Posted by: Editor | July 21, 2008

BNP condemns innocent killings, says conspiracy of Intelligence agencies

Quetta: Central Secretary General Balochistan National Party, a Baloch nationalist party, Habib Jalib Baloch has condemned the Hazara Town incident saying it is a conspiracy of the Intelligence agencies to create tensions among the brother nations of Quetta in order to get the attention off the Baloch movement for rights.
In a statement, he said killing of seven innocent citizens by security forces are condemnable  giving it an ethnic turn. He urged the brotherly ethnics of Quetta city to maintain calm.


  1. Being Mongol……….every country is our country……..step out of this discussion…..focus on your talent…… hard in what you are doing…….strive for excellence………this is the way to success.

  2. Dear Friends!
    However we condemn the incident of 19th July is not enough….. and all of us feel angry and sorry for the tragedy. we express our views and suggest the people for the unity and peace and also demand for justice. that is appreciable.
    But, we must think what we write here. we must feel ourselves as a responsible person. without having enough information we must avoid writing silly sentences.
    By the above paragraph I does not mean anything more but just to appose FARID’s and such other statements……
    Farid you have no any information about the Hazaras of Pakistan or according to Reza khan you ma have any bad and hurting memories of quetta.. I am shocked how easily and proudly you wrote such a sentence. Our friends responding you have written that we have been in pakistan for more that 80 or 90 years….. I am very sure to say that we have been in pakistan more than a century. since 1896 we have had our own graveyard there. so just think how many years took to make it. the history tells us that we have been in this subcontinent since 1870s or 1880s when there was no any sign of existence of pakistan.. we have been active and invoved in the history of pakistan, in making pakistan. we have been living here more than a double age of pakistan herself.
    ….anyways, whatever u think.. but i must say that stating Hazaras as refugee is a stupidity.
    (Disagreement is on ur statement not urself)

  3. Dear Haider,
    Thank you very much for nice and practical and timely suggestions. Instead of hastely accusing our …..available leaders….we should stand behind them and also give them support and IDEAS which are more effective.
    Don,t plunge into discussion of being immigrant in quetta or Pakistan……….we have gone a long journey and our OFFICERS has reached to the cheif.


  4. It pains a great deal to learn that our innocent brothers have again been targeted by the blind Law Enforcement Agencies…this is obviously not the first time. There are unfortunately numerous precedents.

    The initial reaction to this tragedy is instinctive and that of revenge, violence etc…but I have experienced this before when our mosques and processions were targeted, when our brothers in Police were mercilessly gunned down and many other occasions. The question that comes to my mind is how to react to this situation to ensure that such acts are never again repeated and we get justice.

    In my opinion (and I am open to other views as well and welcome them) following steps should be taken:

    1. Utilize Media – As a community and citizens of Pakistan we should ensure that we lodge our protest in the right quarters and at the right level. It does not matter how big protest is if it is not properly covered by the media because the nation and world will not come to know. Media in Pakistan has come a long way and will be very effective in ensuring our voice is heard. But we will have to ensure that we engage the media in an appropriate manner. Our community elders should take positive and substantive steps in this regard by organizing protest rallies/sit-ins/demonstrations etc. We are witnessing how the leading newspapers of the country are covering the ‘Hunger strike called by the Baloch Students Organization’ in Bolan University. We should act wise and learn from them how to utilize the media (print and electronic) to our advantage.

    2. Stay United – Our community should send out the right signals to our elders that they have to take this matter seriously and let them decide on what should be the right way to protest. The protest (or whatever the mode is selected e.g strike, demonstrations, marches, sit-ins, civil disobedience etc) should be supported unanimously by each and every Hazara. We should stand united behind our elders and community and show faith in ourselves).

    3. Demand Justice – We should remain peaceful but steadfast in our protest. We should register our concern and ensure that it makes the people at the top think that Hazaras will not tolerate such incidents in the future ever again. And not a single Hazara soul will rest till justice is done and the culprits are punished. We should show others that although we can co-exist peacefully but we will never tolerate any injustice and discrimination. We (Ahamdulilah) have an MNA and an MPA of the ruling party. We should show complete trust in them to ensure that justice is done.

    4. Response is a Must!A response by us (Hazaras) is imperative now to show the Baloch that unlike Punjabis and Urdu speaking we will never be bullied around. We should ensure that our response will give out the right signals to the Balcoh people and elders to never again think of pushing around Hazaras. We should not let go of this opportunity and strike back hard through protest. If the need be we can go into an alliance with the Pashtuns and carry out a boycott of the Balcoh. But we have to realize that we do not have choice and a protest is the only option we have if we want to ensure that Hazaras in Quetta will be taken seriously in the future and will be given their due share and respect.

  5. Dear Farid,
    I went through your comments and found a lack of information about Hazara (the great) as I know it has been more 90 years that Hazaras are living in Pakistan and gave sacrifices for its independence and we have the right to raise our voice and snatch our rights. This is fact that Hazara’s migrated from Afghanistan and they accept the reality but also they served Pakistan and stood up with it in any challenging situation and proved their honesty with it.
    You are right that Hazara’s are in minority but it doesn’t mean that any one come at your home shoot to dead your brother and you keep hand over hand and quit which is a symbol of coward and in reality this is not in Hazara nature. When I think you know the truth that Hazaras are living more than 90 years in Pakistan again you hate Hazara people though you are Hazara unfortunately they did some thing wrong that still you could not forget that that can be the reason you hate Hazara, come on man now grow up, At last if you are Hazara so please try your best to have some information about the history of Hazara and try give your comments with references based on your knowledge. You are a person who has lost really lost, I pray I meet you soon and I will do the same what Hazara people of Quetta did with you, meet me OK


    Reza Khan

  6. Dear friends,

    I really appreciate your views and comments, I really dont want to make Quetta the land of battle, but just learn from the other nations what they have done. look to muhajirs in Quetta, when they landed in Pakistan, they were few numbers, they had nothing to survive, but their leadership made them strong, now no body can attack with them, because they have proved themselves to be resistant, look to them, they went to police and law enforcements agencies but got nothing, the police and law enforcement agencies always acted against of them, even seperated them into factions. but they joined together and made their own resistent force, then they achieved their objectives, i dont want to insist our nation to make army, but dont have such facilities or equipments, but there should be some political unity among us, when they call us, then instead of sitting at house, we have to act on thier call and fight for our objectives, if we do not resist, then everyday this happens, the balochis did not allow our suzukis to get passangers to hazara town, but when we showed our protest and force, we got our objectives, so the same case apply now, nothing is possible without force, pakistan is a very poor country, there is no law and order here, every nation and every person is responsible for his security, if we dont show our security then every other nation will kidnap us, loot our property and laugh on us, when we show our force, then any person, before attacking on us thinks about it that the outcome will be dangerous.

    Farid said that whatever the baloch say about our dignity we are still refugees and accept it,

    my dear who is real citizen of Pakistan, just tell me, muhajirs of karachi migrated from india to Pakistan, baloch came from Afghanistan and iran, punjabis came from india, pashtoons came from afghanistan, etc, etc, no one can call us refugee my dear, why the balochis do not call the pashtoons muhajirs, today about 70 to 80 percent refugees of pakistan and balochistan belong to pashtoons, no body can call them outsiders or refugees, because they have a very strong leadership, their leadership sit with the baloch and talk with them, they take part in any strike, any demand from the balochs from the Govt. so why dont we, have we ever participated in any baloch strike or baloch criticism or procession, non, we have never parcipated, but pashtoons always participated, so being a balochistani we have to take part in their strikes, processions, and listen to them what they want.

    Farid jan said that we live in Quetta for the last 10 to 20 which is totally wrong, plz read our hsitory then write something here, we live in Pakistan more then 70 to 80 years, our forefathers did everything for the betterment of Pakistan, even General Pervaiz Musharraf appreciated us and called us the moderate nation of Pakistan, no body can call us refugees or snatch our lands, its just boostings nothing else my dears.

    and I always try to encourage our youths, dont be afraid of anything, just think before act, and dont be foolish, we can be used by punjabis, pashtoons or balochs, but try to look to your leadership then act.

    khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

  7. I agree with nadir there is a proverb in hazaragi

    {az jang paish jaghay khu para nakeen}

  8. Nadir among these guys you are a bit wiser
    I appreciat ur thoughts.others think themseleves Aristotal with this shit comments.

  9. hey guys don,t behave like a bunch of idiots…… ideas from two extremes……this blog is getting spoiled…….it should serve the purpose of providing news about hazaras around the world…….lets learn to save our ideas………bad or good……..and most importantly …..we should learn when and how to express ourselves.

  10. Dear Mr. Mukhtar Hussain:
    I am aware that you are frenzy and try to talk when you are calmed down. “Next time the whole hazara nation come out on the streets and the whole city will become the land of battle”. As if it is logical and a fact.
    Let me give you an example for your ease to understand this situation. “you haven’t got a pistol and warning your enemies that you will launch a missile against them”. This sounds barbaric.


    I am also Hazara and I have been in Quetta for several years lets try to keep the situation in control. By your ideas like “turning Quetta in to land of battle”, you are playing a leading role which is that you are sprinkling petrol over the sparkle.

  11. Come what may, the Blochis can’t force the government to deport Hazaras from Quetta.

    The Hazaras in Quetta are developing day by day. Their towns are now flourished with hundreds of educational institutes, Hospitals, super markets, resturants etc. They greatly help in the foreign of exchange and economy of Balochistan. Hazaras have men in Pakistan army and in other several government offices. So all these assets make our strongholds in Balochistan. But most significant of all most of the Hazaras are legal citizens of Pakistan. However there many other Hazaras who are still refugees. This is our drawback. So we have to work out a solution for this as soon as possible.

    As for Balochis, I wonder if most of them pay their utility bills let alone their conflicts with the government.

    I think Hazaras should negotiate with some moderate leaders of Balochis as soon as possible.

  12. Dear fellows,

    I know Habib Jalib for a long time and we know what he says in press but act differently when he arranges meetings with his balochi leaders.

    As we see today that the operation against balochistan liberation army is on the verge in Balochistan and there are some elements in Quetta who do not achieve their goals by protesting everyday in Sariab road, so its better for them to use hazara nation for their objectives. What is ATF, just go and see, most of their elements belong to balochs and there are some elements in the Balochistan police who use us for their own objectives. Whenever the baloch nationalists arrange meetings, they criticise hazara nation for a long time, and they demand our withdrawl from Quetta which is impossible.

    Whatever do the balochis oder any other nation against our destiny in Quetta, we will punish them by force, because we are not afraid of death or whatsoever it may be, but history says that whenever any nation attacked on hazara nation they faced swear consequences from it, and now i tell the balochis to follow peace and negotiation, and dont let our people to come out of the streets and make Quetta the battle of Karbala.

    so the balochis, whatever your demands may be, but dont use hazara nation for your objectives, otherwise you will face brutal consequences from us.

    khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

  13. Today there was a statement from habib jalib in dialy jang again
    wich reflects their true mind toward our community. In his statement he condemend the incident, and demanded from government to make it possible to deport the foreigners from Quetta.
    Every one know to which group of people he associate the word foreigners.

  14. Dear fellows,

    I really appreciate the comments from Habib Jalib, but I want to ask him to see to your nation. We got many incidents occuring in the Hazara town, which are commited by the baloch people. Whatever the causes of this incident may be, but its evidenced, that baloch people are much involved in such incidents, and they use us for their objectives.

    so I request Habib Jalib, to go to your nationa and teach them not to do such acts of violence against the Hazara people, otherwise face the consequences, next time the whole hazara nation come out on the streets and the whole city will become the land of battle.

    so its better for the balochis, to understand us and solve this problem by negotiating with our leaders.

    khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

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