Posted by: Editor | July 21, 2008

Jan Ali Changazi condemns ATF firing

Kabul: Provincial Minister for Quality Education Jan Ali Changazi in a crowded press conference at Quetta Press Club strongly condemned Anti Terrorist Force (ATF) for opening fire on innocent citizens protesting. He demanded of high-ups to probe into the matter and punish the responsible ones in ATF.
Jan Ali Changazi said elements intend to disturb the brotherly atmosphere of Quetta city creating tensions among nations living here. He said Police and ATF firing on protestors is the blackest chapter of history. He added “As i got informed about the firing, i contacted Police officials who coldly responded. I later contacted Chief Minister who directed to take a ministers’ jirga for intermediation among the protestors and police, ATF. When we arrived at the scene ATF soldiers opened fire on us gunning down our driver guard. The ministers ran to hide in streets”. He further said it is fake blame that protestors fired on Police or ATF rather the forces fired on them.
Jan Ali Changazi demanded of the Government to take stern action against ATF and Police officials responsible for the incident, compensate the martyrs and injured persons, release all the innocent people arrested by Police and establish a perminent Police Checkpost on Lehri Chowk, the edge of Hazara Town otherwise the nation would come out on roads.
Answering to a query, he said “we do trust Police and ATF but their are some elements inside creating the problem”. Replying the question asked about his resignation from the Ministry, he said the Chief Minister has assured full cooperation and stern action against the responsible elements but if it did not happen so, he will resign the Ministry. He said Hazaras would reject any investigation committee for the incident which would include ATF officials.


  1. I wholeheartedly encourage our young but intelegent leader Mr. Jan Ali Changezi’s comments, demands, braveness and leadership.
    Long life to Jan Ali Changezi.
    I hope all Hazara leaders will take action in this day, please show your leadership today, the poeple have voted for you to stand up ask for the nation’s rights.


  2. I feel very encouraged to learn Jan Ali’s response and statements…

    It is our responsibility to show our leaders that we feel strongly about this incident and that we will support every initiative they take…they should know that each and every Hazara soul is behind them and they should not back off from demanding justice!

    Long Love Hazara!

  3. Dear friends,

    I strongly criticise the statement of Syed Abas Hazara, who says that this incident is against the PPP Govt. in Balochistan. We hazara people elected him as MNA who is a great power to enforce this tragedy in the National Assembly and also with the party leader Asif Ali Zardari. Till now we have not been able to get any comments from his leader, we hazara nationa in Quetta got two main seats of PPP and we represent them well. So its their responsibility to investigate about ATF, and suspend the ATF elements who are again doing such attrocities against our nation.

    I personally request Syed Abas Hazara, this is the time to show ur strength now, its not a matter of PPP here, its a matter of ur responsibility for ur nation, u dont have to be lota or chamcha from PPP but u have to fight for the hazara people.

    If u will not be able to solve it, then our nation knows what they have to do, next time ur seat and ur Party would not be able to get any seat from here.

    I personally criticise our leaders, who when get the seat of any party, then their fathers and their property become his party, and they forget about his community or nation.

    I appreciate the steps taken by Jan Ali Hazara, this person was a social worker, and an active member of Tanzeem, now he has to show his commitment, we hazara nation appreciate any steps taken by him, but we specially urge and call Syed Abas Hazara to show his strength, otherwise sit in ur hause and cook for ur wife.

    Its time for action but not negligence.

    khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

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