Posted by: Editor | July 22, 2008

Exclusive Pictures of Hazara Town Violence

Pictures of the people killed in the July 19 violence between the residents of Hazara Town, the police and Baloch miscreants.


  1. The taken step is appreciable. there must be some betterment in the designe of the site, as it is very long. it needs to scroll up and down although there is alot of space on the sides. buttons should be made for different categories.
    soem more graphics must be added to the site would be better.
    thanks for reading my suggestion.

  2. دوست عزيزي که در مدرسه پيرو ساز غُم مغدس مصروف فراگيري هنر خر سواري ميباشي مترسم که تا شما راننده فُرغون ميشويد خري درين دنيا باقي نماند

    از سايه اهلبيت که خودت صحبت مينمايي به امو خدا که آفتاب سوزان اش تبا ما کرد خنکي اش را به نظرم شما ها براي خود ها گرفته اييد بخياليم که شما خدازده ها مثل هميشه دل ماها را به آب يخ که تا صد پُشت به ياد نداريم خوش ميکنيد

    مگر به خدا يک گپ ديگه شمو خود شومو يگو وقت د امي سايه هيچ نشسته اييد يا نه؟ اگر نشسته اييد توره ده امو گور مرده ها يک کم برآي از مو هم تعريف کنيد که باد امزونجي از شيو ميه يا بغل يا بال ديگه امو باد شي اووووووووووووووف کده ميه يا قوووووووووووور کده ميه؟
    ما يقين داروم که اموتر که تمام چيز از پيش شومو گدود شده که سايه را از آفتاب فرق نه ميتنين ظلم را از عدالت غلامي از آزادي و حتي اين که باد از کجا شوم کنده فرق نه ميتنين مومنه اونه امو يک لغمه شيمه که بسياري روزها ده گير شومو نه ميه مخصوصا که يگو صبح اگر يگو باد کته ازشومو کنده نشوه ده خاو منده از شيمه به هم به نصيب مورين

  3. […] were gunned  down in July 2008, police and ATF forces once again opened fire on Hazara protesters killing 6 people in Hazara Town. Provincial Minister Jan Ali Changazi talking to media strongly condemned ATF for killing innocent […]

  4. I may say something wrong but belive me if we do so we hazara nation would one of strong nation in asia ,fourtunetly we have no unity and respect for our bigers and our leaders , if we had them,we would not seen this many bad setuation today. so I thing we should get this farm for our own future for our own next genration hazara in every where.

  5. In my point of wiew that not the people of is Quetta is brutul nor the Govt is week or doing not some thing for HAZARA prople. its HAZARA’S own mistake, that they making problems for the other people of quetta. they are burning the shops of poor people and killing the inocents in quetta. Such as the occasion of jan,26,2009.

    So thats why they should live the other people to spend thire’s life in peace and their’s own life aswell. HAZARA themselves are to much crutel. so its was my opinen about HAZARAS.

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