in close touch with both the organizations i.e. HSF & the Tanzeem NNHM. I know their inner problems very well. U do agree with me that these 2 organizations are purely based on our community. Their tasks and missions are also v v clear for the hazaras. this is also true that Tanzeem has been the only organization that has served our people since last 40 years. Vigorously, weekly and sometimes v slowly. Like wise is the HSF.
    But my brother, Keep in mind that there are v v strong elemtns that work to weaken these organizations. Esp. from the opposite side of Mullas. These days as for as I know in Australia through the web site of Tanzeem that they are working on multiple projects of schools for local hazaras of quetta and the refugees of our motherland hazaristan. they are also running four magazines successfully since last five years. they are supporting various sports clubs, and other organizations to serve our needy people with blood etc. taznzeem is publishing various books on our culture and history. We all should appreciate Tanzeem. they have a strong stand on ourside of hazaragi.
    HSF is our students wing. We should go forward to make them strenghten. they are working on solving the students problems in various educational institutes. they feed our young generations with hazaragi thought.
    Br. Muzaffar.
    Keep in mind that have you helped them once in your life. How much have u added in our national and nobel tasks. Don’t u think that by blaming our people our institutions we unconciously make our people our organizations weak.
    They are oue people. They do their best but again they can commit mistakes, we should suggest them to correct their mistakes. Not to blame them. In any form they are appreciatable because they are in ground.
    urs sincerely

  8. HSF and Tanzim and Jamia e Imamia are historically linked with each other and passing through the same life-cycle. HSF and Tanzim have similar philosophy for their organization/party that is oriented to server Hazara while Mullah party are diffrent that mostly oppertunists.
    Tanzim and HSF both are now declining and still did not become stable and looks like baseless organization and it is mostly due to poor leaderships skill. Both have not “long term” practical plan for hazara and for their own oraganizatioan development despite for me they are “reactionist” and have lack of confidance in creating their own long term program. They are alway ready to show reaction despite work on their own plan. They are being inpired by reacting with eachothers and outside with the events in society and see their lives on reaction. That is why when one of the compatitors become week or their would not be any thing to touch them they automatically become dull or their performance will be declining.
    They need to make their own long term plan attached with the real ground and alongside that they also should have indicators that continiously measure their progress that make them accountable to themself and to nation.


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