Posted by: Editor | July 21, 2008

Pashtoonkhwa condemns ATF firing

Quetta: Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) , a pushtoon nationalist party, has strongly condemned the ATF and Police officials for opening fire on innocent citizens protesting against the murder and increased robbery incidents.
In a statement, it has demanded of the Government to probe into Hazara Town incident taking stern action against responsible officials. It demanded to register Murder Case on Police and ATF forces who opened fire on protestors. The statement further said on one hand citizens are on the mercy of thieves, thugs and looters while on the other hand police gun down innocent people protesting these all. Citizens are kidnapped in broad daylight and thieves are given free hands to loot people.


  1. In the name of Bamiyan ………
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …….

  2. Listen Bamiyan,

    I dont know why you are very racist. Dont be so here, if you are so then dont write such things here, we hazara people are not racist, we got many hazara saeeds, whose mothers or fathers are saeed, so you mean that we should neglect them, how can a husband leave his wife or a wife leave his husband who are saeeds. just think about it and many saeeds want to join us and be with us, they got the same face as we have and the same culture, tradition, language, religion, so what should be racist.

    Many germans were racist, but now many other nations have reletionship with them and they call themselves all germans.

    just try to be good to your self, no one will cheat with you and they will respect you.

    but I think you got any personal problem with this saeed guy and make joke of the others.

    so be careful


  3. Wa mukhtar hussain tu hamyag dafa bache syed ra chochay saeed goufthay ami third last comment kho yag dafa bekhanooo………..
    the mature guy………..

  4. One should not give any sort of discount or shelter to these Holy beings ………SAEEDS …..that what ever i m a proud hazararepresenting any tribe ….but what is their ( Saeed’s ) tribe …..I have a name of father with name who was a hazara and i still m ….but can they call them self Oruzgani ,daichopni ,daikundi ….?

  5. Dear friends,

    Bamian is immature person and saying bad to saeeds, there are many kinds of saeeds, but those who live with hazara in Quetta and some of them in Afghanistan are like hazaras, they belong to us and we should never disregard them.

    Dont be nationalist, be good human and friendly to others, so that others will also respect you and come to you.

    so dont say bad to saeeds, look to your hazaras you will find many notorious and ill-minded with bad character guys who are dieseses in their houses and their parents are fed up from them.

    I hope you will understand it.

    mukhtar hussain

  6. IM IN CITY CAMPAS jinnah town. just tsk about me to any one. even the garde on gate. plz u both meet me. we the youngs one make piece among over self. ALLAH bless u both. LONG LIVE PASHTOON. LONG LIVE PASHTOON KHWA. AND AS WELL AS HAZARA

  7. my dear bamyan and mubarak. u both should meet me in the BUITEMS.

  8. thank u [DELETED] syed …….nishan khoon wa wo be namoosi ki syed da haq e hazara kada da barish shoshtha na mousha …….wa personal nagar chara ki e personal niya …tu cycle azma ra douzi nakadee…ma ham respect astu ra monom az an individual …….tah rouz ki tu mubarak astay ,raza astay …..magr wo rouz na ki tu syed shouni ……………….

  9. it is mr (bamiyan)who insult others,use bad woords.i don,t know why he hate,s (syed,s).still i respect him.i think we should disciuss about meaningful topic,s.i never want to insult any one.i love hazara pople i think that i am part of this great nation.but there are people like (bamiyan)who are mentaly disturb.
    this is very good idea mr mubarak that this mentaly disturb man(bamiyan)should choose other name.

  10. kho

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