Posted by: Editor | July 6, 2008

2 gunned down in New Hazara Town

Quetta: Two persons were gunned down on Saturday in Kirani Road, New Hazara Town. The dead bodies of Muhammad Musa and Muhammad Hanif, also known as Rehmat, were found in the construction site of a house in Munawar Colony in New Hazara Town.

The reason behind the murders is said to be disputes on property rights. The victims are alleged to have built the house on land that was also claimed by a Baloch individual. The dispute on the land escalated in the murder.

Police has registered case against unidentified persons. The heirs of assassinated persons were outraged and blocked Brewery Road in front of the Bolan Medical College. They were chanting slogans demanding from the concerned authorities to immediately arrest the perpetrators.


  1. -سلام برای همه دوستان عزیز و محترم
    امید وارم همیشه سلامت- خوشحال و موفق باشید

    یاد گرفتن دری هیچ سختی ندارد(چون خیلی کلماتش شبیه زبان اردو است)- فقط کمی کوشش نیاز دارد و من مطمین هستم که مردم ما خیلی زحمتکش هستند- اگرتنظیم و هیچ ایس ایف یاد ندارند پس بدون این که وقت قیمیتی خود را ضایع کنیم ما باید خود ما یاد بگیریم و ما نباید استاد خلیلی و محقق را با عبدل خالق هزاره وغیره مقایسه کنیم چون خلیلی و محقق مکتب دری درس خواندند و باید یاد داشته باشن وگرنه برای آنها شرم هست.

    I would like to apologise for any grammitical mistake becasue I also have studied Urdu, my Dari is not good.

    Mukhtar Hussain, Is not it very shocking news when our own Hazaras can not speak same language among each other?

    If one can not speak Dari then the second can not speak English, even their hazaragi languages are also not same, becasue both sides do not understand each others Hazaragi- Hazaras in Quetta speak completly different Hazaragi or I can call it a new language and I am definatly sure that Hazaras in Kabul can not understand even one word of that.

    Once I was in Kabul a girl came to shop and said:
    Mama bottle daran?
    First the shopkeeper was angry on the word Mama, becasue in Kabul we call “kaka jan”- and secondly he was attempting to find the word “bottle”, then the girl came inside the shop and said it is “bottle”-Even both sides can not speak pure Hazaragi.

    When the people do not understand each others Hazaragi language so how can our politicians will understand each other?

    Our one side politicians are the “Dari speaking” and the second is “Slightly urdu type speaking”

    Thus- Thats why I said we should try to understand and learn our official language which is Dari-

  2. Dear Farida Jan and Behroz Ahmed Ali

    I really apprecialte your comments about hazaragi and pur Dari language, it shows that when such types of discussions start, then it will bring some imporvements in our soceity.

    Behroz Jan said that why Tanzeem and HSF do not enforce Dari and teach Dari to our students or our nation in Quetta, my dear, just look to Tanzeem and HSF leadership, none of them can speak pure Dari, but some elements like Dahgan Hazara from HSF or may be some other elements who can speak Dari to some extend, look to Javad Essar, Ghulam Ali Haidari, Abdul Khaliq Hazara, none of them can speak Dari, and I really dont know about Ghulam Ali Haidri, when he visited afghanistan and met with hazara leaders their how could they saw him and how they talked to him. Its really very shame for us. when our leaders visit afghanistan, and when haji moaqiq or Abdul Karim Khalili or any hazara leader meet with our leaders from Quetta, then our leaders become afraid of their Dari, which is really very shame for us,
    so how can we expect our leaders to teach us, they dont know Dari, and their takri hazaragi language when they use is just joke, believe me nothing else, just joke.

    just look to Tahir Khan Hazara, when he talk to our people, just look to him, every person is laughing on his words, because he dose not have the knowledge of Dari.

    So I think our Roshan Fikars in Quetta never did any constructive roles for our people. they had to first learn their mother language, and then they had to teach our people. If they enforced pur Dari in our stage shows and concerts, then automatically every individual of hazara would follow that and today we would be able to speak to our hazara leaders in Afghanistan.

    When our leaders visit Afghanistan, they speak English there, because they dont have words for Dari, which is really very shame.

    So I hope that God give us the courage to learn our mother language soon in Quetta, so that whenever we go, we would not have any problem to speak with our other hazara people and this clash of Dari with hazaragi language in Quetta be resolved peacefully.

    khuda hafiz

    Mukhtar Hazara

  3. Hello dear brothers and sisters !
    I see that discussion started somewhere about one of the biggest problem our nation is facing today. Everyday we are robbed and face target killing… but look at the bottom of the page , now we are arguing about hazaragi and criticizing the “Leaders”. I am not a big fan of HDP nor I have any affiliations with the party but looks like Abul Khaliq has been critisized for nothing. He is just a political leader who doesn’t have any authority nither him or his party has got public power behind them.
    I’ve been thinking and I don’t know what should be the solution to this problem. Quetta has been turned into hell for our people. We need to take benifit of political views amongst different rational and national parties. One MNA or MPA doesn’t have any power against 60 MPAs or 360 MNAs.
    One other suggestion is to raise our voice on international forum and bring the attention of world to the problems we are facing today as minority in race and sect.
    Sitting here criticizing each and every single one of us is not helping us but those who really wants unity to be gone between us and they can pick us one by one.
    Please find something good about each other, support in anyway possible and get this great nation stand and walk tall.
    Regards to Sons and Daughters of the Gr8 Nation!

  4. Salaaam baray hama Dostan mahraban-

    Baradaram Behroz Ahmed Ali-

    Hazaras in Pakistan (Quetta) speak another kind of language and Hazaras in Afghanistan (Kabul)speak another kind of language. I mean there is not big difference but the accent is totally different.

    A language that you have spoken and learnt in your whole life, Will you be able to change that? Or would you like to learn a new language? I am really glad that you want to learn your official language (Dari) but there will be more than thousands of people who will not agree.

    I used to be students of Urdu school and if you are in Quetta then you know one thing how our sisters and brothers speak in Quetta. Completly a new language by the name of Hazaragi language (Mix language) and with dafinatly new accent. I am sure they do not like to change their language.

    Finally the greatest issue and misunderstanding among our Hazaras are:
    The way Hazaras speak in Quetta does not like the way Hazaras speak in Kabul which is Dari. When they donot like Dari, then Do you think they will change their own way or style of speaking to our official language Dari.

    I love my Hazaras to speak pure Hazaragi rather than that new language which is common in Quetta (Mix language)-

    Respected Mukhtar Hussain-

    As you said: “we can not speak pure dari at house with our parents or reletives” I think we can but we should not speak Dari at home becasue if we did then we will lose our identity (Hazara) and our language (Hazaragi). Still I mean of pure Hazaragi not Mix Hazaragi combination of 3 to 4 languages.

    I really favour your opint that you said: “but when we arrange concerts and stage shows, we have to read and write in pure dari”
    Not only do creativity but also make aware our people about their official language.

  5. salam dostai aziz

    I specially appreciate the comments from Farida Jan, ja im agree with your comments we can never forget our hazaragi language and we can not speak pure dari at house with our parents or reletives. but when we arrange concerts and stage shows, we have to read and write in pure dari, thats I think much better, because it relates to cultural aspects of our soceity and we have to do creativity among our people.

    khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

  6. A reply to Farida and Mukhtar Hussain.

    I appreciate your views about our ethnical langauge, Hazaragi, but I don’t see Hazaragi as an independent language. To me it is just another rusty dilect of Farsi (Dari) which is slightly affected by few Turkish vocabularies and perhaps some other languages too.

    I call it “a rusty dilect of Farsi” because we ruin many words of Farsi while talking Hazaragi.
    For example we say “E kar ra kadee?”
    but the correct sentence is “En kar ra kardee?”
    There are uncountable examples.

    I feel very sorry that most of us can’t talk and write a pure “Dari” and Iam one of them. I wonder why HSF and Tanzeem don’t try to teach Dari to the Hazaragi students rather than this dilect of Dari.

  7. Salaaam-
    Ein comment jawabi comment Mukhtar Hussain hast.

    Man ahtiram mizaram ba chizi k shuma gufteen, chun aqeeda ha farq dara va agar shuma ein tur fikr mikuneed pas hich kas haqi rad kardan aqeeda shuma ra nadara ama:::

    We are from the tribe called “Hazara” thus our language is Hazaragi but pure Hazaragi not mix Hazaragi. Mix of all languages such as Urdu, English etc.

    Dari is our official language not our traditional language.

    I believe when in any situation we will say “I am from Afghanistan then in that situation we should speak Dari. But in a situation where we will say we are from the tribe called “Hazara” then we have to speak our traditional Hazaragi language not Dari.

    Hazaragi is the language which makes us different from Pashtoon and Tajik. Tajik also speak Dari becasue their official language is Dari like us. But Hazaragi is the only language that makes us different from Tajik. Pashtoon speaks Pashtoo but as an official language they also speak Dari but Hazaragi is the only language that makes us different from Pashtoon.

    In official places we ought to speak Dari but we should not never ever never ever ignore our traditional language which is Hazaragi. But that should be pure Hazaragi not mix Hazaragi which is content of Urdu and English.

  8. Salaaam baray hama Qawma jan-

    Omidvaram hama shuma salamat, muvafaq va sar buland basheen-

    I totally agree with what Mr. Mukhtar Hussain said.
    We should never mix our traditional Hazaragi language with our Official language which is Dari.

    I personally, when read the 2 comments of friends above in this discussion, I did not get which language they have used becasue according to my point of view it was not Hazaragi, Dari, Urdu and English but mix. I am not saying I do not understand Hazaragi, I do undertsand, but the language our friends have used is neither English, Urdu, Dari nor Hazargi which is mixed of all these languages.

    The language we speak at home is our traditional Hazaragi language which has a specific accent that Hazaragi language is not our official language.

    For instance: In Behsoodi Hazaragi we say” Pak mo bori bazar.” MEANS- We all should go to bazar. And in official language which is Dari we should say: “Bayad hama ma biraweem bazar ya shar”

    Second Example: In Jaghuri Hazaragi language we say: “Qanjigha az ma mori bazar?” MEANS- Will you go to bazar with me? And in Official language which is Dari we ought to say: “Aya ba man miree bazar ya shar?”

    We should not forget our Traditional Hazaragi Language thats why we should always speak it at home, with friends and relatives even in discussions such as this discussion but we should not use mix language by the name of HAZARAGI LANGUAGE.

    This is a discussion, perhaps speech or topics thus in such situations we ought to use our official language which is Dari and if people do not know Dari then Please try and make sure that you will write in English becasue some do not understand mix language.

    BUT if you think you know pure Hazaragi then write we will understand instead of mix language.

    Shad o sar buland basheen hameen aruzuy man az Khudawand mahraban o insaf dahanda hast.

    Falan Khuda Nigahdartan-

  9. hallo dears

    I have a suggestion here, wheter you accept it or not, but plz do not write in hazaragi, we can not read them, our actual language is farsi(dari) and we got our full history with this language, our ancesters wrote many books in farsi but not hazaragi, uzbek, tajik, pashtoon all nations of afghanistan write and read in farsi(dari), so its better for us to use real farsi in writing and speaking, but not here, here just English, its my suggestion, but not forceable on anyone.

    HSF and Tanzeem created hazaragi language which is totally joke and baseless. They just want to limit our language to few words nothing else. Yes this is true that we speak in hazaragi, but what for hazarai? in Quetta we mix urdu, pashto, english and many other terms in hazaragi which shows that we are not historically civilized and any person from other nation when look to our speaking, they realize that this nation dose not have any historical background and not any real language.

    My main emphasis here is that we should not listen to Tanzeem or HSF to write in hazaragi or to speak of their new language which is totally joke and baseless. we should speak and write pure farsi(dari) so that no body will laugh at us and no body will call us baseless nation.

    khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

  10. sallam to all brothers. yak gab az tarafi azma barai azu kas ki bale azi du shaheed afsos muna. shumo bad munin. Az afsos khu kam az kam shumo ra khu ech chiz ham gir na maya khu chara?? ee yak kalan experience asta barai az shumo ki society ya government az badishaha jor na musha. da urdu yak khub misal asta ” Hukumat badishaho se nahi awaam se banti hai” her chiz mo kadi amu chiz society display muna diga. hukumran da dist shi ech chiz ham nia. ona siasat dan asta khuda na…….

  11. Salam az ma ram qabool kanin!! ma tamam azina ra khandum walla bisyaar dard naak asta!! amma da tamam comment ami bud ki mo kalani khu ra blame kada budi aaya mo gai e ra soch kadey k mo khod me chiz kar muni? na baba hech kas e ra soch naumna. amiqas nafar ki da inji signed astan, agar kul az mo ami ra fikr kani k khod mo personally chiz kar muni baz koshihs kani k oo kar az mo khubtar shunan baz dunya gul’o gulzara. bakahtir k agar politicians ma koshish kanan k marduma ra islah kanan baz unha rai az ki ki ra bigran wa kudam time shira bigran. aaya bajai azi ki mo politicians ra blame kani mo khod mo agar koshish islah shudo ra kani baz chi khad shud……..!!!

    we have to feel our own responsibility that what r we doing??? and what shud we do!! then its really easy make it up. not just in Pakistan here in Afghanistan ppl belonging to hazara community are facing alot of problems.

    im new here but i m proud of this person’s idead launching this website i really appriciate this !! and wish him the very best luck!!

  12. Dear readers,

    Please keep your comments about individuals, groups, organizations and other entities within the bounds of ethics. Please be civil and don’t use words that we are not generally comfortable using in front of our family and friends.

    Thank you.
    PS: Keep the nice discussion going.

  13. salam farida jan wa behroz ahmed ali jan

    I really appreciate your views and comments, we , the youths of hazara should join tagether and fight for our betterment, we have voting power and other instruments through which we can make known our poeple in quetta.

    there are certain elements who ware facist and racist. Its we who paid too much money for lands and established mariabad and hazara town. before no body was ready to buy lands for too much money. but we paid alot and bought them. i dont know how long the extremists will do so because we will never accept their agenda and we will never leave our lands for which we paid too much money.
    We should have good political relationship with balochs who have knowledge and who need progress and peace.

    The other thing is that im not in favour of mullahs and relegious scholars in our society, they are jus busy with murkh palao, and getting money from iran and iraq.

    we should criticise them and also our leaders who do not act what we like to be.

    I hope that we will inshallah join together and get united.

    khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

  14. Sallam to all!

    I am feeling very sorry about the current turmoil in Quetta . Each time I tune in a local News channel I just get to know about another of their unmanly acts. Its not just us, the minorities, who are very vulnerable to the menace from extremists in Quetta but other ethnicity is also being targeted. All should unitedly stand against extremism. It is always a good idea to make allies.

    Hazaras prove to be very beneficial for the economy They have made Brewery and Mariabad the centers of foreign exchange in Quetta. They help in the flow of the currency in the province
    Someone here has said that we do not need a good leader and our people should stand on their own feet against such terrorism.
    I think it is a good idea that the each and everyone of us should have a sense of responsibility. .

    We do need a good leader as someone has said ” Iam more afraid of a herd of sheep led by a lion than a herd of lions led by a sheep”

  15. Salaaam baray hama Qawma jan-

    Mr. Mukhtar Hussain man naguftam k man Abdul Khaliq Hazara ra follow mikunam ya accept mikunam- I said I do not blame him becasue I do not know him becasue I have never seen him and never seen what he does and does not-

    I do respect your opinions even I respect my all Qawmas theories and ideas but I do not like any leader or Abdul Khaliq Hazara. What I believe is on Individuals and their powers, theories and freedoms!
    Before to point out at some one I want to point out at myself what can I do?

    But I have no idea who is Abdul Khaliq Hazara and what is he?
    If Mukhtar Hussian is right about what he says about Abdul Khaliq Hazara then I truely believe that he does not deserve any seats- He should be resigned.

    One question arise if Abdul Khaliq Hazara was risgned then who will you vote for next leader? Is here some one better than him? Is here soemone who does not take bribes? Is here someone who take care of his nation? Is here some one to help our misfortune people?

    But I truely believe we do not need for any leader we need our own people to stand and ask for freedom and peace. Becasue we faced lots of problems during the past, during Taliban and Abdul Rahman; and no one, no leader and no government has helped us- I think it is the time to knock the door of Human Rights for our freedom!

    We have already seen to the eyes of leaders and governemt but they did not do anything- I think we should Stand up on our feet, Rise our voice for freedom and peace. No leader and no government will help us untill we may not help ourselves.
    “GOD helps those who help themselves”.

    Din o duniya ra ba Khuda misparam, va az O bahtarin taqdir ra baray QAWMA khod talab mikunam, dar imroz o farda, va dar duniya va akhirat-

    Falan Khuda Hafiz

  16. Dear Farida jan and Jasin Ali jan

    I dont want to insult Abdul Khaliq Hazara, but i am unhappy with his leadership and performance. khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

  17. Salaaam baray hama Qawma-
    First of all Thanks Abbas Daiyar for the site- Becasue by your this site even the abroad Hazars become aware of the news going on with our Hazaras in Quetta.
    I do not know whom I blame for these situations whether the Abdul Khaliq Hazara or some one else!
    but we should try to stop the voilences and tortures or murders that is happening with us. Ma ta chi waqt dast ba dast bishineem????
    We are being killed like the goats and sheeps and we are just watching and doing nothing! I know as an individual we can not do anything, But you are individual, I am an individual, he is an individual, she is an individual and at the end we are not individual we are a group which is called proud Hazaras.
    I have not come here to blame some one like Abdul Khaliq Hazara, But surely want to say that what is going on with our Hazaras are not fair and it is complelty injustice according to Human Rights.
    We as Hazaras have suffered alot in the past if you read the histroy, The Talibans, Abdul Rahman (Taqriban 60% ta 70% Hazara ha ra ba qatal rasand) and others have tortured and killed Hazaras too.
    Is not enough? Khaile sabar kardim, khaile ranj kashideem fikr mikunam diga basa.
    Hamasha duwa mikunam k Hazara yek roz sar pay kho astad shawa and diga never ever see voilences and tortures.

    Hamasha muvafaq, salamat va sar buland basheen (To my all Hazaras)

    Falan Khuda Nigahdartan-

  18. salam qowma!
    First of all i condemn these cowardly murders. and I also feel sorry and express my sympathy to the heir of the victims.
    I appeal the Qowm unity and HDP to compel the authorities for the immediate arrest of the murderers.

    Dear Mr. mukhtar! I am feeling ur angers upon the weakness of leadership. but we should not balm a person. This is something that no one can do individually. Thus i request u not to write such comments about anyone please. We should not condemn someone on his own personality, khaliq is a hard working guy. Though he couldn’t get the seat he deserved but i hope he will be an active personality now and in the future. Better is this that we should call upon qowm and HDP, as well as the elected MPAs and MNAs to raise a voice against such incidents. Because this is a public/the nation’s issue. regards.

    I must clarify that i,m just an individual, have no any relation with khaliq or someone else..hahaha

  19. hallo gaomai gul

    its a shame for our leaders that they do not response to the killings of our people everyday by the extremists. I want to insist that we should take a firm step to eradicate such elements and without force it cant be made .

    khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

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