Posted by: Editor | July 19, 2008

Violence Rocks Hazara Town: Several Killed and Injured, Including Abdul Qayum Changezi

Hazara Town, Quetta — A slew of new violent incidents between the Hazaras, the Baloch and the police has left 6 people dead and 17 injured, including Haji Abdul Qayum Changezi, head of the Hazara Qaumi Jirga. Armed security personnel have been deployed to maintain calm.

According to Daily Jang, the violence was triggered on Arbab Karam Khan Road, when a few thugs of Baloch ethnicity tried to steal the car of a Hazara Town resident who was bringing a guest from airport. The resulting struggle left him injured and his guest dead, while the thugs stole the car and fled.

Some inflamed Hazara youngsters took to the streets and blocked Kirani Road as well as Brewery Road, accodring to the Daily Jang.

Subsequent crossfires between the police and various Hazara and Baloch groups left six dead and 17 injured. One policeman is among the dead, while a woman, Khadija Bibi, is among the injured.

The Chairman of Hazara Qaumi Jirga, Haji Abdul Qayum Changezi, along with four provincial ministers, came to the scene to negotiate for peace. They were fired at, leaving Changezi injured and his bodyguard killed. The others escaped unhurt, according to Daily Jang. Click here to read more from Daily Jang.

According to locals, armed security personnel have been deployed to maintain calm in the region. The police has arrested several armed men involved in the incident.

The Chief Minister has also ordered a high-level judicial investigation into the incident.

There is a climate of fear and uncertainty among the people, most of whom are confined within their homes. Most shops on Kirani road closed down for the day and bus service stopped as the violence broke out.

Note: Hat tip to our reader, Bashir Aqili, for his suggested correction.


  1. mr bamian revenge with proper planning and stragedy tokh kin hazaras az mo da tamam e dunia asta ami baighairat n benang so called leaders mo esthad shunan awal da tamam media tamam dunia buga bs yago kalan step bal kana against hukumath 4protection incase khuda na khasta ago kaar shuna ami bachcha k da dga mulka asta ena am ago rally etc bur kana ya ago ranga kd govt amu country gap bezna k bly govt pakistan pressure bindaza. wt do u ppl think???????????

  2. plz hdp and mazhabi parties stop this killing get united or sharam kin plz we all will say labaik on ur call plz do sth

  3. i m urdu speaking shia muslim from jhang[pujab]. i love hazaras coz they r also shias n muhibb.e.ehl.e.bait. i condemn permanent target killing of hazaras. may ALLAH bless hazaras. salam 2 hazaras.

    • We are Hazara as well migrants from another country being targeted why u people are targeted in jhang and dera Ismail khan this is your own land ..

  4. i m urdu speaking shia muslim from jhang[pujab]. i love hazaras coz they r also shias n muhibb.e.ehl.e.bait. i condemn permanent target killing of hazaras. may ALLAH bless hazaras. salam 2 haaras.

  5. salam to all shohada. And salam to all hazara’s, and salam to thier mother how can they pationed.Its really make up very very sad and furious.

  6. I want say that we must work hard i can not do something for my Hazara i am so sad why ?
    Because i may be many boys feel sad and upset because our Hazaras in every country especially in Pakistan and the way of Uroupe also many of our Hazara have died.
    Where is the way and where are the people who is talking about (Insan dosti ) means love the humen why they don,t help us.
    Dont we have the right to be alive and to live in this world Oh God till when we should be upset till when we should think about Hazaras,
    Our consilore in Pakistan must help us and talk with othere people plzzzzz

  7. yes my dear brothers the basic things tht i have told here its all important tht we should realy take care of tht and than we can make our self and our nation a united and complete scene of peace for others and like this the others will also learn more essential things from us .
    god bless we hazaras .
    the one and only nation according to bravery or the sence of humour the best in all only we hazaras .we r realy proud of being a pour hazara.

  8. bekhi sahi goufthi tu Ahemd zahi…zindabad

  9. well im realy sorry 4 hearing this news that we have lost our new generations and even we r losting them for more then 6 yrs so the problem that we r having indside our own society is this that we dont have any leader ,we dont have an elder that should teach others that wht is the benefit of doing this and whts the harm of this action if we do it against our enemies so finally i want to say that its the time that we should find some freedom fighters 4 our people bcuz till wht time we should lose our family members,till wht time we should lose our sweet personalities like our beloved brothers,fathers,and even our sisters also so we r totally slept and we dont know that whts heppening out side so 1st of all its our own mistake.
    and secondly that we have lost some lifes in bigclashes b/w the hazaras and some other unknown people so its means that no peace has remained in this country and its not only heppening on us but on our innocent people also so only balochs r not the responsible 4 this but there more terrosists group that wants to destroy this country so there final target is this that they want to finish the shias from the root and no other shias should get born again so we should not only blaim our baloch people bcuz may be they also havnt done this there is a special group upon this situation so we should be careful and united so that no one can attacks on us again we should respect our elders and we should listen to our elders that wht r they saying and wht solution they will find for this prpblem .
    so at last i will say this that may allah be blessed our hazara nation and bring peace among us.

  10. well Mr. Abbas got vote……hazara and all others were decived once again….its not his fault….its us who never open our eyes and learn to chose our leaders.

  11. In the name of Bamiyan ….
    Kas hazara ra da Aarosi khoush na dare …hazara mo ga ma da pesh e beri mishoum …..
    matlab na dara …..
    Ba amman e Bmiyan ………….

  12. hello dostai aziz,

    I think bache Hazara said right. Syed Abbas Hazara is like those hazara pittu politicians who do not have any skills to politics. They are like thaifagee leaders who never studied right and who cheated in their exams and got some degrees. such type of politicians who do not know the meaning of politics just emerge among us to fight for our rights. He is a MNA but he cant solve a very minor problem of passport, identity card, seenboldak. He is like noor muhamad sarraf who was benung and who always looted money to increase his property, buy pejeros for his sons and build good haus, who did not talk a single word in the provincial assembly, once he stood and called to speaker, please open the windows, its very hot in the assembly, all the member laughed and said, we taught that today saraf sahib is going to say something about his nation but he is feeling hot and asking for opening of the windows, shame on such type of darbari leaders, who are benung and jahil.

    syed abas sahib is also so, we hazara youths never understand who is better for our nation, we give votes to those who talk takri, who dose not have any background of politics, and such type of leaders bring chamchas in his office who become choochey changez and when anyone needs any help they just promise to solve but never do that.

    such pittu leaders never get success, they are afraid of meeting with their leaders. even asif ali zardari never visited the region of hazara in quetta and never talked to us.

    shame on abas hazara, he should stay at haus and cook for his wife, because his wife is better then him, his wife should come out and start politics, but his wife just need tillas, nogras, money and fashionable dresses to goto parties and meet the ladies of ministers.

    shame of you abas, shame on your chamchas.

    i hope that next time hazara youths and people will never give votes to such darbari and jahil leaders.

    khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

  13. Hello to all,

    Its really bad tragedy that happened. The Government should notice such kind of accident and go properly through the case.

    For us: Dear all, the statement that i wrote above is a general political and legal statement, which we had millions of time to the government of Pakistan, but still where we are? anyhow i dont know that what we are doing. I dont know how to explain, that since long time that we are living in quetta. But i dont know always why it happens to us. Why.., We means Hazara are always ready to do protest and go through legal way which is correct if we see, it should be like this But we are in quetta above all in Balochistan where it works very slowely. I belive we have to live our whole life in quetta, i think we must change a little our strategy.

    Yes we should bring a little change in us. lets think and do it, i will be the first to help and You..


    Its a long discussion if we can do it through this site.

  14. How come his Y chromsome is so favoured and reported in majority of mongolian people……if we were before him than he was probably bearing our genes and because he got popular and we were not ….so that gene is now owned by his name……..

  15. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    I think every turk is a mongol …. and hazaras are tirks …. turks are after mongols …. main is mongol after them turk and those who left for America the so called red indians ….and in turkic family then hazaras , Uzbeks , kazaks ,Azers ,seljuks ,kyrghis ,Aighor ,turkman ,Qajar ,and alot more ….they all mean the same … and Changez before coming to our part of land invaded his surroounding …changez is a man not a tribe ….not to be afraid of changez name …he was a great son of trukic family …
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …

  16. So how and when we got those Mongolian genes?….any thought?

  17. Haji Abdul Qayum Changezi. What a name. These people again relate hazaras to changez. Off course we are having some distintive genes to Mongols, Chinese and japanese, but we are not the son of changes. We hazaras have lived in Afghanistan for thousands of years, not 800 years when changez army invaded. I request all my hazara friends to stop relating themselves to changes. Changes was not impressive man. Thank u

  18. In the name of Bamiyan …..
    You mean to take revange ..u really mean it …whom shall we take revange u plz mention …there will be dieing dieing …..wont u go london than ….and OK we will take revange but how ..and who will maintain our supply line …u must have seen ur eyes what happened 6 july 1985 ….U know what is taking revange and circumstances …. and what will be our destiny and how will Islamabad punish the revange takers…..are u out of ur senses …burning u will make a positve impact on hazaragi politics …this is what weak nations ….do at least go on bhook hadthal……but never suggest to take revange in quetta …..In afghanistan we can coz we have the hideouts and can find allies …..taking revange is not contesting election on taifagi basis ….. it needs a stretigy and stretigic upperhands …. and alot of other problams ……majority never was authority niether is …..we must understand the phenomena …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …..

  19. In the name of Bamiyan ….
    Why dont u suggest any thing ask kakos in ur anjuman e tajiraan to give a solution …..u have never ever put a suggetion…..

    Ba amman e Bamiyan ….

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