Posted by: Editor | July 21, 2008

MNA Abbas Hazara says Hazara Town incident a conspiracy against PPP Govt.

Quetta: Member of National Assembly and leader o Pakistan People’s Party Syed Abbas Hazara has strongly condemned ATF firing on Hazara protestors in Hazara Town. He said the incident is a preplanned conspiracy against PPP Government in Balochistan. Some elements want to destablize the Government creating such tragic incidents. He urged the people to be peaceful. His statement came from Karachi.


  1. mr Farid plz chang yr maind this is not good ok

  2. asalam o alakum !
    mna syed abbas is very brave leader,we hope he will work for hazara people.

  3. can agha solve the problem of pass port of hazara poeple?????????????????????????????

  4. Agha is the great person.

  5. Is he Syed or Hazara???

  6. Dear Mukhtar Hussain!

    I respect your feelings towards hazara nation but I feel sorry for some mis perceptions in this regard. If you would have read some more statements from our MNA except stated in this web site you would have known it more clearly what he exactly said and what the news paper published.
    He has already demanded a full investigation of this terrorism act including the suspension of responsible ATF Officers,
    I advise you to be optimist while thinking about our national interest.
    If you need proof of Syed Abbas statements please send me your e-mail so that I could send you.
    With best regards

  7. I agree what Mukhtar Husssain said about the Hazara MNA in Pakistan. An absolute act of cowardness not to stand up for those who elected him instead he is more concern about his Bloody party intrest. shame on him.

  8. Dear Mukhtar,

    From your comments it clealry seems that you are have strong feelings about hazaras which, is very encouraging.

    Please note that your comments and views will carry more weight and impact if you present them in a less controversial manner. I totally agree that critcism is good – but we should maintain a certian decorum.

    I agree that Syed Abbas has a huge responsibility in living up to the expectaitons of Hazaras and this is the time that he should ensure that justice is disposed and think of the community rather than think on a perosnal level.

    We should repose confidence in Syed Abbad and show him that his qowm (nation) is with him and he should not back off because it is not only his voice but that of every Hazara in Pakistan. We should give him that strength and encourage him to rise up to the occassion…

    And we should keep in mind that we have other avenues apart from Syed Abbas through which we can lodge our protest. We can take inspiration from Hazaras in Kabul (where 300,000 turned out to protest against Kochis). We do not need any single individual for this as this will be a combined effort…all we need is to stay commited to our nation and channel our energy so that we make an impact!

    Long Live Hazaras!

  9. Dear friends,

    I really appreciate your comments and want to say that if we do not criticise, we can not solve our problems, because when there is criticism, then every person tries to be involved and present their views.

    I personally think that Syed Abbas Hazara has a very strong seat and he can play a vital role here. Asif Ali Zardari is a baloch, Syed Abas jan can contact him and talk to him, and tell about it to him, he can pass a resolution in the National Assembly against ATF, just remember, when Mahmood Khan Achakzai got seat from Quetta, what was his position at that time, in every streat of Pashtoon abad and kharotabad, there was song from Pashtoon khwa, and he was a role model for the whole pashtoons in Quetta, just remember that, because whenever any incident in Quetta against the Pashtoons occured, he presented that in the National Assembly and the law enforcement agencies always listened to him, the whole press of Quetta talked about him, I know that Syed Abas hazara dose not have a strong political background, but why not , he can also be like Mahmood Khan Achakzai, why not, we want him to be like him, we want him to talk to PPP, and bring peace in Quetta, PPP in Quetta can play a great role in resolving problems.

    and if Syed Abas Hazara can not do so, then what should we do, we had to elected any suitable person instead of him, leadership has many qualities, just arranging meetings with party leaders is nothing. noor muhammad sarraf was also leader, Cornal Younas changazi was also leader, what they did, nothing, because they got seats just for personal objectives, sitting in pejaros and earning money is nothing, we have to find any leader like Mahmood Khan Achakzai, Altaf Hussain, Khan Abdul Wali Khan, Ataullah Mangal, these personalites present and are the role modals of any nation, they give inspiration, every person act on their calls, because they have knowledge, then why not from us, we had to select any right leader, so that today we would have a suitable leader, whose comments we read and listen in the print media,
    today whenever i listen to any news or press or newspaper, I hardly find any comment from Syed Abas Hazara, nothing is from him, which is totally shame,

    I hope that next time we will find any right leader for our nation, so that we would proudly say to anyone that we have also a role model for our nation and we are proud of him.

    khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

  10. Dear Mukhtar!!

    Encurage instead threat

    From your posts it is very clear that you are not in favour of Abbass by threatening him of his future. To be honest, if you would be in his position to have such power and be the representative of whole Hazara nation, how will you have taken those threatening statement. Does that really a supportive statement that give currage for taking a positive action!! Definitely it demoralize one and cause loss of confidence that in return is the loss of us as a nation.
    If a leader find himself a trusted leader then he can feel proud to serve. Instead if he find himself not being favored by his people then he lives away from people and just do every thing to reasearve his seats instead of doing something good.
    Every seat-holder can’t be a leader and leaders are not necessarily holding seats. Leaders are committed to people to serve them in any condition and in any context while seat holders are the power seekers. Leader even have a sense of responsible to give guideline to seat holders because that is a power to be used for development of a people. Seat holders are power like electricity or fule to be consumed properly in a relyable and structure machinism. This fuel can also harm us if we are not using it properly that is why now we don’t have a better option then trusting and supporting him.

    The people can make a seat-holder a leader just by trust and favouring him and providing him information to make good dicission.

  11. It is an absolute political statement.
    No politics on our blood!

  12. I feel your anger and reaction toward our lone MNA Syed abbas hazara, but for your confirmation, last week he was criticaly injured in an accident near Kalat on his way to Karachi. Currently he is under treatment with his cousin in Karachi , hopefuly will recover soon and fulfill his commitment with his community.

  13. Dear friends,

    I strongly criticise the statement of Syed Abas Hazara, who says that this incident is against the PPP Govt. in Balochistan. We hazara people elected him as MNA who is a great power to enforce this tragedy in the National Assembly and also with the party leader Asif Ali Zardari. Till now we have not been able to get any comments from his leader, we hazara nationa in Quetta got two main seats of PPP and we represent them well. So its their responsibility to investigate about ATF, and suspend the ATF elements who are again doing such attrocities against our nation.

    I personally request Syed Abas Hazara, this is the time to show ur strength now, its not a matter of PPP here, its a matter of ur responsibility for ur nation, u dont have to be lota or chamcha from PPP but u have to fight for the hazara people.

    If u will not be able to solve it, then our nation knows what they have to do, next time ur seat and ur Party would not be able to get any seat from here.

    I personally criticise our leaders, who when get the seat of any party, then their fathers and their property become his party, and they forget about his community or nation.

    I appreciate the steps taken by Jan Ali Hazara, this person was a social worker, and an active member of Tanzeem, now he has to show his commitment, we hazara nation appreciate any steps taken by him, but we specially urge and call Syed Abas Hazara to show his strength, otherwise sit in ur hause and cook for ur wife.

    Its time for action but not negligence.

    khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

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