Posted by: Editor | July 21, 2008

HDP to protest ATF firing

Quetta: An emergency meeting of Central Council Hazara Democratic Party was presided over by its Chief Jawad Esaar. The meeting participants discussed the tragic Hazara Town incident with loss of precious lives. They strongly condemned the Provincial Government for not meeting their prime responsibility, security to citizens. They particularly condemned ATF for opening fire on protesters and demanded probe and stern action against the responsible circles in ATF. It was further said even ATF fired on the mediation ministers’ delegation.
The meeting participants also condemned the statements made by some members of the mediation delegation blamming thousands of armed man were in Hazara Town and nearby mountains. They said no one was there with weapon rather they had sticks protesting on a murder,
HDP announced to hold a protesting public gatherng in Hazara Town on Monday and a rally on 25th July from the Central Secretariate of HDP marching towards the City.


  1. Mr. Kazim

    Your concrens are valid (about the peaceful protest)…but the reality of the situaiton is that we are facing a grave problem.

    It seems we are stuck in a situation where we will be damned if do and damned if we don’t carryout out the protest. Catch 22 sort of a situation.

    It is up to each and every one of us to ensure that we act maturely and do not resort to violence…but i guess our past expeirences unfortunately are that our youths do not listen to the elders….

    I am always open to others views…therefore what tactics should we adopt to ensure that we lodge our complaints and ensure that Hazaras are safe in Quetta?

    We all understand the problems….but we need to provide a solution…like they say lets be part of the solution rather than being part of the problem.

  2. Don`t take the nation towards another bloodshed. who will ensure the security of the rally?who will ensure the protestor will not creat law and order situation? Kirani incident was Drama created by our irresponsible youths.

  3. I think we should look beyond the politics…and each and everyone of us should come out in the streets as Hazaras and Pakistanis. Forget our political affiliations for one day and show the world that we are a force and can not be pushed around.

    I fully support the call by HDP at the Central Secretariate on 25th July 2008. I urge and request each and every Hazara to come out and join the protest so that we can make a mark. If our brother Hazaras can take out 300,000 strong march in Kabul…we should at least bring out 1/3rd of that number.

    The protest should be peaceful and we should ensure that the Media is there to cover the event. This will ensure that the LEA’s will behave themselves and we will be able to send out our message to the world.

    Media coverage is extremely important for this protest march.

    Long Live Hazaras!

  4. HDP must be dissolved.with our current population in quetta and politics based on nationlity this party is harmful to hazaras.its political activites are limited which looks ridiculous.

  5. Dear Daiyar you have spelled Jawad wrong.
    My message is that hazaras should come under one leadership. after that every thing becomes easy.
    after that no one will look with bad eye towards hazara people. Other nation will start respecting you an example of it is the Gread Baba Abdul Ali Mazari.
    We need a leadership like that.

    Unity Unity Unity

  6. Dear fellows,

    I feel that this is the time for HDP to show his power and role for his nation. Its not a matter of political objectives, if you show to your nation that your leadership give us a strong political objectives, then you will get it from PPP.

    The nation need those leaders who have courage and objectives. When any baloch postman is killed in sariab , the whole baloch parties come out of the streets and protest against it, but we have lost too many inocent people, we have to show a very strong protest against such incident, its the responsibility of PPP to show their role, otherwise leave their seats.

    so its a very crucial moment for HDP to show their protest, this time the ATF elements must resgin, if they do not resign then it will become very risky for them to survive in Quetta, because our nation knows their attrocities, and they will never let them do it again.

    so i personally urge the leadership of HDP to show their role and power, otherwise leave your nationalistic idealogy and start bandar at your cotta.

    khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

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