Posted by: Editor | July 24, 2008

ANP visits Changazi in Hospital

Quetta: A delegation of Awami National Party (Pushtoon nationalist party ruling in NWFP) led by its Provincial President Commander Khudaidad visited President Hazara Qawmi Jirga, Haji Qayyum Changazi asking his well being in the Hospital. Qayyum Changazi was severely injured during the cross firing between ATF, Police and protesters. He was among the delegation of mediators to calm down the situation Commander Khudaidad Khan expressed deep concerns over Hazara Town Incident strongly condemning it. He said ANP believes all issues should be resolved through dialogue as Quetta is the collective home of all ethnics living in it. He added it is thier joint responsibility to maintain peace and tranquility among the brotherly nationals of Quetta City.

ANP delegation included Dawood Khan Advocate, Sultan Muhammad Kakar, Syed Zahir Shah, Dr. Hayatullah Khan and others.


  1. if we want to live peacefully in Quetta we must build a strong relationship with pushtoons becaus they are better than balochs. i think balochs are extrimist and they like fighting and destroying quetta cuty because they do not have many buisness in quetta city. We are minority in Quetta so we can not fight with both pushtoons and balochs. the only option that we have to live peacefully in quetta is to build a good relationship with everyone specially pushtoons.


  3. Why should we call our self only hazara. In my opinion we should call ourself hazara mangol. Because history proves that we are mongol and still we have mangolian word in our language. the benefit of calling ourself hazara mongolian is that we will gain political power we will get backup of five official mongolian countries. there will be mor bigger business oppurtunities for our ecnonomic stability.when all mangol accepting us as Hazara mangol why shouldn’t we proud to be mangol and extend our hand for unity.
    we have been very loyal and have mad big sacrifice in the name of Shia sect and they took advantage of our believe and sacrifice like iran arabs, we will continue our believe in Shia sect but we should not allow any one to take advantage of us in the name of religion. We should change our direction and be able to recognise our friend and and our enemy. try to learn from the past and adress the future. If we want to defeet our enemy we should use their own strategy against them.

    there two opinion about hazara

    1. we came under the leadership of Owghooz Khan from mongolia for exploration 2500 years ago but i disagree with this because we need to prove this that we have been living in this area, which we don’t have . No one agree in the world on this issue with us it does not make sense
    2. is that we came along with Changaz Khan’s army and we have the history and everyone accept and agree with us.

  4. [DELETED]

  5. No doubt that we have a bitter history with the Pushtuns but they seem to be more rationale and understanding in their approach.

    I am a firm believer that we can have very good relations with Pushtuns based on trust and understanding. They will honour their commitments as they have huge commerical and business interests in Quetta and they cannot afford to have a tense relationship with us.

    The Baloch on the other hand have been treachorous and untrustworthy…they have no commerical interests and have nothing to lose. This is the soul reason why they are adamant on kicking out others to take over their property.

    We should enter into an agreement with the Pushtuns and ensure that the Baloch do not violate our rights.

    Long Live Hazaras!

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